A tattoo, as everyone knows, is a form of art that people etch on their body using ink, dyes and other stuff. There are multiple perspectives to wearing a tattoo. Some people wear random tattoos cluelessly, without having any basic intention or idea behind it. Some wear it to symbolise their faiths and reaffirm them among everyone. Some people wear tattoos of some significance or meaning to depict something of their choice.

A tattoo artist is someone who etches the tattoo desired by the customer in their body. Reputed tattoo artists are in great demand as there are only a handful of perfectionists in the tattoo art industry. As a result, they make a great deal of money for each tattoo they do. Given below is a list of top 10 richest tattoo artists in the world as of 2019.

10. Mike Rubendall

Richest Tattoo Artists 2019

He runs his own tattoo shop in New York City and is one of the most experienced tattoo artists to have begun his career at such an early age of 17. His business involves clients involving mostly celebrities who had to get an appointment, months before they need the date. He was listed among the top-five tattoo artists in New York by the Inked magazine in 2015.He earns averagely $125 per hour and specialises in tattoos of designs of horror type in a Japanese and a semi-traditional fashion.

9. Dave Tedder

Richest Tattoo Artist

He is reputed to be the best tattoo artist in Atlanta, where he owns a shop and is one of the best tattoo artists in the world. He was ten years old when he decided his career as a tattoo artist. He began his career by piercing in South Carolina, from where he moved to Florida to a tattoo shop called the Babylon Tattoo. He earns roughly $150 per hour.

8. Stephanie Tamez

Richest Tattoo Artist

Her career as a tattoo artist began when she moved from San Antonio, her native place, to San Francisco, where she learned the art of tattooing in a local private studio. She then moved to New York and joined the Saved Tattoo studio after working for nine months at another one. She earns $200 an hour and specialises in tattoos that are theme-based and lettering.

7. Paul Booth

Richest Tattoo Artist

He is one of the most popular artists in the world and is from New Jersey. He is also a painter, sculptor, musician and a filmmaker besides being one of the richest tattoo artists in the world. He is popularly known for his dark and gothic style of tattoos that he had developed from his own experimentations and designs and earns $300 an hour.

6. Ami James

Richest Tattoo Artist

Ami James is a multi-talented tattoo artist who is also an entrepreneur, a TV star, and a painter. He learned the art of tattoos inspired by his father’s works who was basically a painter and dies when James was four years old. His first TV show premiered in 2011, upon which he was invited by many organisations like PETA to design for their campaigns. He invented the concept of online custom tattoo designing called the Tattodoo in 2013. He currently earns $500 an hour and specialises in all kinds of custom designs of tattoos.

5. Bob Tyrrell

Richest Tattoo Artist

He came into the tattoo industry only in his thirties and has dominated among all other since then. He owns a tattoo shop in Michigan which has pretty much served as a prime spot of frequent tattooing for tourists and the locals in the area. He specialises in dark, grey portrayal of realistic designs to give them a much sharper and an aesthetic look. He has taken part in the World Tattoo Conference in 2012 and has participated in the first Chaudesaigues Award for reputed tattoo artists in the world. He earns an income of $150 per hour.

4. Brandon Bond

Richest Tattoo Artist

This tattoo artist is from Atlanta and runs a network of shops around the area in the city. In the North Carolina Tattoo Convention held in 2005, he was chosen as the Artist of the world. He specialises in creative customer designs with colourful an radiant splashes of paints mixed to give a more appealing look to the tattoo. He earns an income of almost $200 per hour and is one of the richest tattoo artists in the world.

3. Kat Von D

Richest Tattoo Artist

Kat Von D has got the multi-talented personalities of an artist, model, musician, entrepreneur and a TV star for mainly reality shows that establish her work among people. She works in Los Angeles, where she owns a private studio called the High Voltage Tattoos and has been active in the cosmetics industry too as a part of her line of work. Her client-list brims with hot-shot celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, John Mayer and many others. She earns almost 4200 per hour for her tattooing sessions.

2. Anil Gupta

Richest Tattoo Artist

He is a popularly acclaimed tattooist and a fluent painter who is explicitly known for his accurate portrayal of designs, which usually are flawlessly acknowledged his customers. His work has been internationally recognised by the media and has been published in numerous magazines all over the world. His works have also won various awards at tattoo conventions and conferences. He works in New York where a lot of celebrities too flock to get tattooed by him and earns an income of $450 per hour.

1. Scott Campbell

Richest Tattoo Artist 2019

He is the richest and the most famous tattoo artist in the world. Campbell has a long list of celebrity client list which includes Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr., Sting, Orlando Bloom, Courtney Love and many others. He began his tattooing career in his mid-20s when he moved to San Francisco in search of a job. He then tattooed for mere income in Asia and Europe, after which he set up his own shop in Hollywood as the official tattoo artist for a major number of celebrities. He has had the distinct pleasure of working with the great Louis Vuitton himself for a certain short-term collaboration. He charges $1000 for the first hour and $200 for every consecutive hour.

Tattoos have become more than just a decorative tool for people to flaunt. It has become a means to express their faiths, beliefs, opinions, feelings and even their identity. People have become more open-minded and mature about getting tattoos on their body and are not hesitant anymore to give in to other people’s opinions like they used to, earlier. This shows the growth of unpretentious singularity in the mindsets of people on the whole.