With the increasing fame of Korean movies, the pay scale of the Korean actors has increased with time. There are many Korean drama series that are famous all around the world among people. They have a great per episode income because these actors have got immense fame in this particular field internationally.

These actors have a very busy schedule and are filled with immense skill in their field of work playing different characters. The details about these Korean actors and their works are the reason for which they have such great worth. Here is the list of top 10 richest Korean actors in 2019.

10. Ji Chang Wook

Richest Korean Actors 2019

He one of the eminent actors hailing from South Korea. He is a prominent personality in the industry with immense amount of fame. He started his journey playing lead role in drama series Smile Again. Ji also had his share in acting with musical theatre and then became famous with the screen performances in films. The film named Days… brought him an immense amount of acclamation from the audience. He charges $42,000 making him very rich with a lot of net worth.

9. Lee Jong Suk

Richest Korean Actor

He is another stout actor from South Korea film industry. He first started as a model and then turned an actor. He started as a model in 2005, when he was one of the youngest male models. Lee did a great performance in the plays he performed. He earned his graduation from here and played lead roles. The gross amount of money $50,300 is total amount that he gets from the episodes.

8. Song Joong KI

Richest Korean Actor

He rose to fame directly after playing a role in the iconic Sungkyukwan Scandal. His good looks and idea about acting have made him famous among people. His payment also grosses to $50,300 dollars per episode. He also hosted several shows as an anchor and acted in movies. Since the time started playing in the historical drama he became famous. Then he took part in the show Running Man and leading role in TV series The Innocent Man. His most famous films include A Werewolf Boy and Descendant of the Sun.

7. Lee Min Ho

Richest Korean Actor

He is another promising actor with immense amount of skills. He has started his career and due to the talents soon rose to fame. He is an actor, a model and obviously a singer. He had an increased reputation in the field. He won many awards for his great performance. He then performed small roles in many television series dramas, like Nonstop 5 and Recipe of Love. He also took part as the lead actor in a famous film, Gangnam Heirs. He also performed in various drama series like Personal Faith, City Hunter and The Heirs. He has a charge of about $58,700 per episode.

6. Yoo Ah In

Richest Korean Actor

He is another actor gaining grounds in the industry playing a role in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, an action series. He also topped the list of attractive entertainers in entire part of Korea. He is presently a part of rich Korean actors because of his episode remuneration of $58,700. He won awards like Blue Dragon Film Awards and Baeksang Arts Awards for his part as the Best Actor. He has positioned himself in the list of Korea Power Celebrity by Forbes.

5. Lee Seung GI

Richest Korean Actor

He is a wholesome entertainer with a great impact on the audience. He is an actor, singer, entertainer and also a host. He has great talents both in acting as well as hosting. He also is known for his singing skills and several hit. Due to so great skills in a single person, he is named Triple Threat entertainer. He is a great person from Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list with continuous top ranks in different years. Since last year he joined the military for his obligatory service to the nation and is now under Army training. His fees for every episode during his work period was $58,700.

4. So Ji Sub

Richest Korean Actor

He is one of the efficient and eminent actors with years of experience in acting. He has taken part in various drama series in Korean TV and played a lead role in I’m Sorry, Oh My Venus, Cain and Abel and also Master’s Sun that brought him too much fame. He also acted as the model for jeans brand and is known for the film Rough Cut. He also released many hip-hop music videos that brought him a lot of fame in the singing field as well. He is paid $67,000 for each episode in the series he plays.

3. Jo In Sung

Richest Korean Actor

He is an elegant actor and a consistent performer in Korean TV series. The roles that he played brought a lot of fame and the original play of roles in The Wind Blows, What Happened In Bali, That Winter and It’s Olay brought him a great amount of fame. His wealth is set because of the $67,100 remuneration that he charges per episode. He got the fans all around the world loving his work and constantly watching the movies. His talents in the industry have secured him a position in the list of richest Korean actors.

2. Hyun Bin

Richest Korean Actor

He is an efficient Korean actor with a lead role in the films that he played. He also played roles in My Name is Kim, Secret Garden, Sam- Soon where he played a great role. He got the tremendous success that made him get a great amount of money. He played part in drama series like Hyde, Jekyll and $83,900 charge for each episode made him extremely rich in the industry. His riches have increased because the great reaction from people on his drama set his position in the industry.

1. Kim Soo Hyun

Richest Korean Actor

Kim is the top grossing actor in the industry because of great acting skills. He is the maximum paid actor with $83,900 per episode. He has performed lead roles in My Love From the Star, Moon Embracing the Sun and also Dream High. His skills brought him roles in movies like Greatly the Thieves and Secretly. He lived his Korean dream and got enough acclamation from the fans. He got the personality out of the character so that he found a top position in rich Korean actor of the year.

Each actor in the Korean film and TV industry have got an immense amount of fame both in the Korean industry and international industry. There are many fans they have all around the world who watch this drama. The many projects they get and all the riches they have are due to the charges they have per episode. This is the reason there are many people securing riches in the industry.