It is rightly said that “luck” is something when opportunity meets preparation. Against odds and gender discriminative stereotypes, some women strived and worked their way to the top inspiring women about being no less capable than men in the competitive world today. These women were visionaries that foresaw the world in their own perspective and never underestimated themselves in achieving the goals they had set out for.

These women have learned that nobody gives them the power they deserve, instead they had to take it with sheer practice and determination that reflected on the fortune they earned. Here is a list of the richest self-made women in the world in 2019.

10. Oprah Winfrey- $2.8 billion

Richest Self-Made Women 2019

Oprah Winfrey was born into Southern American family and suffered enough poverty in her young age. Oprah had spent years developing leadership skills and helped young women of South Africa throughout her career becoming the most successful black philanthropist in history. Her verbal skills and keen sense of attitude had led her to be the youngest and first black female news anchor at Nashville’s WTVF and WLAC TV. Her career had spanned every form of media from being an actress, to a talk show host, producer and philanthropist.

9. Zhang Xin- $3.2 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

As the founder of SOHO China, the Cambridge educator Zhang Xin invited personality and spunk to the international real estate industry that have paved her way into the future. She is a visionary who focused on futuristic infrastructure that attracted builders and architects from all over the globe, making her famous and incredibly wealthy.

8. Denise Coates- $3.6 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

Denise Coates is an English businesswoman who is currently the highest paid woman in Britain. She first started out as a cashier in gambling shops owned by her father and became the managing director of the family business at age 22. She had learned every trick in gambling over the years and earned her fortune through gambling websites until she started her own website Bet365. She used the money she earned to purchase the largest stake in the Stoke City Football Club that helped her earn handsomely through promotions and adverts.

7. Rafaela Aponte- $3.75 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

Rafaela Aponte is a businesswoman who founded the Mediterranean Shipping Company which is the world’s second largest shipping line. She entered the shipping industry as a Neapolitan captain in 1970 and owned a newly formed single vessel that shipped cargo between Europe and Africa. Rafaela was also awarded “Neapolitan Excellence in the World” from the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and a knighthood. Her family is known as one of the most influential families in the shipping business globally.

6. Diane Hendricks- $3.9 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

Diane Hendricks grew up in a dairy farm in Wisconsin, United States and worked with her husband’s roofing business that help build homes in the Beloit area. Her company later produced building and manufacturing materials that were distributed worldwide. Hendricks Holding Company is also in affiliation with ABC Supply and conducts all of its work. Her company is in active collaboration with some of the major manufacturers and builders in the world.

5. Lam Wai Ying- $4.1 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

Lam Wai Ying is a Chinese businesswoman who made a great deal of fortune by supplying tech items, especially to the tech giant Apple. She owns 49 percent of Biel Crystal Factory with her husband being the chief executive owning the rest of the factory. Her company employs over 100,000 people in China and was addressed as the 67th most powerful woman in the world.

4. Pollyanna Chu- $4.9 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

Pollyanna Chu is the CEO and Executive director of Kingston Financial Group limited and was also the Chairman at Sincere Watch in Hong Kong. She also had a keen interest in gaming and provided gaming entertainment services to customers worldwide. She also won the “Outstanding Chinese Prize” award in 2008 and earned her way to number four on the highest paid self-made women in the world.

3. Chan Laiwa- $5.6 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

Chan Laiwa is the founder and chairman of Beijing’s largest commercial property developers, the Fuwah International Group. In Chan’s early years, she belonged to a noble dynasty in until it collapsed and her family were drawn to poverty. She then left school and started her own furniture business that became very successful and she purchased 12 villas in Hong Kong. She then started the Fuwah International Group which is a real estate business and provided services in agriculture, tourism, electronics and hospitality. She later invested 20 billion Yuan in the China Red Sandalwood Museum in 1999 which covered over 25,000 square meters of land.

2. Marian Ilitch- $6 billion

Richest Self-Made Women

Marian Ilitch founded a pizza business along with her husband Mike Ilitch which is the third largest pizza chain in the united states. The amount of fortune they earned over the years was invested in Casinos and owns the Motor City Casino Hotel. She also owns the popular Ice Hockey Team, the Detroit Red Wings and earned a great fortune through brand merchandise and advertisements. She is currently helping build a $1.2 billion sports and entertainment district in Detroit.

1. Zhou Qunfei- $7.4 billion

Richest Self-Made Women 2019

Zhou Qunfei is known as China’s richest woman who is the founder and chairman of Lens Technology, a company in Liuyang that made glass covers for cell phones, computers and cameras where business giants like Apple and Samsung are its major customers. She actively involved herself into developing electronic gadgets and selling them to the market and has developed exceptional business skills through such practice.

A positive mind leads to positive action that later leads to a successful career. Success lies in effort and these women have proved that they are no less than any man who have surpassed people around them to be on the top of the world. These women had a clear vision of their future and inspired millions of other women around the globe to follow their dreams no matter what hardships life may lead towards.


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