UFC or the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a reputed martial arts organisation originated from America and is owned by the private company WME-IMG. UFC collects trained and the best martial artists from all over the world and organises matches between them.

It is reputedly one of the largest and the most popular multi-billion-dollar enterprise in the world that has earned it’s name entirely from conducting events involving popularly acclaimed stars and artists all over the globe. Given below is the list of top ten richest UFC fighters as of 2019.

10. Matt Hughes

Richest UFC Fighters 2019

Matt Hughes is an American martial artist with strong grounds in boxing and wrestling. He has been decreed the UFC Welterweight Champion twice and has been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and the NJCAA Hall of Fame. He has got a winning streak of six fights and has defended the belt consistently seven years in a row. Nicknames the ‘Gracie Killer’, he holds an unparalleled mastery over submissions and has used it specifically for winning against black belt holders who stand against him.

9. BJ Penn

Richest UFC Fighter

Penn is a professional Jiu-Jitsu artist from Brazil and has won medals, especially gold, in the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Tournaments before his career in the UFC. Penn won the UFC Lightweight Championship in the year in which he also broke the lightweight title defense record. He was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and was awarded the UFC Welterweight Championship too in the next few years. He was credited as the greatest lightweight combatant in the history of UFC and is one of the greatest fighters in the world in UFC.

8. Ronda Rousey

Richest UFC Fighter

Rousey was the first woman in the world to win an Olympic medal in Judo. Being ranked as the most active athlete in 2015 by two magazines that year, she was voted as the Best Woman Athlete in the same year after a few months. She has won almost 12 MMA fights consistently in a row and is the highest paid female athlete in the Bantamweight line of specialisation.

7. Fedor Emelianenko

Richest UFC Fighter

He is reputed to be the greatest heavyweight champion in the history of UFC. He’s held a win streak of 29 fights and a finishing percentage of 82.1%, which is assuredly the highest among all of the heavyweight champions in the UFC. He has defeated almost eleven top-ranked fighters in his career in the UFC, all of which has made him one of the top most reputed fighters in UFC as of 2019.

6. Georges St. Pierre

Richest UFC Fighter

This fighter has won the Welterweight Championship Title and the Interim Title twice in 2006 and 2007, and is said to be the best middleweight champion of all time. He has been ranked the best fighter in UFC by Sherdog and various other popular sports magazines. He is undoubtedly, the most accomplished and dignified fighter in UFC history and holds the second longest combined-streak in UFC.

5. Randy Couture

Richest UFC Fighter

His career in UFC is mostly filled with his numerous championship achievements for countless categories. He has won the UFC Heavyweight Championship thrice, the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship twice, The Interim UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and the UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament Championship during his career in the UFC. He holds a strong background in wrestling and he was also former US Military Army Sergeant before his career as a fighter and before UFC.

4. Demetrious Johnson

Richest UFC Fighter

He is the first and the most reputed flyweight champion in the UFC till date. In his career in the UFC, he has held the longest record for maintaining the maximum number of titles for the maximum number of years. Sherdog has ranked Johnson as the number one flyweight fighter of all time as of 2019. He began his career in 2011 and immediately caught the attention of everyone using his adverse super-wrestling methods to control the opponents and predict their attacks. He holds the record of having the most number of takedowns in the UFC history.

3. Jose Aldo

Richest UFC Fighter

He was the first featherweight champion who continued his career even after the merger of UFC and WEC unlike many. He held a win streak of 18 fights in 2015, due to which he began to be called as the ‘Greatest Featherweight Champion of all Time’ in the UFC. He too was ranked the first by Sherdog as the finest featherweight champion of the year in 2009. He is also currently, a training partner and the former UFC Bantamweight Champion from Nova Uniao.

2. Conor Mcgregor

Richest UFC Fighter

This fighter is one among the very few to hold titles in more than one weight division. He is the UFC Featherweight Champion, as well has the UFC Lightweight Champion and as competed in countless fights in these two categories along with Welterweight in his career in the UFC. He started his career in 2008, and by 2012 he has won both the titles in their respective categories. In 2015, he defeated Jose Aldo within just thirteen seconds of the first round. This was, and still is, by far the quickest victory in the history of UFL.

1. Anderson Silva

Richest UFC Fighter

Holding the longest title streak in the history of UFC, he also holds the record for holding the maximum number of titles in his career. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and has won a black belt in Judo, a yellow rope in Capoeira and is also a professional boxer before he began his career in the UFC. In addition to all these, he is most popularly known for his Muay Thai style of fighting in the UFC tournaments and events. The UFC signed him in 2006 for a multi-fight contract. They soon began advertising him upon seeing his rampant success and win-streaks which were unlike anyone’s in the league.

UFC, though just a source of entertainment for many, is an excellent medium for achieving the passion and aspirations of many other people who possess raw talents and ambitions in this line. These aforementioned athletes have not only given their lives and souls for this but have also strived hard so that their names stay etched in the minds of people who look up to them and awe at them for their unflinching success in this area of art.


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