Doctors are one of the most responsible and overseen personalities of our society. They are the ones on whom most of the society depend for their numerous health issues and emergency conditions. To achieve a post of the doctorate is a very difficult task to achieve in one’s life, but yet with hard work and true dedication one can achieve the title of being a doctor.

The class of medical doctors can be categorised as veterinary (which deals with an ailment of domestic animals), surgeons (which ace the surgeries of human bodies) and physicians. Though with the talent they sustain n themselves, it can earn them a lot. Here’s a list of top ten richest doctors in the world as per the data of 2019.

10. Robert Rey

Richest Doctors 2019

Robert Rey is a Brazil-born and is approximately fifty-six years old now. He is a very famous plastic surgeon since various celebrities have also taken treatment from him. He was also featured on a television show with the name ‘The celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills’ and Dr. 90210 too. His aced cosmetic surgery skills have made him a doctor with a net worth near 15 million dollars.

9. Leonard Hochstein

Richest Doctor

Currently living in Miami, Leonard Hochstein has also been a renowned doctor with his amazing skills in plastic surgery. He has been very famous for increasing and improving the conditions of breasts and hence is more famous with women. He became more famous after his wife did her debut in a television hit series of Real Housewives of Miami. He currently holds a net worth of 20 million dollars.

8. Terry Dubrow

Richest Doctor

Terry is an American plastic surgeon, famous for his flawless cosmetic surgeries. He was born in Los Angeles in the United States on 14th September. He is also the author of the book ‘Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig Present the Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to the Best Anti-Aging Treatments’. He also gained publicity with his appearance on one of the most famous television series of ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’, he debuted in this show with his wife Heather Dubrow. His currently net worth is 30 million dollars.

7. James Andrews

Richest Doctor

James Rheuben Andrews was born in the year 1942 and has been a focused and dedicated doctor for his life. He is one of the most famous American orthopedic doctors and surgeon to be consulted for elbow, shoulder or injuries problems. He has mastered the skill of repairing damaged ligaments. He has been a very famous personality among most of the sportsperson due to this skill. Though an accurate data of his net worth is not available, his net worth lies between 40 million dollars to 100 million dollars.

6. Dr. Phil

Richest Doctor

Phil Calvin McGraw, also famously known as Dr. Phil is multi-talented. He is a psychologist with a degree, an author, and also hosted an American television show with a name ‘Dr. Phil’. This show got aired in 2002 and was a huge hit. He has an estimated yearly earning of around 80 million dollars. With this figure, he has a net worth of around 280 million dollars as of 2019.

5. Gary Michelson

Richest Doctor

Gary K. Michelson is again one of the most amazing American orthopedic doctors. He has been a selfless philanthropist, an inventor, and an orthopedic spinal surgeon. He currently has a net worth of 1.55 billion dollars. He has done a lot for tropical rain forests, animal welfare, medical research and online textbooks with a total amount approximately reaching 300 million dollars. Therefore, he is considered to be really humble a very selfless philanthropist. He is current;y into a deep research at Michelson Prize center for finding a surgery-free option for sterilization for domestic animals.

4. Wu Yiling

Richest Doctor

Wu Yiling started one of his pharmaceutical company in 1992. He got this idea of opening his own pharmaceutical company after he practiced and understood all the Chinese medicine for around 10 years. His company currently is a producer of several herbal medicines which act as ailments for various diseases. He is currently estimated to be worth 1.7 billion dollars.

3. Phillip Frost

Richest Doctor

Phillip was born in 1935 and became a board of director’s member of the key pharmaceuticals in 1972. According to Forbes, this dermatologist is worth 3.7 billion dollars as per this year’s data. He after practicing his degree became a dermatology lecturer. He also started one of the famous pharmaceutical company, which was named as Ivax.

2. Thomas Frist

Richest Doctor

Thomas Fearn Frist Jr. was born in 1938. He is a famous philanthropist, businessman, and an American heir. He is considered to be one of the most influential businessmen since he started an amazing hospital network with his father. This fortified hospital network is capable of making around 29 billion dollars yearly with its high reputation and quality of health ailments. Dr. Thomas Frist has a net worth of around seven billion dollars. He is also included in the Hall of fame of the healthcare.

1. Patrick Soon Shiong

Richest Doctor

Born in 1952, Patrick Soon-Shiong was raised in South Africa and is now known for being an amazing American surgeon, philanthropist, entrepreneur, professor, researcher, and businessman. He has nearly invested a lot and also reversed allot to the society. He has fought against cancer in his real life and moreover has invested a lot in his commitments towards funding hospitals for children’s. According to latest data, he has a net worth of around 12 billion dollars. He has even been ranked at number 47 amongst the top US billionaires.

The above lists out the doctors with amazing skills and talents in revolving the health issues of their customers. They are surely an inspiration for others out there to pursue their career in the field of their interest and ace their skills to earn and be a millionaire and further a billionaire. These doctors have earned a lot and have made millions with their profession but with this, nearly all of them have displayed their side of being humble and kind. With their efforts towards investing, maintaining and funding the health sectors for the poor have made them one of the more remarkable philanthropists.