The NFL standing for National Football League, is an American Football League, consisting of 32 teams formed in 1920. The NFL is one of the most professional football leagues in North America. It was renamed from American Professional Football Association to National Football League in 1922.

Over the years, NFL championship has become prestigious and prominent among its players. Team with the highest wins throughout the season receives the championship award at the end of the season. In addition to receiving a hefty sum, the award itself is utmost honourable and renowned to be won. Given below are the top richest NFL players in 2019 in the decreasing order of their net worth.

10. Brett Favre

Richest NFL Players 2019

This player has been in 20 seasons and has changed teams twice, which has also upped his earning. He has his net worth at $137.8 million and his highest single-season earning is at $16.6 million. He was reported to have earned only $12 million when he used to play for Packers, but began earning successively more in each of the three seasons he played with Jets and Vikings.

9. Julius Peppers

Richest NFL Player

He has been in 15 seasons and for someone who has not won any championship, he sure has a much greater net worth than all of his teammates of $156 million. The defense player has earned a maximum of $20.2 million per season and has received a string of honours and awards, especially the NFL Best Defensive Player award for consecutively seven times. Being one of the richest players, he has also donated €500,000 to scholarship programmes at his alma mater at North Carolina, thus proving to be actively involved in philanthropy too.

8. Ben Roethlisberger

Richest NFL Player

He has been one of the youngest players to make it as a quarterback in the NFL. Being one of the efficient passers in NFL history ever, he holds a net worth of $158.3 million and the highest single-season earning of $35.3 million. His string of honors includes awards for most regular wins, most wins as quarterback, highest completion percentage and many such. He is the only quarterback and one among the very few players to have defeated 31 of the current teams in NFL.

7. Drew Brees

Richest NFL Player

Drew Brees started his football career by playing the game in his college years, from where he was picked by San Diego Chargers in the second round of NFL selection draft, leaving his college with a string of awards like NCAA, Big Ten Conference Records, Purdue University Records and many more. His net worth stands at $181.7 million, and he has also been noted to have actively involved in charity efforts to help homeless children after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

6. Eli Manning

Richest NFL Player

This player has been only in 13 seasons but has managed to win the championship for the team twice in his NFL career. He is one of the richest NFL players in the world and has his net worth at $205.8 million. He made $37 million in the last season alone, and his net worth is reported to spike up to $253.2 million if he plays the final three years of his current contract.

5. Larry Fitzgerald

Richest NFL Player

He is an American Football player and is recorded to have been selected for the Pro Bowl more than ten times in his career. He is one of the maximum numbers of receivers of Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. He began his career as a small-time college player at Pittsburgh, from where he was drafted in the 2004 NFL Draft. He now holds a net worth of $140.3 million, even with no championships won in his career.

4. Carson Palmer

Richest NFL Player

Carson Palmer is an American quarterback and is playing for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. The 2003 NFL draft selected him after an eight-season long career for the Cincinnati Bengals. His net worth stands at $156.6 million, and his highest single-season earning sum up to $19 million. His awards include NFL Quarterback of the Year, AFC player of the Year, NFL Completion Percentage Records, NFL passing touchdowns Leader and such.

3. Philip Rivers

Richest NFL Player

He is also an American quarterback but has played for Los Angeles Chargers of the NFL. He was drafted in the 2004 NFL Drafts from his college, North Carolina University, where he used to represent the college team. His career passing rating is ranked the fifth among all-time NFL quarterbacks with 1500 passing attempts. His net worth at $173.9 million, he is ranked fourth in the most consecutive starts by a quarterback in NFL ever. He has been selected for Pro Bowl six times and had led the team to win the AFC Championship in 2007 once.

2. Tom Brady

Richest NFL Player

Tom Brady is also a quarterback, but for the New England Patriots of the NFL. He is the only player on the team to have won five Super Bowls in NFL. He was drafted by the 2000 NFL Draft, from The University of Michigan, where he used to play for the college. He has been selected for 12 Pro Bowls and has his net worth at $196.2 million. He is reputed to be the only player in NFL history to have led his team to 14 division titles, by 2016. His combined wins during the regular season and post-season are the maximum wins than any other quarterback in NFL history.

1. Peyton Manning

Richest NFL Player

Though he has only played for 18 seasons and only won two championships, he is the richest NFL player in the world as of 2019 with his net worth at $248.7 million. Some of his long list of NFL awards includes passing yards, touchdown passes, Pro Bowl appearances, and many more. Some of his other awards include Best NFL Player Award, Best NFL Offensive Player Award, and Best Championship Award.

Though the aforementioned players are the richest NFL players in the world, they all assuredly play the sport out of pure passion and interest. While some have come into the field only recently, some have been here for a long time, and they know what it is to be more than just a rich player among many in the line.


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