Women in this generation, indisputably form the roots of societies everywhere over the world. The days when women were powerless, dominated and overlooked are all in the history now. It does not even seem surprising to ponder over the fact that more than half the women earn equally or more than men in their field of work and are rapidly progressing to more authoritative and commanding prospects of life.

More specifically speaking, actresses who merely stay on screen for a few minutes earn almost equally as the lead role in the film. This clearly shows the power and value of women in the film industry alone, as an example. Given below is the list of the top few richest actresses in the world as recorded in 2019.

10. Jennifer Aniston

Richest Actresses 2019

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most talented actresses and is famously related to her character as Rachel Green from the 90’s sitcom FRIENDS. Her on-screen charisma and spontaneity of dialogues made her the most lovable character in the entire ten seasons of the series. Thus began her progress in the film industry as she started earning almost $1 million per episode in the last season of the series. In addition to her current net worth being $150 million, she has also won the world’s most beautiful woman title.

9. Julia Roberts

Richest Actresses

This actress had her fame shoot up to the top after Pretty Woman and was the highest paid actress in the world during the release of her film Mona Lisa Smile in 2003 when she earned $25 million for her role in it. Her net worth is $170 million and was nominated among the 50 most beautiful women for almost 11 times.

8. Victoria Principal

Richest Actresses

Victoria can be popularly known from the soap opera show Dallas, in which she starred for 9 years. Her role in this won her the Best Actress in Television series. Her fame skyrocketed after the release of the film ‘The Life and Time of Judge’ in the year 1972, which also nominated her for the Golden Globe award as the most promising newcomer. Her current net worth is $200 million.

7. Jessica Alba

Richest Actresses

This actress is one of the richest actresses in the world and has stayed so for quite a number of years. She has won an umpteen number of awards in her career, some of which is the Saturn Award for Best Actress, The Choice Actress Teen Choice award, and the Golden Globe nomination award. Her absolutely gorgeous looks and top-notch acting brought her fame from all over the world and rapid progress in the film industry. She now stands with her net worth being $350 million.

6. Dina Merrill

Richest Actresses

She is presumably the oldest actress to not only make it to the richest actress’ list but to stay as the first in it. She started her career in 1957 with the film Desk Set and has made 25 films throughout her career. Her net worth stands at almost $5 billion, and her humanitarian efforts are notably awe-inspiring and wondrous for an actress.

5. Miley Cyrus

Richest Actresses

Miley Cyrus is popularly known as a musician by many, but a very few know of her career in acting. Although debut her role in the Disney show Hannah Montana is popularly known, her acting career merely revived in her further films. Over the years she outshone numerous other actresses and now stands with her net worth as $165 million.

4. Angelina Jolie

Richest Actresses

Angelina Jolie is unquestionably a well known and an absolutely dazzling actress and is one of the richest actresses in the world. Her career became a huge success after she was thoroughly recognised through awards such as the Golden Globe award, Academy Award, and other guild awards. She started her career in 1983 but became one of the top richest actresses in mid-2000s only. Her humanitarian activities earned her the Global Humanitarian Action Award from UN. Her net worth stands at $200 million.

3. Sandra Bullock

Richest Actresses

This actress debuted in 1994 in the movie Speed, which later became an uproarious success and ultimately brought her the highest of the fame and market in the industry. Born in 1964, she started acting at the age of five itself and has made a long list of unequivocally appreciated movies like Gravity, Prince of Egypt, and Minions. Her net worth is currently staggering at $200 million.

2. Jami Gertz

Richest Actresses

Jami is not only an actress but also a world-renowned and acknowledged philanthropist and producer. She started her acting career in 1981 in a romantic comedy flick and subsequently began acting in a series in 1982-1983.Sandra Bullock has won a more than fair amount of awards for the best actress in the world, an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a series, and numerous other academy awards. She is much more popularly known for her role in ABC’s sitcom The Neighbours. Her net worth is around $2 billion.

1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Richest Actresses

One of the most popular and richest actresses in the world, Julia had had the unique honor to star in the walk of fame that many on this list do not share. She has received numerous Emmy awards, A Golden Globe and many other guild awards. Initially, the actress was much more into Television industry doing long time roles in series and such. Her most notable and appreciated work is in a television comedy Seinfeld which was aired from 1989-1998. Currently, her net worth is $3 billion.

It is fairly evident how countless such actresses rule the film industry and many other lines of work all over the world. Though male chauvinism exists dubiously in many forms in certain insignificant aspects of life, women are empowering themselves and coming forth, thereby breaking the conventional shackles that have held them back for so long. Sometimes it is surprising to see an average woman’s position of power and authority and look back to imagine how it was earlier, blinded by gender discrimination at every point of their lives from time to time. It can only be hoped that however meagerly remaining, the existing bias is, will slowly be crumpled by a sense of maturity and reasoning in people’s minds.