The national football league is a professional American football league. Total 32 teams participate in this game. NFL is one of the four major sports leagues of North America. Many potential sportspeople of America participate in this game and have earned reputation and respect for their gaming pattern and extraordinary skills.

It is one of the most prestigious sports league in America. Some many players have also managed to earn a lot of money because of this game. Some of the richest NFL quarterbacks in 2019 are:

10. Ryan Tannehill

Richest NFL Quarterbacks 2019

Ryan Tannehill is a Miami Dolphins quarterbacks. He is an amazing Quarterback player. He is a very talented player and has played many matches across the whole country. He is one of the topmost players of Quarterbacks in the country. He comes on the list of top 10 best Quarterbacks players in America. His great passion for the game and the very talented skills have also earned him a lot of money. His net worth is $4 million.

9. Kirk Cousins

Richest NFL Quarterback

Kirk Cousin is one of the very well-known and an amazing player of Quarterbacks in North America. He is an extraordinarily talented player. He has dedication and discipline for his game and an urge to improve his game day by day. He is a very hard working player. His net worth is $20 million. He is one of the richest players in NFL sports.

8. Derek Carr

Richest NFL Quarterback

The player in the team is already a star. He has cracked a sweet contact of $23.5 million. He is one of the youngest and the fittest player in the sports league. He is the Redskins signal-caller. He entered the game in 2012. He has been playing for three years now. He is a very talented and well-experienced player of NFL Quarterbacks. He has performed well in every game he has played. Carr is one of the most respected and liked players of NFL Quarterbacks.

7. Andy Dalton

Richest NFL Quarterback

Andy Dalton is in Bengal Quarterbacks. He has six years of the contract and he is in the middle of it. Andy Delton’s net worth is $25 million. He is one of the best layers of his team and in the NFL Quarterbacks. His game has owned lots of hearts of the Quarterbacks fans. His contract will last till 2021. After that, he will become a free agent. He is a player with great gaming understanding and pattern. He is a threat to all his opponent teams on the ground as he is a very bright player.

6. Aaron Rodger

Richest NFL Quarterback

Aaron Rodger has a career time of 13 long years. He has always played with Packers Quarterback. His first contract was drafted for five years till 2015. After 2015, he again joints the Packers as a free agent. For 13 years he has been a constant player and has always been in Green Bay. He is a very experienced player with a mind that understands the game very closely.

5. Matt Ryan

Richest NFL Quarterback

Matt Ryan entered the Falcon Quarterback as a free agent in 2014. Atlanta re-signed Matt Ryan for five years. He is at his peak of the gaming career. His current net worth is $30 million. He is a great player of the NFL Quarterback. His gaming is difficult to cut and Ryan is a strong competition to the rest of the players as well as one of the richest players in NFL.

4. Matthew Stafford

Richest NFL Quarterback

Matthew Stafford has dominated the NFL, he is one of the most renowned players and one of the best players in Detroit history till date. He has been a treat to watch on the ground. Some consider Lion to be the arguably worst team ever assembled in any major sports league. He has just signed the five-year contract. His unstoppable gaming and tireless dedication have earned him a good name and a lot of money. His current worth is $35 million. He is also one of the richest players in the NFL.

3. Alex Smith

Richest NFL Quarterback

Alex Smith was the topmost players in 2005. He was the number one overall pick. His current contract is of four years. He is an outstanding player and has performed the best always. He is one of the richest of all the NFL players. His current net worth is $35 million. He has earned the money with his excellent regular performance and dedication towards the game. He is indeed one of the best NFL Quarterback players.

2. Andrew Luck

Richest NFL Quarterback

Andrew Luck a number one overall pick was the highest paid NFL’s player in 2012, when his first contract was signed for four years, with Colt Quarterback. He is in the second year of his five years of the contract. He is a consistent best performer. Andrew’s hard work and clever actions in sports have been an evidence of him being an extraordinary player of this era. His net worth is $40 million. His talent and passion have kicked him to the list of top ten richest NFL players at recent times.

1. Cam Newton

Richest NFL Quarterbacks 2019

Cam Newton was declared the second most marketable player, just after retired player Peyton Manning. This title was given to him by ESPN in the year 2012. His on-field earnings are massive too. As massive as his gaming strategies, he is a wonderful player has stood as a sign of Excellency in the various major sports events. Currently, he is in the second year of his five years’ contract. The very talented player’s current net worth is $45 million. He is the richest NFL player of all.

The National football league is a very reputed sports league in America. All the best players get a chance to take part in it. As the sports events have become a path to earning money in NFL Quarterback players are paid the highest. Above mentioned are some of the richest NFL Quarterback players, who have earned out of their excellent game and consistent performance in every sports event.


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