Who is the richest rapper as of 2019? Many types of music genres have made their mark around the world recently and rapping has been one of the top drawers among them. There are some great rappers around the world who have already made some record-breaking singles and albums with other famous artists collaborated.

It is a new trend that people are listening to constantly. Due to selling of the songs and such fame in the music industry these rappers are very rich and they all have riches above $100 million. They have become music sensation of the modern generation. Here you can get the list of top 10 richest rappers in the world in 2019.

10. Snoop Dogg

Richest Rappers 2019

He is one of the most influential rappers in the history of the music industry. He started his career with nothing and due to his directed approach towards music and career. He made numerous singles and albums that became hit in the music industry. He never got concerned about his revenue collection from the selling of albums or from the number of fans they had. Along with his music, he is also a great actor as well. His straightforward approach is the reason for which he has about $135 million on his name, which he generated with enough hard work.

9. Lil’ Wayne

Richest Rapper

He started the musical journey at a very young age. He started his journey firstly with collaborations with other famous vocalists. His vocals are unique from every other rapper for which he has a great number of fans. He has got several awards for his music and has done various live events in such a short period of time in the music industry. He is skilled in what he does and he deserves all the wealth and fame that he has today. He has a total of $136 million which consists of all the earnings from his career.

8. Ice Cube

Richest Rapper

Ice cube is a rapper who has not only introduced himself to the music industry but have also been in various films with great film stars. He has great talents of rapping and also has a lot of potential in acting. He is acclaimed for his roles as well. He started late in the music industry but in the small time has got a lot of fame. He is set to become even more famous in future. He is well known for his roles in television movies among the people and for these skills he got a $140 million asset for himself right now.

7. Eminem

Richest Rapper in the world 2019

He is a great rapper with a big influential fan base. This makes the his songs world famous. His unique type of rapping skill and voice quality is totally behind his fame. His immense fame landed him in Hollywood movies as well. He acted in various movies that have set the bar among people. He even acts well in the industry and have various hit singles and albums of himself. This have made his assets add up to $160 million. He even is going to be very famous in future and have set out a movie on his life.

6. Birdman

Richest Rapper

He is a really famous rapper with many platinum-selling albums in his career. He has a great career ahead and the great time he had in the music industry till date have made him create a big impact on the fans around the world. For his great set of albums that he created till now he has a growing number of fans. The unique state of rapping is another part of celebrity payscale that he has. He has a total worth of $170 million all together.

5. 50 Cent

Richest Rapper

50 Cent is another great known performer and professional rapper who has a great influence in the music industry. He has been in the industry for a very long time and that has created a big fan base for him. He has made several hit singles and albums as well. He is an entrepreneur as well and that skill he has is best for him to go along with his work. He has about $270 million out of the business he has and the hit songs that were sold to major productions. He currently is working on his music more to bring better ones forward.

4. Master P

Richest Rapper

Master P is another rapper who started in the music industry long ago. He started with his solo album in 1991 and then came with other collaboration in different singers. He has worked with great singers of that time and has even been a great basketball player. He played for clubs even and is well known for his music. He made other numerous investments in life that brought him enough profit. Presently he has about $350 million as a part of his total valuation of money.

3. Dr. Dre

Richest Rapper

Dr. Dre had a lifelong career since he started in 1984. He has made several hit albums and singles sold around the world in million copies. He has made his investments in several areas. Recently the Beats By Dr. Dre was sold off to apple which was a great part of his investments in Beats brand that made headphones under his name and fame. He is presently CEO of Aftermath Entertainment which was made in 1996. He has worked with great artists like Eminem himself and has made their albums under his label. He is a perfect example of coming out of nothing and building a dream empire of about $770 million. He is surely set to become a billionaire soon, making him the richest rapper in the world.

2. P. Diddy

Richest Rapper

He his also recognised by the name Puff Daddy by many people and one of the richest person in the field of hip-hop. He has made an empire for himself in the music industry. He is both into rap and hip-hop and has skills in both levels equally, making it great to set up a position in the music sector. He has made several business collaborations as well just like singing collaborations. He is tied with fashion brands to food brands and the unique characteristic skills that he has made the asset of $825 million set forward by them. This comes with the riches that he has making it suitable for him to carry on with more music engagements under his own labels if he wants to.

1. Jay Z

Richest Rappers in the world 2019

Jay Z is undoubtedly one of the most famous and richest rappers of the year 2019. He is a rap artist with the most number of best-selling albums ever. He has a unique aspect of rapping and since he started his career in music has sold almost 75 million albums. He has made several music videos and also has a record label Roc Nation owned by him. These are the reasons for which he has an immense amount of wealth both from the music industry as well as the record brand. He has riches of $900 million as of now.

These wealthiest rappers of the world have secured a great place in the music industry and have brought out rap genre as a great category of music. The rappers have made a great place for themselves with a worldwide fan base which makes them one of the most searched music personnel on the internet. They have made several singles and albums that created the highest impact on teenagers. This is the reason for which there are a lot of assets that they have out of these albums sold by them.


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