Movies are a very important source of entertainment to all of our lives, all over the world. Every year, many movies are made on different storylines based on fiction, non-fiction, Sci-Fi, supernatural, etc.

The Hollywood film industry is the most renowned industry in the world for film production. Actors from all over the world dream to work in a Hollywood film. This industry also has lots of renowned directors, whose work is globally acclaimed. Some of the richest Hollywood directors in 2019 are:

10. Gore Verbinski

Richest Hollywood Directors 2019

Gore Verbinski is one of the most popular directors in the world and a very talented sound musician, and a great producer. He was born on 16th March 1964. He is one of the best directors the world cinema has. He has a great contribution to producing some of the amazing movies for the global audience. He has directed movies like Rango, The Ring and the Pirates of Caribbean. He has also been successful in earning a lot of money through his good work. He is known as one of the richest directors in the Hollywood film industry. His worth is $110 million.

9. Ridley Scott

Richest Hollywood Director

Born on 30th November 1937, Ridley Scott is a wonderful man and director. He started his career by directing TV series and TV commercial. But the world majorly knows him for giving us movies like Gladiator and Prometheus. He has given the world some of the most amazing and mesmerising movies to the world. Films directed by Ridley Scott are a treat to watch. He is a great visionary. His net worth is $140 million. He is one of the richest directors the Hollywood film industry has currently.

8. Christopher Nolan

Richest Hollywood Director

Christopher Nolan is a British American director. He was born on 30th July 1970. Nolan is best known for his films like excellence and Gratitude. Christopher is one of the finest directors the world has. He is one of the richest and director also. He has a great knowledge of the technicalities of filmmaking and believes in applying innovation to his work. People from all over the world love his work and has appreciated his productions. His movies are quite different and based on contemporary ideas.

7. Francis Ford Coppola

Richest Hollywood Director

Francis Ford Coppola is a godfather to many good actors in the world. He has helped a lot of actors and provided them with the opportunity to work in good films. He has brought revolution to the industry and is making it better and better day by day. He is an extremely talented producer, director and screenwriter. Ha has even bagged the Oscar for godfather. He has ever won a lot of remarks from various renowned institutions. His worth is $250 million. He is a boon to the world cinema.

6. Taylor Perry

Richest Hollywood Director

Taylor Perry is an American comedian, songwriter, producer, filmmaker and director. He has a great contribution towards the world cinema as a director. He has an extra talented mind, which never fails to amaze the world every time. His worth is $400 million.

5. Michael Bay

Richest Hollywood Director

Michael Bay is another famous name in the Hollywood film industry. Well known for films like The Rock, Transformer and Armageddon. He is a Master of Science and technology. His greatest strength is the editing excellence and the technical knowledge he has. His movies are majorly based on superheroes and are Sci-Fi. He uses special effects and stylish edits in his movies which are extremely interesting and something very much different. He has earned a good name not only in Hollywood but the world is a fan of his movies. He is also among the richest directors in the world. He was born on 17th February 1965. His worth is $410 million.

4. Peter Jackson

Richest Hollywood Director

Peter Jackson is a very talented cinematographer and director. He initially came into notice for his film King Kong and later he released movies like The Lord of rings and The Hobbit. This is known as the man of fantasy. Most of his movies are based on fantasy. His movies are interesting and have a hint of comedy also. Jackson has been nominated nine times for the Academy Awards. He was born on 31st October 1961. He is one of the richest directors in Hollywood. His worth is $600 million.

3. James Cameron

Richest Hollywood Director

James Cameron is an extremely creative person. He is a fascinating screenwriter, Director, and a storyteller. He gave the world one of its greatest love stories Titanic. The film is still ruling the list of romantic movies. And then he mesmerised the world with his Sci-Fi movie based on Fantasy Avatar and his action movies Terminator is still searching for a replacement. His movies are globally acclaimed. His work is always out of the box. He thinks and presents something which is beyond imagination. He is one of the best and richest directors of the Hollywood film industry. His worth is $700 million.

2. Steven Spielberg

Richest Hollywood Director

Steven Spielberg’s film Jurassic Park is a benchmark for the films all over the world. He is a talented and hardworking director. His great work and vision have given the world some of the most amazing films in the world. He is a globally acclaimed director. He is one of the richest directors in Hollywood. His net worth is $3.4 billion. He has been also nominated for many prestigious awards for all the amazing films that he has made. He is one of the finest and one of the most hardworking directors the world has.

1. George Lucas

Richest Hollywood Directors 2019

George Lucas is the founder of the Indiana Jones and star wars franchise. He was born on 14th may 1994. He is well known for his amazing work. He is a great screenwriter and a very successful director. His work has made the world his fan. He has given the world the kind of products that set an example. He is one of a hard-working director and the richest in Hollywood. His net worth is $5.1 billion.

Above mentioned are some of the richest directors in Hollywood film industry. These directors have produced some of the best movies in the world and have won lots of honourable awards for their amazing work.


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