India is a diverse country with several languages that have their own entertainment industry. In Southern India, Kollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industries with a huge fan base that paved ways for actors, producers and directors into national and international fame.

Kollywood is a lucrative film industry where actors earn millions in revenue and have their fans from all over the world supporting them in their work. Kollywood has also made a huge impact on the Indian market and economy worth millions every year and have also inspired lives around the world.

Here is a list of Kollywood actors who have worked their way up to fame and fortune to be among the richest Kollywood superstars 2019 in the industry based on their net worth.

10. Vikram

Richest South Indian Actor 2019

Kennedy John Victor, popularly known as Vikram is one of the most successful superstars in Kollywood who won the 7 Filmfare awards. He is known as one of the most versatile actors with his debut in the Bollywood film Raavan where he played a negative role. He also won critical acclaim for his lead roles in Kollywood movies as diverse characters that proved his ability to make acting look as original as possible. Vikram underwent several bodily transforms from a body builder to a crippled hunchback based on his roles and has worked his way to become a true kollywood sensation.

9. Dhanush

Richest South Indian Actor

Dhanush has experienced great commercial success throughout his career and has made great fortune in acting and directing movies and in major brand endorsements. He also won several awards and recognitions that has led to winning hearts of millions of Kollywood fans across the world and is a driving force for the growth in the Kollywood industry. Winning the nation Filmfare awards for best actor and the Edison awards, his boyish charm always makes him a fan favourite.

8. Silambarasan

Richest South Indian Actor

Silambarasan is one of the most successful Tamil actors who has earned great amounts in personal investments and brand endorsements. He was awarded the Kalaimamamani from the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2006 and won several music and acting awards including the grand International Tamil Film Award (IFTA) for best actor. He is one of the most fastest rising actors in the industry and a professional role model.

7. Ajith Kumar

Richest South Indian Actor

Ajith Kumar is one of the most renowned actors in the Kollywood industry who has starred in some of the biggest hits and blockbuster movies of all time. He won several awards throughout his career as an actor including the Filmfare South Awards, 3 time Vijaya award winner, National award, Best actor at Filmfare Awards 4 times, Tamil Nadu State Film Award and the Dinakaran Cinema Award. He is also a world class car racer who took part in the British Formula One season 3 and secured a spot as the third best motor car driver in India. With so much talent, Ajith Kumar truly deserves the fortune and a spot in the richest Kollywood actors in the industry.

6. Karthik Sivakumar

Richest South Indian Actor

Karthik Sivakumar is popular among fans for being one of the best looking superstars in the Indian cinema. He worked with Mani Ratnam as an assistant director and later was offered to play a lead role in the super hit movie Paruthiveeran. Since then, he’s been amassing great fortune through awards for best acting and directing as well as major brand endorsing. He has worked his way to number six among the richest Tamil movie stars.

5. Suriya Sivakumar

Richest South Indian Actor

Suriya is known as one of the most prominent actors in Tamil film industry with his breakthrough after his super hit movies ‘Nerukku Ner’ and ‘Ayan’. He is a mass entertainer with a great sense of humour and a free spirit who has won the hearts of millions across the globe. With his outstanding performance in the movie Singham, he has rapidly sky rocketed his career into national fame and amassed his earnings from brand endorsements as well. He is currently one the highest paid actors in Kollywood.

4. Arya

Richest South Indian Actor

Arya is one of the biggest names in Kollywood industry and also earned a lot of fame through his rogue characters in Tamil movies. He is an idol in South India with a fan base of millions in number. He is also a screen writer, director and producer who has helped in producing some of the biggest hits in the Tamil film industry and earned a great revenue from sold out cinema halls at the time of release. With all these achievements there is no doubt he is one of the richest actors in the Kollywood industry.

3. Joseph Vijay

Richest South Indian Actor

Joseph Vijay is one of the most influential Tamil actors and singers in the country and has sung some of the greatest hits that several records in the Tamil industry and has earned him several awards for best song and best actor as well. He started out as a child artist as an actor and has been growing ever since, earning a great deal of fortune on his way. He also actively takes part in philanthropy with his own social welfare organisation called Vijay Makkal Iyakkam that he founded in 2009. He amassed his fortune by brand endorsing Coca Cola and IPL that has made him famous across the country and won 3 Tamil Nadu state film awards and also 8 Vijay film awards.

2. Kamal Haasan

Richest South Indian Actor

Kamal Haasan is one of the biggest names in Indian film industry. He has not only been a great name in Kollywood but Bollywood as well. He starred in one of the biggest hits and is one of the most respected actors in the Indian film history. He is also a producer and a screen writer and has brought some of the most influential movies to the Indian cinema and has inspired millions across the globe. His splendid acting and mentoring skills has earned him an estimated net worth of $100 million.

1. Rajinikanth

Richest South Indian Actors 2019

Rajinikanth is one of the most successful actors in the world and has revolutionised the face of the Indian film industry. His huge charisma and sense of humour is cherished by all his fans and it would be a shame if one didn’t know who he is. His styles and sense of attire has been mimicked by his fans for decades and all this fame has led him to brand endorsement companies flourishing towards him and earning him a great deal of fortune that led him to be one the highest paid actors not only in India but also in the world that puts him on number one of this list.

All these actors have earned their way to the top through sheer hard work, dedication and the love for acting. They have revolutionised the face of acting in the Indian film industry and pushed boundaries at par with Hollywood and Bollywood as well and made their presence well known. These actors truly deserve what they earned and have inspired future actors in the years to come.


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