Tennis is amongst those games in which its players need to ace their talent to earn their way. On the contrary, this sport always has flowered the paths of all the talented players and made them top various lists and tournaments too. Tennis players have been pursuing one of the most lucrative careers in comparison to other game players. Apart from the match-winning fees, tennis players also earn a huge chunk of money from product and brand endorsements.

Tennis as a sport has been always considered to be one of the most watched and entertaining sport across the globe with an amazingly attractive audience. Though there are various tennis players who have played some of the most momentous games in the history of tennis. Let’s get down to a list of the world’s top 10 richest tennis players as of 2019.

10. Venus Williams

Richest Tennis Player

Venus Williams, a California born girl has been very famous for the way she has pursued her professional tennis career. She has been thrice ranked as the number one in this game and is also the first African-American to be ranked at first position from the time tennis game even started. She is the sister of Serena Williams. She has registered to some 10.5 million-dollar earnings in 2019 and gains around 3.5 million dollars as salary for match wins.

9. Milos Raonic

Richest Tennis Players 2019

Milos Raonic is a twenty-six-year-old professional tennis player from Canada, who started his career in tennis from 2008. He has won around eight titles till now and has earned around 11.8 million dollars this year. He was even voted as one of the most famous and influential ATP newcomer of 2011 by his fellow players. He was also included in the Forbes list of ’30 under 30’ sports list, recognising his talent.

8. Angelique Kerber

Richest Tennis Player

Angelique was born in Bremen in Germany. She has earned around 21 million dollars in her entire tennis career and has earned around 12.6 million dollars. Angelique is a left-handed tennis player. She has shown her interest in Australian Open and therefore has even won three WTA titles at Australian Open.

7. Stan Wawrinka

Richest Tennis Player

Stan Wawrinka is currently living in Monte Carlo, Monaco, but is originally from Lausanne, Switzerland. He turned pro in this professional career at 2002. He has also known as ‘Stanimal’ and ‘Stan the Man’, these are his nicknames. His lifestyle has been totally dedicated to tennis sports since he started playing when he was eight and finally started focusing on tennis when he turned 15. He has earned around 19.2 million dollars.

6. Serena Williams

Richest Tennis Player

Serena Williams is a name known to everyone, she is also estimated at 100 million dollars. She is the sister of Venus Williams (the tenth on this list). She has won 23 Grand slam singles titles and has also performed in Olympic games by winning several medals for America. Serena has earned nearly 27 million dollars in the present year and therefore had bagged the fifth position in this list. She is one of the most female tennis players across the globe and shares this place with Maria Sharapova.

5. Andy Murray

Richest Tennis Player

Andy Murray managed to earn around 28.8 million dollars in 2019. Andy was born in Scotland and currently resides in London, England. He is currently ranked at 16th place on ATP’s official website. He started his professional tennis career from the year 2005. He was also chosen a global ambassador for UNICEF, WWF, Malaria no more and United for wildlife.

4. Rafael Nadal

Richest Tennis Player

Rafael Nadal has a full name as Rafael Nadal Parera and is nicknamed as “Rafa” has backed up the first rank in the list of singles player on ATP’s original website. He started his career in 2001 and has earned around 31.5 million dollars in 2019. Recently, the center court of Barcelona ATP was renamed as ‘Pista Rafa Nadal’. Rafal Nadal is also known as the ‘The kind of clay’, due to his undisputed wins on the clay courts. He is considered to be one of the greatest clay court players.

3. Kei Nishikori

Richest Tennis Player

Kei started his professional tennis career in 2007 only and has achieved a huge success in the very short span of time. Kei Nishikori is a Japan borne tennis professional player, who have earned around 33.9 million dollars in a current year. He even has started his own phone application with

2. Novak Djokovic

Richest Tennis Player

Novak Djokovic started his professional tennis career from 2003. This player from Serbia has gained a lot of love across the world for the success he has achieved and for the playing techniques he has shown on the tennis court. He is nicknamed as ‘Nole’.

He has earned around 37.6 million dollars in the current year of 2019. He has also endorsed a majority of brands and products. Moreover, he was chosen as the UNICEF goodwill ambassador in August 2015.

1. Roger Federer

Richest Tennis Player

Roger Federer is the highest paid tennis player in the world today. This Swiss-born has professionally excelled each and every tour of tennis matches. He is supposed to have a net worth of around 180 million dollars. This right-handed tennis player has endorsed nearly all the major sports companies, be it Rolex, Nike, Credit Suisse, Wilson and Moet & Chandon. He has recorded some earnings of around 64 million dollars in present year and hence has scored number position on this list.

Though there are many tournaments held in the tennis sport yearly. The above-listed players are the ones who make sure they try to win most of the grand slams within a year. There has been a very diversified reason for framing this list since there are various factors to be considered for calculating the richest tennis player. Though there are various tennis players who are not that frequent in playing matches and are rich, these professionals included in the list are currently playing on the courts and are winning at least one grand slam year.


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