Music has always been an undeterred form of art perceptibly for all kinds of people in the world. It is one of the oldest art forms prevailing today, that is continually evolving and is everlastingly abundant. New singers and musicians keep coming up every day and keep setting new trends and milestones in music. Such artists actually make more money and achieve greater fame than one might think.

Since music industry is a constantly growing one music artists and singers only keep getting richer as long as they keep expanding their capabilities and talent. Given below is a list of top ten richest male singers in the world in 2019.

10. Justin Timberlake

Richest Male Singers 2019

Justin Timberlake is one of the best singers, a vocal artist, musician and an actor. His music career officially began when he joined a small kid band in 1995. He has received nine Grammys and four Emmys and has composed admittedly appreciated music for popular albums like 20/20 experience and LoveSounds. Along with being an actor and a singer, he is also a businessman having a net worth of $170 million according to TheWealthRecord and is one of the richest singers in the world.

9. Robbie William

Richest Male Singer

This British singer and lyricist, has composed countless hits and has had 77 million records of his albums sold worldwide. His music career kick-started when he decidedly joined ‘Take That’, an all-teen group in 1989 at the age of 16. Having a net worth of $200 million, he is one of the most few British singers to become internationally famous. He too is a businessman with various music investments throughout The United Kingdom.

8. Kenny Rogers

Richest Male Singer

He is a singer, music artist and an actor from America who has been explicitly famed by his utmost interest in classic country music. He is also a dignified member of the Country Music Hall of fame and is one of the richest singers in the world. He has also been a reputed tennis player for 10 years and has represented the country on more than one occasion. Having his net worth at $250 million, Rogers has composed more than 120 singles, which has been sold in over 100 million records all over the world.

7. Julio Iglesias

Richest Male Singer

Coming from Spain, this singer, vocalist, and lyricist, has composed albums which have brought in more than 60 million people from 600 cities all over the world in his grasp. Specifically speaking, he has composed over 80 albums, which have been sold in 300 million records throughout the world. He has a net worth of $300 million, and has won a Grammy and is in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has also won the Guinness record for composing music in the most number of languages till date.

6. Johnny Mathis

Richest Male Singer

He is an American jazz singer, lyricist and a music artist. He is known for his famous songs that are sung about holidays and Christmas in general. His albums are sold in 350 million records, as a result of which he was reputed to be the third richest singer in the earlier century. His net worth is $400 million, and a major part of his money was made by record sales, TV and film appearances and guest roles making him the richest singer in the world as of 2019.

5. Jay Chou

Richest Male Singer

He is reported to be the only musician from Taiwan to make it among the richest singers in the world. Being an adroit multi-instrumentalist, he began earning relatively much early. His first studio album, Alfa Music Record Group also helped mainly in his career to popularise him as an independent music artist and a singer among people. He has sung in over 6 countries and has had 30 million of his records sold worldwide, and his fan base easily touches a solid 10 million. He has a net worth of $185 million.

4. Justin Bieber

Richest Male Singer

Justin Bieber is the only singer to have his fame spread throughout the world almost immediately after the kick-start of his career. His controversial career is insanely followed by his ardent fans and his songs now create YouTube records for the most number of views. His net worth is $200 million and has done a lot for charity compared to other celebrities. Most of his wealth has been accumulated from his music sales, product endorsements, touring and other business prospects.

3. Aaron Kwok

Richest Male Singer

This singer is from Hong-Kong had had a pitiably rough childhood before he made enormous success in the music industry. Not only is he a singer, but also a songwriter, dancer and an actor, and is associated with world-renowned music groups like Sony Music, Philips Records, and Warner Music Group. His net worth is $275 million, and most of his wealth is in the form of stocks and real estate property. He has won numerous awards for his roles in movies too.

2. George Strait

Richest Male Singer

This world-renowned singer specialises in giving his audience a classic mix of country songs and has never failed to appease them with such. He made his debut in 1981 with the group Rambling Country in the Army. He is also an actor, whose roles have been critically acclaimed and his movies grossing over $6 million. His net worth is $300 million, with a significant part of his wealth being accumulated from his movies which have reached the audience in a much more hyped manner than one might think.

1. Toby Keith

Richest Male Singer

He is reputedly, the richest singer in the world as of 2019. He is too, an actor and a businessman of professional standards. He owns a string of restaurants; from which he earns quite a respectable amount of money. Before his music career, Keith used to make a living in oil fields and common clubs. He has sold more than 40 million albums all over the world, most of which contain songs that have made it among the top country songs of their respective years. He has a net worth of $500 million, most of which are adhered merely by the sale of his music albums, his international tours, and recordings.

Most of the aforementioned men are American and are just the age to score really good in the music industry shortly anytime. Some of them might progress to much greater positions within next year, and some might not even be on the list. The only certain thing is that wherever these people are, they will never fail to share the parts of their mind that have cherished and inspired people over all these years.


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