If there is something 90% humans crave for and would do everything to get it is wealth. Being wealthy automatically removes you from the fantasies and wish list world to the world of action and reality. America being a world superpower in almost everything and the origin of most successful innovations in the world and in addition run by a billionaire surely you cannot underestimate the economic power of this country.

America has more than 300 million people and out of this population there is 536 billionaires according to The Wealth Record, Forbes magazine and Sunday Times Rich List. Here is the complete list of the top 10 richest Americans in 2019.

10. Sergey Brin net worth $39.6 billion

Richest American People 2019

Sergey family migrated to the United States from Russia when he was just 6 years old and thanks to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) which played a key role in enabling the family to settle in the country. Today the computer scientist and internet entrepreneur is the richest immigrant in the country. Much of his wealth has been accumulated through Google as he is a co-founder of the Google together with Larry Page which they founded while undertaking there PhDs at Stanford University .

He is also involved in other investments such as Airship ventures and a private space travel company known as space adventures. Brin is the president of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. and also has some control in Google X arm known today as X.

9. Larry page net worth $40.6 billion

Richest American People

He is a co-founder of the giant search engine company Google Inc in 1998 together with his friend Sergey Brin. Larry met Sergey Brin at Stanford University where he was studying his PhD. Together they came up with an idea that saw them drop out of school and concentrate in creating one of the major search engines that today takes two thirds of the market share in the planet.

Larry has been the CEO of Goggle for a while but currently he is the CEO of Alphabet the parent company of Goggle and affiliated companies. Apart from running Goggle which obviously has contributed to nearly 90% of his wealth he is also an investor in Tesla motors, Kity hawk and Zee. Aero flying car project.

8. Michael Bloomberg net worth $43.9 billion

Richest American People

Michael is an author, an entrepreneur, a humanitarian and a politician as well. He is a graduate from John’s Hopkins University and Harvard Business School where he earned a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA respectively. He is the founder and current CEO of Bloomberg L.P which is one of the largest global mass media, financial service provider and Software Company.

The company provides real time financial data, research and news reports directly to the businesses and online. He has been the mayor of New York since 2001 until 2014 when he was succeeded by Bill de Blasio. Michael philanthropic activities are concentrated environment rehabilitation and conservation, public health, education development, and arts.

7. David Koch net worth $44.5 billion

Richest American People

The son of the late Fred C. Koch is one of the richest American and the second richest in New York with a net worth of $44.5 billion. He is a chemical engineer, an entrepreneur, a humanitarian and a political activists. David Koch is the co-owner and executive vice president of the largest American private held company Koch industries. After their discovery on how to turn heavy oil into gasoline Koch industries has turned to be a firm making a revenue of more than $100 billion in sales. Koch industries a company he holds 42% stake has invested in areas of chemical technology, fertilizer, pipelines, consumer products, fibers and polymers among others.

David is a major funder in libertarian political causes where in the past elections he has a record of funding hundreds of millions and on 2016 us elections he decided to spend his money on the senate and houses races only. Other charities David has been contributing to are American Museum of Natural History, Sloan Kettering, New York-Presbyterian Hospital fertility clinic and Lincoln Center.

6. Charles Koch net worth $44.5 billion

Richest American People

The son of the late Fred C. Koch and a brother to David Koch is another rich businessman, a humanitarian and a political donor. Koch father was the founder of Koch industries which enhanced the method of refining heavy oil into gasoline. After their father’s death in 1967 Charles took the role of the CEO of Koch industries a company today that has expanded to be the largest USA private held company having a revenue of more than $100 billion in sales.

Koch industries today has investments in pipelines, pollution control equipment’s, minerals, fertilizers, chemicals manufacturing, oil refineries, and consumer products among other commodities trading. Charles and his brother are known to fund political elections but on 2016 when asked to choose between the two US presidential candidates Trump and Clinton he publicly compared the two as choosing between cancer and heart attack hence he has focused on the senate and house elections. Koch’s humanitarian activities are dedicated on entrepreneurship on young people, policy, research and scholastic projects that tend to advance free market views.

5. Larry Ellison net worth $49.5 billion

Richest American People

Born in New York city Larry Ellison is a philanthropist, a businessman and also the co-founder of the software giant Oracle Corporation. He has held the position of CEO in Oracle Corporation since it was founded until 2014 although he is still an executive chairman and chief technology officer. Most of Ellison fortune is tied up in Oracle which recently purchased cloud software firm NetSuite for $9.3 billion. As a philanthropist his areas of concentration are security, public health and education.

4. Mark Zuckerberg net worth $55.4 billion

Richest American People

One of the most successful computer programmer and an entrepreneur as well is in the top 5 on the Forbes 400 for the very first time. Zuckerberg Co-founded one of the most popular social networking site Facebook which has more than a billion users registered. While at Harvard University him and Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and McCollum launched the networking site in the campuses before inviting other college students from other campuses to join.

Today Facebook is making billions in revenue from mobile ad sales and as you understand Zuckerberg is the major shareholder meaning he is the biggest beneficially. With recent launching of Facebook ability to stream live videos which has increased video advertising revenue analysts have projected soon mark Zuckerberg will be among the three richest people on the planet.as a philanthropist mark Zuckerberg announced to the world that he will give out 99% of his face book stock in the course of advancing human potential.

3. Jeff Bezos net worth $71.8 billion

Richest American People

The founder CEO, chairman and the president of Amazon.com Jeffry is among the richest top three Americans in the world today. Jeff together with her wife started amazon.com company in a garage in Seattle and today the company has grown to be the world’s largest international e-commerce site that s selling everything from clothes, films, video streaming and audio streaming, automotive, books nearly everything you can thing of in the consumer products category.to add to his shares in amazon he has invested in other business ventures such as newspapers (The Washington Post), Google , Aerospace (Blue Origin) and others under Bezos Expeditions .

2. Warren buffett net worth $73.9 billion

Richest American People

Popularly known as the “Wizard of Omaha” or “Oracle of Omaha” We can describe Warren as a philanthropist, a businessman and one of the greatest and most successful investors in the world. He is undoubtedly the most successful CEO in the business history and this can be accredited by his ability to manage a small business in 1965 to become a conglomerate which today is valued more than $400 billion.

Today warren is the CEO and the largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire has stakes in several companies such as Wells Fargo, Geico, Fruit of the Loom, American Express and Coca-Cola Dairy Queen.as a philanthropists Warren buffet announced that he will give out 85% of his Berkshire holdings to five foundations annually.

1. Bill gates net worth $82.5 billion

Richest American People

He is an author, a business magnate, an investor and a computer programmer. This man is not only the richest American but also the richest person in the world. He is the reason that Microsoft was born in 1975 as he is a founder of the software giant together with his friend Paul Allen.

He has been the CEO since then until 2008 when he stepped down to concentrate on charity work one of the biggest philanthropic institution in the world “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation”. Some of the key areas Bill gates charity works are focused on is saving lives especially in developing world by providing funds to tackle AIDs, Polio, Malaria, Fight hunger and research on general public health.

From this list of the top 10 richest people in America today you will learn that irrespective of how small your business or dream is, you can still make it out there if you’re focused and you have the will. We can only hail praises to these rich people since they are not selfish with their massive wealth and through one way or another they have decided to help humanity globally and that’s the spirit and mentality we should all have.