Baseball is a globally recognised sport. It is a bat and ball game that is played between two teams. It is a very interesting and entertaining sport. The game has a global recognition and is a major source of earning in today’s times. People choose this sport as a career option and play as long as they can. Many people are inclined towards adopting the sport and becoming a part of a certain team.

The world has known many such players who have delivered excellent performances in the game for as long as they played. Even today there are many players who work hard to keep their game up and give the best performances and get paid for the same. Many players have invested their time and effort to master in this game. And some of them have also earned a name in the global front because of their gaming skills. They are getting paid higher than any other baseball player for this. Some of these players are: Checkout the list of top 10 richest baseball players in the world in 2019.

10. Jayson Werth

Richest Baseball Players 2019

Jayson Werth is one of the highest paid players of baseball in the world, according to 2019 survey. He plays from the team Washington nations as an outfielder. He has a contract of 7 years in which he gets paid about ‘$126 million’. He is one of the best players in Baseball. The world acclaims his skills and his physical and mental strength.

9. James shield

Richest Baseball Player

One of the best baseball players the world has is James Shield. He plays for the team Chicago White Sox. His position was as a starting pitcher. His contract is of 4 years and he is earning about $75 million, He is one of the best players the world has known. The worlds know him for his extraordinary gaming skill and his dedication toward.

8. Aroldis Chapman

Richest Baseball Player

The world is his fan thanks to his amazing performances in every game he is in. Aroldis Chapman plays for the team New York Yankees. He played from the position of a Relief pitcher. He is an extraordinary player and he gets paid about ‘$86 million’. He is worthy of what he is paid and he proves his efficient gaming skills with every performance he gives.

7. Hanley Ramirez

Richest Baseball Player

Hanley Ramirez is one of the best players the world has. He earns about $88.0 million. He has a contract to play for 4 years. He plays with the team Boston Red Sox as a designated hitter. Hamley is one of the best baseball plays the world has currently. He is known for his excellent understanding of the game and the ability of making decisions very quickly.

6. Albert Pujols

Richest Baseball Player

He plays for the Los Angeles Angel’s team. He is one of the most prominent designated hitters of this generation. He has a 10 year contract and he is currently earning about $240.0 million. He is one of the most recognised baseball players in the world. People admire him for his excellent game skills and his sportsman spirit.

5. Felix Hernandez

Richest Baseball Player

People from different corners of the world admire Felix Hernandez for his excellent game and his presence of mind while in the field. He is one of the greatest baseball players and one among the players who receive the highest package. He plays for Seattle Mariners as a starting pitcher. Hernandez gets paid $175.0 million. His contract is for 7 years. Felix Hernandez is one of the most reliable and loved players of today’s time. He is very hardworking and dedicated player of the recent times.

4. Justin Verlander

Richest Baseball Player

Justin Verlander’s current earning is $180.0 million. His contract of playing is for 7 years. Hernandez represents team Detroit Tigers. He is one of the finest and sharpest players of recent times in the world. He is a globally recognised player. People love him for his game. He is a very skilled player, he is intelligent and sharp. He is one of the most amazing players in the world currently.

3. Miguel Cabrera

Richest Baseball Player

Miguel Cabrera is another very famous player of this generation. He is a very steady and calm player. He is efficient and skilled in his game. Playing from the position of first base, he belongs to the team Detroit Tigers. He is the most eminent player of the team as well as of world baseball. Miguel is a boon to the baseball game. He earns about $248.0 million. His contract is for 8 years. He is a globally recognised player in baseball.

2. David Price

Richest Baseball Player

This starting pitcher is one of the best starting pitchers the world baseball has known for a while. David Price is a young and energetic player of baseball. He represents Boston Red Sox. He is one of the highest paid players in the world. His contract to play is for 7 years and he earns about $217 million. He is among the second highest paid players of baseball in the whole world. He is a very skillfully sound player. He understands the game and is a very energetic and enthusiastic player.

1. Clayton Kershaw

Richest Baseball Players

Clayton Kershaw is the highest paid baseball player in the whole world. He earns about $215,0 million for a contract to playing career of 7 years which is valid until 2020. He will be playing baseball until 2020. He is one of the most amazing baseball players in the world. People from every corner of the world admire him and loves him for his game. He is a hard-working young player, filled with energy and enthusiasm. Currently, he is playing on behalf of Los Angeles Dodgers. He is playing from the position of starting pitcher. He has a great record of previous games that he has played. He is a very famous name of the baseball world around the globe.

Baseball is a very interesting and entertaining game of two teams which has become a source of earning and many players are earning their livelihood from this game. All the players are paid according to their talent and skill towards the game. Some of the highest paid baseball players are above mentioned.


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