Being a rock star is what people dream of all the time. Rock stars are that famous because of their works and lifestyle that they have. Due to the performances and hits that they have, they have received enough amount of fame.

One can easily have a successful career ahead and thus that amount of money these music geniuses have are the reason for which there are successful careers and an inspiration to the generation. The fortune of the specifically popular people is really very high. The career they have built took a lot of years in time. Checkout the list of top 10 richest rock stars in the world in 2019.

10. Gene Simmons

Richest Rock Stars 2019

He is one of the biggest rock stars with the famous stage name The Demon. He is an Israeli American and has great skills. He is from one side musician, singer, songwriter and also an entrepreneur, actor and a famous person from TV. He has great influence because of his rock band name Kiss. He is said to be a legend in the rock and roll industry and his net worth is huge because of such a great fame that he has. The total estimated worth is about $300 million.

9. Dave Matthews

Richest Rock Star

He is from South Africa and is a singer, musician, and a great songwriter. He started his journey with a low profile. He had to work as a bartender and that is the time when he got the first chances to perform along with a band. He understood his great skill in songs and soon formed the best band he imagined. He has also worked as producer and actor. The albums of the band sold along with his career have brought him immense worth and the songs have brought him enough fame in the band circuit. His net worth is about $300 million as of today.

8. Keith Richards

Richest Rock Star

Keith Richards is one of the most known legends in the history of rock music. He has a great career all the life he worked and with the well-known band Rolling Stone. He is the founder of the band Rolling Stone and is a master guitarist, singer and a songwriter as well. He ranked best 100 guitarists of all time list in several magazines. He has also been the brand ambassador of various bands and still at this old age have mad skills with his guitar. His work in the industry along with copies of band albums sold have brought him the huge fame that he deserves and about $340 million under his name.

7. Bruce Springsteen

Richest Rock Star

He is a great rock star and a legendary singer hailing from New Jersey. He has a well-known stage name The Boss. He is a solo performer and has also performed in collaboration with various bands all along his journey in the path of millions. He is presently 67 and still has the same charisma with him and the personality attracts his fans all around the world. He has earned a lot of money while going on tours with several bands and also E Street Band is one of the common names in that lot. He has an estimated worth of $350 million which is expected to rise even higher with time.

6. Ringo Starr-Net

Richest Rock Star

He is a British musician with great singing skills. He is from Liverpool and is also a member of the iconic gang Beatles. He wrote several tracks from the list of hits that Beatles have. He has a great personality and mad skills with drums, for which he also has a great fan following. He also donates a part of his income to various charitable organisations and is linked to some of them. He has a whooping worth of about $350 million and even after the charity that much money shows his actual wealth.

5. Mick Jagger

Richest Rock Star

He is another star of the great brand Rolling Stone. He is also known for his great skills and lead as a vocalist. He is known more for his dancing skills along with the music. That time when he was a part of the band they would make music of the more important part of the society and the conditions of the people. It was a huge hit among fans of the band. He also acted in several movies and have got Golden Globe and Emmy Awards as well. He is there with a prolonged 50 years of career. The net worth he has stood at $360 million.

4. Elton John

Richest Rock Star

He is a well-known singer, pianist as well as an expert music composer. He is one of the richest singers in the UK. He has great skills over a piano and has sold millions of albums. That is the reason for which he is also one of the successful performers of all time. He has won Academy award, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe and many other awards. He also is one of the humanitarian personnel in the field with donations in many places. He is expected to be one of the top drawers with respect to selling albums and his career in music industry. He has a net worth of $480 million as of now.

3. Jimmy Buffett

Richest Rock Star

He is another veteran musician and songwriter from America. His music is unique because he has great travelling destination all around his music with the portrayal of islands. He also is one of the best-selling authors of books and a great businessman. He has great empire related to casino, restaurants and resorts and these chain of money from different businesses along with his career in music and writing are the reason for which he has so many fans. The revenue generated is huge and he has about $550 million as assets.

2. Bono

Richest Rock Star

He is an Irish singer and songwriter. He is well known for his music and is a part of the hugely famous rock band U2. He is the lead singer there and is considered as one of the best lead vocals in rock music around the world. He has investments in Facebook along with his big music career. He also made a huge amount of money by doing music. He has a private Airbus and a yacht as well. His career brought him fans and riches and with great profits from stocks in Facebook, he has an estimated worth of $600 million.

1. Paul McCartney

Richest Rock Stars 2019

He is the only rock stars in the billionaire club of assets. He was one of the main members of Beatles and had a great time successfully being a part of the epic music that the band offered to its people. They earned millions of money from the major sales of albums that are famous even today. He has worked in his long career with several artists and been successful in all his works the whole life. His skills as a musician and singer have made it easier for him to have a total amount of $1.2 billion under his name as of today.

The millionaire and billionaire performers have a single thing in common and that is they are best at what they do. The people on the list are the legends of rock music and great musicians well whose songs are famous even today. They have got the money due to their immense success and sale of music albums around the world with a great fan base.


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