The music industry has been growing a lot from past few years. The advancement of technology has enabled the music artists to launch themselves on world wide web and gain response of the audience. They can get extreme popularity through social media and can earn a lot through the same medium. With these technological advancements, Korean pop stars have also gained a worldwide audience. With huge public praises comes a lot of work and with a lot of work comes money.

Pop culture started back in 90’s but it is still booming in Korea. Korea has a large number of K-pop stars who are curious to display their talent and flamboyance with their melodious voices and attractive music. Here is a list of top 10 richest K-Pop idols in 2019 (in terms of net worth) Be warned: the numbers may shock you.

10. Goo Hara

Richest K-Pop Idols 2019

Goo Ha-ra is from South Korea and was born in 1991. This 26-year-old is multi-talented with her interests being the field of acting, dancing, and singing. She has been accepted as an actress by the Korean audience, due to which she has worked in many of the television series such as first and second seasons of Invincible youth, season second of strange casting, Inkigayo and many more. She has even worked in a movie in 2013. She currently owns pretty luxurious properties with a net worth of 9.5 million dollars.

9. Taeyang

Richest K-Pop Idols

Dong Young Bae is Taeyang, he was born in 1988 in South Korea. He is well known for her amazing skill of songwriting and singing. he started his career in 2006 and dedicated all his time to training himself for launching his own solo album. In 2010 he launched his solo debut album with the name ‘Solar’. He got recognition with this solo album and then he collaborated with one of the most famous bands of Korea ‘Bing Bang’. His career has been a big success from his first album only. He owns a current net worth of about 10 million dollars.

8. IM Yoona

Richest K-Pop Idols

The career of this Seoul born girl has been full of hardships. But hardships are followed up by huge success and the career of IM Yoona is one such example. She trained herself for around five long years in the field of dancing, singing and acting. She auditioned for around 200 advertisements in her initial phase of getting fame. She bagged up her debut role in 2008, which was a lead role in a drama called ‘You are my destiny’. After that, it was no stopping for her. She did around twenty commercials and even was the first global endorser for Alcon Taiwan. She currently holds a net worth of 11 million dollars.

7. Sandara Park

Richest K-Pop Idols

Sandara Part a.k.a Dara is amongst the most famous and influential female actress from the Korean entertainment industry. She is well known for her hosting talent and her fashion sense. Many teen girls look up to Sandara as their beauty and fashion icon. Sandara began her career with being a pop singer and launched her first album with her name ‘Sandara’ itself. Her debut album made its place amongst various top charts of Korea and around a million copies were sold. She has been known for hosting a show ‘Get it beauty’. Her current net worth is around 13 million dollars.

6. Kwon Boa

Richest K-Pop Idols

1986 born Kwon Boa is popularly recognized by her stage name ‘BOA’, she holds a current net worth of 14.5 million dollars. Her career took pace in early 20th century, with her Korean debut album launched in 2000. She even made her debut in Japanese music industry in 2002. She is a huge hit in Japanese music industry too with three of her albums receiving applauds from the Japanese music lovers.

5. Lee Ji-Eun

Richest K-Pop Idols

Lee Ji-Eun is well recognised by her stage name ‘IU’. She began her career as a teenage sensation at an age of 15. Her debut album was launched in 2007. She has been a part of many hit Korean albums such as hold my hand, Gangnam style, IU and IM and many more. She is considered to be a national star in Korea for her record-breaking hit with ‘Good day’. She has a net worth of around 15 million dollars.

4. Jung Ji Hoon

Richest K-Pop Idols

Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a Rain is a multi-talented person with his core fields being singing and songwriting. He has contributed a lot to the Korean music industry. With about twenty-eight solo songs and around six albums he has been a pop sensation in Korea. It’s raining, his third album was still considered to be one of the enormous and huge hits of his career. He currently owns a net worth of about 18 million dollars. He now owns a company with the name RAIN.

3. G Dragon

Richest K-Pop Idols

Kwon Ji-Yong a.k.a. G-Dragon is a fashion designer, songwriter, composer and singer too. He also has been associated with the Big Bang band of Korea. One of this most famous album was ‘Heartbreaker’, which topped the Korean charts in 2009. He has even won several music awards for her songs and their lyrics. His current net worth lies somewhere near 21 million dollars. He has also been one of the most influential people of Korea with his multi-talented personality.

2. Choi Si Won

Richest K-Pop Idols

This 1987 born model, actor, singer and songwriter have been very famous not only in Korea but overseas too. He has been a part of one of the most famous boy band of South Korea ‘Super junior’. His acting and singing have been appreciated by nearly all in Korea. He has gained huge fan base totally on his talented songwriting and acting skills. He currently owns new worth of 35.6 million dollars.

1. PSY

Richest K-Pop Idols

The guy with the record-breaking ‘Gangnam style’ is surely the richest Korean pop star. He has been the king of YouTube with his music album. He has been the international star and requires no introduction to the worldwide audience. He currently has a net worth of around 45 million dollars. He is the global start on the global music industry representing Korea.

The above K-pop stars are an example of the talent that Korea sustains. They have marked their presence not just on Korean music industry but also in the minds of people watching and listening to them worldwide. They even maintained top positions on global charts with their songs and styles.


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