Young, hot, super sexy and successful; these actresses beat all the odds to become rich at a young age. Love them or hate them, if age is just but a number, their numbers are in eight to nine figures. (I think by now you would have guessed we are not talking about age). These charming Hollywood hot shots took the silver screen by storm and with a total $500 million between them; girl power in Hollywood is obviously a force to reckon. Rihanna made over $75 million in 2016 alone, while Jennifer Lawrence thanks to Hunger Games 2 grossed nearly $44 million in hard earned cash. Given that they have barely hit 30, Sara Canning and crew would most likely want to wipe their awards’ closet because very soon the award nominations will come calling. Here are some of the top 10 richest actresses under 30 in the world in 2019.

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10. Kat Dennings – net worth $8 million

Richest Actresses Under 30 in 2019The damsel is well known for her role in the HBO dramedy Sex and the City. She later on featured in films such as The 40-Year Old Virgin, Big Mommas House 2, Thor and Thor and The dark World. She is highly acclaimed for her role in 2 Broke Girls alongside actress Beth Behrs. Her role in this series made her receive a nomination in the People’s Choice Award for the Best TV Gal Pals. She might be super broke on-set, but out here she is making seven figures. Did you know? Her character ‘’Max’’ in 2 broke girls might be a pot head by mouth but she has never actually been filmed high on weed.

9. Margot Robbie – net worth $8 million

Richest Actresses Under 30The Australian actress started her career featuring in the highly acclaimed soap opera Neighbours. She later on moved to the US and starred in the short lived series Pan AM. She later landed her big screen debut in the romantic comedy About Time. She has featured in films such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Focus, The Legend of Tarzan and most notably starring as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. In 2016 she won a Critics Award for Best Actress in an Action Movie.

8. Sarah Hyland – net worth $9 million

Richest Actresses Under 30She debuted in the 1997 film Anmie. Her role in films such as Blind Date in 2007 made her land a role in the sitcom Modern Family. She has also starred in the films Stuck by Lightning, Scary Movie 5 and Vampire academy. She has won the Screen Actors Guild Award and also a Glamorous Award for Best Comedy Actress. Sarah’s Modern Family character ‘’Haley Dunphy’’ might be unfocused and unsure about her life prospects, but in real life she is cuter, funnier, more successful and way richer.

7. Emma Roberts – net worth $15 million

Richest Actresses Under 30She has followed in the footsteps of her aunt Julia Roberts. She started acting when she played the lead role in the Nickelodeon television hit series Unfabulous. She later decided to look for more mature roles and ended up starring alongside her aunt in the film Valentine’s Day. She has also featured in the 2013 comedy We are the Millers. Her roles in the television series American Horror Story and Scream Queens have made her one of the top young actresses. She has won numerous awards notably the Shining Star Award in 2014 and the MTV Movie Award for the best kiss.

6. Dakota Fanning – net worth $16 million

Richest Actresses Under 30The 22 year old actress started her career at a very early age. At the age of 7 she featured in the film I Am Sam. At the age of 8 she became the youngest ever nominee to be nominated for a Screen Actor Guild Award. Since then she has appeared in numerous films such as Man on Fire, Push, Twilight Saga film series and Secret Life of Bees. In 2006 and in 2009 she won the Young Artist Award. She has also won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award.

5. Jennifer Lawrence – net worth $52 million

Richest Actresses Under 30Jennifer made her acting debut in the 2008 film Garden Party. She is now well known for her lead role in the film series The Hunger Games. The 26 year old American has also featured in the blockbuster X Men: First Class where she plays the role of Mystique. With such success she is undoubtedly the highest paid actress currently. In 2013 she appeared on Times Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the World. In 2014 she was included in Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 Celebrities. He has notably won 3 Golden Globe Awards among many others.

4. Kristen Stewart – net worth $70 million

Richest Actresses Under 30Her lead role in the Twilight Saga film series brought her acting career to life. The 26 year old actress has not stopped since then. In 2012, she played the role of Snow White in the Universal Pictures film Snow White and the Huntsman. She has also featured in the 2014 film Still Alice and has won the Young Artist Award once. Kristen is a Hollywood darling with her laid back, emotional and soft spoken personality makes her a true Hollywood darling.

3. Emma Watson – net worth $70 million

Richest Actresses Under 30The 26 year old is not new to the film industry. She played a lead role in the franchise Harry Porter based on books by J.K Rowling. Her role as Hermione is the Harry Porter film series opened her doorway into Hollywood. Since then she has not stopped and has appeared on numerous blockbusters. She has featured on films such as Noah and My Week with Marilyn. In 2014 she was named the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. The following year she was ranked 26th by Times magazine in their Top 100 Most Influential People on the Planet.

2. Robyn Rihanna Fenty – net worth $160 million

Richest Actresses Under 30Being one of the bestselling artists of all time it is surprising that Rihanna gets time to pursue her acting career. The 28 year old Barbadian made her debut in acting in the 2007 film Bring It On: All or Nothing. He debut on big screen came five years later where she played a major role in the sci-fi film Battleship. She has played the lead role in the 2015 animation Home where she voices Tip. Her newly released album ‘’Anti’’ has already hit the nine figure mark and Rihanna is not looking to slow down any time soon.

1. Sara Canning – net worth $245 million

Richest Actresses Under 30

The 29 year old Canadian actress started acting at the age of 19 in Vancouver. She later moved to the US where her acting career got a big boost. Since then she has appeared in several blockbuster films and television series. She has starred in the CW hit series Vampire Diaries playing the role of Jenna Sommers. She also played a supporting role in the 2009 film Black Field. She has also appeared in the action movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and in its sequel War for the Planet of the Apes. Her role in the 2013 romantic comedy I think I Do made her one of the most promising actors. She has won numerous awards most notably the Leo Award in 2015 for the Best Lead Performance.

Young female actors are very talented, and it is starting to show. gone are the days when serious acting gigs were left to the overly experienced, directors and casting agents have discovered the hidden gems that are these young and talented actors. With shows like Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls still tightly locked in production, their net worth grows with time, and since their acting careers are just but beginning, we cannot wait for what they have in store for us; the fans


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