World Wrestling Entertainment is an entertainment company dealing in professional wrestling. It has a number of fans all over the world. The wrestlers also come from all over the world to show their top class wrestling skills. The WWE has number of best players to entertain their fans. But on the same hand there are a lot of professional wrestlers that have proved to be a disappointment for all the wrestling fans worldwide.

Here is the list of some worst WWE stars that have been complete failures in their career of wrestling.

10. The Boogeyman

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Martin Wright is an American Professional Wrestler known by his ring name, The Boogeyman. He always entered the ring with a disgusting look which was not liked much by the wrestling fans. He was known for eating worms and he usually stayed covered in them. More than fights, The Boogeyman was much into the entertainment part with his gross looks and creepy props. His matches did not last more than five minutes and always ended with his defeat. His insane acts made him one of the worst WWE stars ever.

9. Bo Dallas

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Taylor Michael Rotunda is an US-based Professional Wrestler known by his ring name, Bo Dallas. He is considered to be a C- grade WWE superstar and is not much recognised by the WWE fans. He hasn’t played any big matches in his career. He is known for winning only those fights which he has played in partnership with his brother. He has not won any championships till now and is considered to be one of the worst players. He even remain absent from the wrestling for four months due to his foot injury.

8. Titus O’Neil

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Thaddeus Michael Bullard Sr. is an American Professional Wrestler and a retired professional footballer known as Titus O’Neil inside the ring. He did not have much of the fans and was considered to have no charisma. Due to lack of his technical fighting skills, Titus O’Neil was seen to be much into entertaining the audience and less into actual fighting. He has done a lot of charitable work for WWE outside the ring, but inside the ring Titus O’Neil has just proved to be a complete failure.

7. Santino Marella

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Santino Marella is a Spanish Professional Wrestler whose original name is Anthony Carelli. He was considered to be the biggest cartoon by the wrestling fans because of his stupid acts. He holds the world record of shortest royal rumble appearance as he was eliminated by Kane in 1.9 seconds. The record is known to be the one that cannot be broken by any other wrestler. Marella, due to his stupidity, was once attacked by all the female wrestlers and was beaten up too badly.

6. Curt Hawkins

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Brian Myers is an American professional wrestler known by the name Curt Hawkins inside the ring. He has been in WWE for one year and not won any matches individually. Once the crews punched him in his face and Hawkins left the match even before starting. Curt Hawkins has the biggest losing streak of 137 matches. Hawkins is also known to fake unfortunate events to avoid in-ring competition.

5. The Great Khali

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Dalip Singh Rana is the original name of the Indian born professional wrestler known as The Great Khali in the ring. He is a massive player with 7 feet 1 inch of height. Being an Indian, The Great Khali already had less number of fans. His number of bad matches and even worst English communication skills made him lose even the handful fans he had. He did not have any technical moves and was not seen playing any quality matches. The WWE made him go from the ring with the belief that he did not have any Charisma to bring them new viewers. It was the end of his wrestling profession in the ring and The Great Khali did not return after that.

4. Nathan Jones

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Nathan Jones is a retired Australian professional wrestler. His time in WWE was short lived for any wrestling fans to remember him. He was seen fighting a little with either the Undertaker or the Lesnar team. Nathan Jones did not have any technical fighting skills and was known to stay the least in the ring during his fights. WWE’s faith in him also started fading. Jones asked for a release from his wrestling and never returned back after that.

3. Heath Slater

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Heath Wallace Miller is an American Professional Wrestler known by his ring name, Heath Slater. He is also considered to fall in the Grade C of WWE superstars. He has won matches only while fighting with the teams. Individually, he hasn’t won even a single big match and is the holder of just one title. He tried gaining a lot of support from the audience but people often used to boo him. Slater was known for cheating in most of his fights but eventually end up losing them all.

2. Koko B. Ware

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Koko B. Ware is a retired American Professional Wrestler whose original name is James Ware. Ware had blue and yellow parrot, named Frankie and was much known for his funny dance which he used to do before and after match by flapping his arms like a bird. He was given the name, The Birdman. Koko B. Ware was always seen wearing colourful and eye catching clothes which just made him look funny. He never held any championships in his whole career and only gained success when he formed a tag team known as High Energy with Owen Hart.

1. Darren Young

Worst WWE Stars Ever

Fredrick Douglas Rosser III is an American Professional Wrestler known by his ring name Darren Young. Darren has not been a much famous WWE star and neither was he able to gain much fans. He has never won any single matches. He doesn’t even hold any titles. Darren Young is considered to be a weak player. He gets injured before any important match and doesn’t show up in the ring.

This was the list of worst WWE stars ever. These stars have proven to be failures due to lack of their technical fighting skills and comparatively more lost matches than others. These wrestlers have been a total disappointment for the WWE fans and have also reduced the viewers of the show.


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