Acting is one of the best professions in the world. One can climb the ladder to the pinnacle of success effortlessly once they get the attention of the casting director with acting. It is then a matter of time before one gets the required airtime and impress the audiences with acting skills and vivid portrayal of characters on the screen. Once the audiences start to appreciate the performance, popularity and wealth will grow exponentially. It is only a matter of few years before a popular actor gets into the list of the richest actor in the world.

The source of income for an actor is not just the acting contracts his manager lands for him. There are various other sources through which an actor earns more than he does with acting in TV series and movies. Such sources are endorsements of brands not only in TV ads but also on social media. Furthermore, they do stage performances, sponsor various business ventures and start various businesses as partnerships from where they earnings and investments can get doubled. If you are curious to know who are the current richest actors in the world in 2019 then, the following is tailor-made to satisfy your curiosity.

10. Adam Sandler: $340 million

Richest Actor in The World 2019

Adam Sandler is popular American actor who is famous for his comic roles. Some of his best comic roles were in the movies like Billy Madison, Big Daddy, The Waterboy and Mr. Deeds. It is a professional comedian and has ventured into screenwriting, film producing and even into making music. He has five comedy albums to his name. Apart from that, he has his own production company and is a professional voice actor. With $340 million, Adam Sandler breaks into top 10 richest actors list. He has a net worth of $340 million.

9. Clint Eastwood: $370 million

Richest Actor in The World

Clint Eastwood is an 87 years old American veteran actor. He is a multi-talented person who made name and fame in film-making as well as a musician. His popularity as an actor broke internationally with his role in Dollars Trilogy. Two of his most memorable movies are Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven for which he received nominations for Best Actor and Best Director. As a matter of fact, he won Academy Awards for Million Dollar Baby as the Best Director. Apart from these, his other sources of incomes are his production company and his restaurant business. With $370 million net worth, Clint Eastwood is currently the ninth wealthiest actor in the world.

8. Bill Cosby: $380 million

Richest Actor in The World

Bill Henry Cosby is a popular veteran American actor cum stand-up comedian. Bill began as a comedian and pursued his professional career in acting when he landed a role in TV series I Spy. His popularity broke with the TV sitcom The Cosby Show that lasted over 8 years and stayed as America’s most popular TV during the period. Even though he went through a lot of legal troubled, with total assets of $380 million, Bill is the eighth wealthiest actor on the planet.

7. Tom Hanks: $390 million

Richest Actor in The World

Tom Hanks is one of the most popular American actors of all time. He has the leading actor in some of the most successful Hollywood movies which include Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Angels and Demon, The Da Vinci Code and much more. He is a very versatile actor who has played comic and dramatic roles skillfully. He is the recipient of two Academy Awards back to back years and four Golden Globes Awards. His other sources of income include his voice acting, his books, his investments in various start-ups and film producing. His total asset is $390 million which makes him the seventh wealthiest actors on the planet.

6. Tom Cruise: $400 million

Richest Actor in The World

Tom Cruise is another extremely popular American actor. From very young age, he made up his mind to be an actor. He debuted in movies when he was 19 years old. He has been Hollywood’s highest-paid actor on multiple occasions. Even though he has given series of successful movies in Hollywood, he is most popular for his role in Mission Impossible series as Ethan Hunt. He is known to perform all his daredevil stunts himself and he is one of the influential movie producers. Tom Cruise has a total net worth of $400 million and it positions him as the sixth wealthiest actor on the planet.

5. Tyler Perry: $400 million

Richest Actor in The World 2019

Tyler Perry is a popular American comedian cum actor. He is popular not only for the TV shows and movies he was in but also as a live performer and stage actor. His TV show Tyler Perry’s House of Payne was his most successful venture that ran for 6 years at a stretch. His collaboration with Oprah Winfrey Network has a huge deal. His The Haves and the Have Nots was the highest rated on Oprah Winfrey Network. His acting in TV series and movies, having his own shows, live performances, and his books are his sources of income. He has a net worth of $400 million.

4. Johnny Depp: $450 million

Richest Actor in The World

Johnny Depp is considered to be the most versatile actor in Hollywood. He has three Academy Awards to his name along with a Golden Globe Award. He has been the lead character in various genres of movies starting from crime and romance, to drama and thriller. His role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series as Captain Jack Sparrow has been the most popular. He has his own production company and has done music ventures as a guitarist of various bands. He also has restaurant and winemaking chain. His net is $450 million makes him fourth wealthiest actor on the planet.

3. Jack Nicholson: $480 million

Richest Actor in The World

Jack Nicholson is an 80 years old American veteran. He is another most versatile actor in Hollywood and he has played major roles in movies belonging to the genres such as comic, action, drama, romantic, and much more. He has 12 Academy Award nominations which make him the only male actor to have so many. He has won 3 Academy Awards and only two other actors can say that. Some of his popular movies include As Good As It Gets, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Terms Of Endearment. His total net worth is $480 million.

2. Shahrukh Khan: $600 million

Richest Actor in The World

Shahrukh is the King of Bollywood. He is a self-made actor and perfectly fits in as an inspirational story of rags to riches. Some of his popular movies include Dilwale Dulhania Lejayenge, Baazigar, My Name Is Khan, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Chennai Express, Raees and much more. Apart from acting and endorsement, his source of income is from his production company Red Chillies Entertainment, his IPL cricket team KKR and his brand of products. He is the richest actor in India and the second richest in the world with total assets and net worth of $600 million.

1. Jerry Seinfeld: $820 million

Richest Actor in The World 2019

Jerry Seinfeld is a popular American actor cum stand-up comedian. He is a multi-talented person with skills in writing and direction. He is best known for his creation of sitcom Seinfeld. He has been recognised as the top ten greatest stand-comedian of all time. His sources of income are his stage performances, his TV shows, and guest appearances in various events and comedy series. He has a total asset of $820 million, which makes him world’s richest actor in 2018-2019.

There are many professions that can make you the richest person in your field but no profession can make you as crazy famous as acting can. But not many people can be actor just like that unless they have the fire and the talent within them. It is not easy as you have to put your heart and soul into it and work hard to become your restrictions and be multi-talented and versatile to create opportunities to be successful. These top ten richest actors in the world had to undergone struggle and extremely hard work to reach where they are now.


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