According to the analysis of Forbes the number of billionaires in the world is around 1815 in a world of 7.5 billion people. These people have so much money that they have even surpassed the GDP of many countries in the world. Out of these 1815 billionaires 20% of them we can categorise them in the list of young billionaires under the age of 40.

Sometimes when you look at the list of the world’s youngest richest billionaires thoughts such as “life isn’t fair” will crisscross your mind when you imagine that some people are born billionaires while others have to earn their way into the list of billionaire club. These young billionaires here some have become rich through family inheritances, family investments and technology, startups and innovations and other means of acquiring wealth. Have a look at the envy inducing list of top 10 richest young billionaires in 2019.

10. Fuli Zong

Richest Young Billionaires 2019

Net worth $2.7 billion

She is one of the richest young billionaire women in the world today with only at 35 years. Most of her wealth has been as a result of inheritance from her rich father Zong Qinghou, who chairs and controls his company Hangzhou Wahaha Group. The company is one of the largest company that deals with producing beverages such as bottled water, milk drinks, juice, and tea among other products.

She is a graduate of Pepperdine University, Malibu, California with a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business. She is also a philanthropist establishing Fuli Charity Foundation in 2007 which deals with providing scholarships to needy students and research projects. She has been actively involved with the activities of his father’s company and it’s been rumored she might take over the operations.

9. Joe Gebbia

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $3.8 billion

Joe Gebbia born in 1982 is one of the co-founders and currently the chief product of officer Airbnb a company he founded with his roommate Nathan Underwood Blecharczyk, Brian chesky while at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. Today Airbnb has spread its wings nearly in every continent and its estimated to be worth $30 billion making it the second most valuable us tech startup after Uber.

8. Brian Chesky

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $3.8 billion

The former bodybuilder is one of the richest men on the planet today and a young billionaire. He is the CEO of the multibillion-dollar startup company Airbnb. Together with his roommates Joe Gebbia and Nathan Underwood Blecharczyk founded Airbnb back in Rhode Island School of Design. Today the company has spread over more than 33000 cities and served more than 65 million clients globally making it the second most valued tech after Uber valued at $30 billion. Chesky has at least 13% of total shares of Airbnb.

7. Nathan Blecharczyk

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $3.8 billion

He was born in 1984 in United States. The founder and chief technology officer of Airbnb is another young billionaire in our list today. His work is managing the technical strategy of the company. He has in computer science making him well versed with his job description and has held several positions as an engineer in companies such as Microsoft, OPNET and Batiq. Today Airbnb is valued at $30 billion and has traversed all continents in the planet with its innovation of listing homes or rooms. He has 13% stake in the company Airbnb.

6. Scott Duncan, 33

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $5.5 billion

When we talk of lucky people in the planet this is an example of such a person. He was born rich since he is the heir of Duncan family fortune and co-founder of Enterprise Products. His money came as a result of his father death where he inherited tax free $3.1 billion with each of his sisters inheriting the same amount of money.

His company owns more than 50,000 miles of pipeline for gas, petrochemicals and natural oil. The companies’ shares in the recent years have been increasing in value rendering him one of the richest young billionaires on the planet.

5. Yang Huiyan

Richest Young Billionaires

Net Worth $7.5 billion

Born in 1981 the daughter of Yang Guoqiang the founder of Country Garden Holdings is the richest woman and youngest female billionaire in the continent of Asia. She is a graduate of Ohio state university where she studied marketing and logistics. Her wealth came as a result of her father transferring to her 70% of country Gardens shares. Today she holds the position of the vice chairman in his father’s real estate development company.

4. Eduardo Saverin

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $7.2 billion

Born in 1982 the angel investor, economist and an internet entrepreneur is one of the four co-founders of o Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Mosktovitz who started the website while still at Harvard and held the position of chief financial officer. He has 53 million Facebook shares which under 2% of the total Facebook shares. He has also investments in startups such as Qwiki and Jumio.

3. Dustin Moskovitz

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $11 billion

Dustin was a friend to Zuckerberg and a roommate back in Harvard where they founded Facebook. A funny story of how Dustin came to be a founder is told by Zuckerberg as Dustin is the person who helped Zuckerberg expand the site globally.

He learned to code the site using PHP language in just a few weeks of offering to help Zuckerberg. After development he became the first chief technology officer and later vice president of addition to his stake at Facebook he has shares at the photo sharing site Path and he is a co-founder of the company Asana.

2. Lukas Walton

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $11.2 billion

Lukas Walton the grandson of the Wal-Mart founder was born in 1986 and when his father John T. Walton died in 2005 in a plane crash he was the beneficiary of his father’s fortune. He received a third of the fortune which amounted to more than $11 billion. Just like his father who left $17 billion to charity Lucas is also a philanthropic as he is he director of Walton family foundation which deals with donating charity to healthcare, community development environment and education causes.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Richest Young Billionaires

Net worth $62 billion

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born in 1984 and he is an internet entrepreneur who co-founded the social network site Facebook. Today he is the CEO of Facebook and holds the position of the richest youngest billionaire in the planet. He is also the 5th richest man in the planet. He is also a great humanitarian as he has pledged to donate 99% of his wealth to charity in the course of his life through Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Being young, it’s normal to want to own everything and have so much money in our bank accounts. However many young people do nothing about their wishful thinking. When you look at the above list you will realize that even though most of these billionaires fall in the category of inheriting wealth from their families some people here as well don’t fall in that latter, since they have worked hard to achieve what they have today. As a young person try harness your skills, work hard, be focused, nurture your talent and pray for blessings from your maker and you will succeed.