Invariably everyone would agree on the fact that poker is the most interesting game in the world. It has achieved this fame only because of the currency exchanged by gamblers of all kinds while playing the game. With the appropriate level of skills on probability research, player psychology and mathematics, one can analyse the flow of the game and be able to predict even the unpredictable outcomes of the game.

But in the end, it all comes down to mere luck. Because of the huge amounts money involved in the game, many gamblers and players are now making a living out of it and most of them are really successful. Here is a list of the top 10 richest poker players in 2019 who have earned truck-loads of money with their very specific skillset.

10. Joe Hachem

Richest Poker Players 2019

He was initially a chiropractor, before his life as a poker player and because of certain health reasons he was forced to quit his job and became a poker player to earn a living. He grew out to be a very successful player within a very short time and had also won the world poker series in 2005 which had a total of 5619 participants from across the world. The prize amount was $7.5 million which he took home and taught the world about how to become a millionaire within a short while. Apart from this, he has won several other series and amassed a wealth of $12 million.

9. John Juanda

Richest Poker Player

This man is the richest poker player in his country, Indonesia. He has had his feet in several other fields like athletics and business and was a very successful one before he stepped into the poker playing arena. He is known for his composed nature even at crucial times of the game and it is because of this quality he was able to win 3 world titles. This 45 years old Indonesian has amassed a wealth amounting to $13.2 million.

8. Phil Ivey

Richest Poker Player

He is one of the youngest and a successful player who has won 3 world poker bracelets by the age of 23. He became a millionaire when most of the people of his age will still be in their graduation. He has gained a wealth of over $15 million during his peak times and is still one of the richest poker players in the world.

7. Daniel Negreanu

Richest Poker Player

He is the ideal role model for most of the young poker players who is known for his composure and confident decision-making skills displayed during the game. He started playing the game at a very young age and is admired for the daring move he made by dropping out of college for playing the game. Most of his efforts were fruitful ever since then and his $16 million net worth is enough testimony for his successful run.

6. Antonio Esfandiari

Richest Poker Player

This man is the richest poker player in the world with a net worth of $23 million. He is especially popular for his bold decisions and a unique skillset which enabled him to win the world poker tour championship. He is most admired young professional poker player who is nicknamed as the “Magician” because of his miraculous gameplays.

5. Jamie Gold

Richest Poker Player

Jamie Gold has one of the very interesting qualities, his balance between an aggressive play and calm mind makes him one of the very popular players in the poker world. He was crowned as the winner of the world poker tournament in 2006 and bagged a cash prize of $12 million. He is currently evaluated at $13 million as his net worth making him of the richest poker players on the planet.

4. Michael Mizrachi

Richest Poker Player

Going by the nickname “Grinder”, Michael is one of the players with a consistent performance in the game. Though he has not won any world tournaments, he wins almost every major tournament he plays in and bags a truckload of money as his prize amount. He is currently evaluated at $14 million as his net worth which makes him a very rich person.

3. Phil Hellmuth

Richest Poker Player

This man needs no introduction as he is one of the most popular players in the poker world who is admired for his extraordinary poker skills. He is popularly referred to as the “Poker Brat” and is usually compared with other legends like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods because of his accomplishments and the extraordinary charm he possesses. He is considered to be one of the richest poker players in the world with a net worth of about $16 million which marks him as a very successful player in the world. He has also won the world poker series in 2003.

2. Sam Trickett

Richest Poker Player

He started his poker career during the year 2005 and has made several historic achievements since then. He earned his fortune mainly after winning 8 major world tournaments and became one of most recognised figures in the poker world. He began his career after being forced to quit pursuing a career in football due to some injury. Every decision he made turned out to be fruitful ever since and is one of the richest poker players in the world with a total net worth of over $17 million.

1. Erik Seidel

Richest Poker Player

He is the most admired figure in the poker world who is said to have won 8 poker bracelets. He is a veteran of the game who gained his poker skills through experience by playing backgammon league tournaments for almost 8 years and gained enough experience. He even has a world title under his collar and is evaluated at $40 million as his net worth which makes him the richest poker player on the whole planet. He earned his enormous fortune through both stock market investments and his poker titles and his extreme money making skills have inspired many players and youngsters.

Poker is a very famous game in the world which is one of its unpredictability. If played with the right mind and skillset, one will be able to change his fortune overnight. These players chose this game as their full-time career and have been tested to be successful at it. One bad move is enough to make you hit the ground and hence it requires a complex set of skills and extreme conditions of luck in order to be successful.