Animated movies are not only entertaining to children. Adults also find a lot of thrill in watching them. Watching a good animated movie always awakens the inner child in you. We have had hundreds of animated movies all through the years but there are a few of those which stand out. The creativity and imagination that goes behind creating a new world of characters through animation is immense. All the way from the lion king to the more recent movies like frozen and Tangled, we are going to be looking at some of the best animation movies ever to be made on the basis of their storyline and how influential they were and the type of impact they had to the money the movies brought in.

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10. Peter Pan

Best Animated MoviePeter Pan is one of the most iconic animated characters in Disney. The movie is a must watch for every young boy or girl. Not only is it entertaining, the movie teaches a lot of good life lessons such as being resilient and never giving up as well as loyalty. The fight between good and evil teaches that good will always prevail over evil at all times. The fairytale feel of the movie helps lighten up the storyline and creates a great balance.

9. Mulan

Best Animated MovieMulan has got to be one of the best animated movies of all time reason being the story line keeps you on your toes with every single passing minute. There’s no cliché feel to this film as is with many Disney movies where a prince and a princess is involved. The main character in the movie is Mulan who is beautiful, exotic and very brave. The girl goes into the army under the pretense of being a man and displays courage and wisdom that saves the nation from going into ruins and in the process, she wins the heart of the emperor’s son. The movie is a mixture of unpredictable comedy, fun and life lessons.

8. Aladdin

Best Animated MovieAladdin is the perfect example of a whimsical tale with realistic elements sown into it. It is a story of an Asian pauper who gains favor in the eyes of the princess who is also the love interest of Aladdin. The movie is action packed and the genius inclusion of the genie makes the movie all the more exciting to watch. The magic carpet almost got every kid thinking that carpets fly but that just goes to show that the movie was influential and impactful. The music in the film is also spectacular as it is easy to sing along to.

7. Beauty and the Beast

Best Animated MovieThis is one movie that was pretty unexpected because who would expect for a beautiful girl to fall in love with a beast. But the beauty of this movie lies in this one single fact, that what matters most is not the appearance but what is in the heart and also that it is possible to love an angry person and be patient with those who are emotionally impaired. The movie balances fantasy with reality in a beautiful way.

6. Shrek

Best Animated MovieShrek has got to be one of the most watched movies of all time. The movie is also among the most popular because of its unique characters. Shrek is based on the short story book going by the same name and was bought by Steven Spielberg and then adapted into this wonderful movie. This was the first ever animated film to win an Oscar award for best animated feature film. The movie quickly turned into a franchise because of its popularity among both the young and the old.

5. Finding Nemo

Best Animated MovieThe film is more of an animated comedy coupled with adventure. The story is about an overprotective dad who goes in search of finding his son Nemo after he gets lost in the Sea. Finding Nemo is among the highest grossing animated movies of all time and even at the time it was released it was the highest grossing movie of that time. The movie will make you laugh, sing and get emotional all within the confines of a fun experience watching it.

4. Cinderella

Best Animated MovieEvery little girl knows about this magical fairytale love story. The character is well chosen to suit the ideal image every girl has of a princess and it gives the happily ever after story that every person loves to see. The story has been told a million times over in story books but the visual diary of this story is just something else. It shows good prevailing over evil and the whimsical events in the movie make it a perfect combination.

3. Frozen

Best Animated MovieFrozen first came out in the year 2013 by Walt Disney. The film is an animated musical film that entertains and educates at the same time. Some of the best voices are featured in this movie the most popular one being that of Demi Lovato. “Let it go,” is a song sang in the movie and almost every small girl sang to that song when the movie came out. The animated film won two Oscar awards, one for best animated feature film and another for best original song in a feature film.

2. Ratatouille

Best Animated MovieRatatouille is one of the most beautiful animated films that have ever been made. The movie is about a rat that loves cooking so for all the foodies this movie is a treat. The rat will do anything to achieve his dreams. The movie has elements of comedy, fun and adventure weaved into it. This movie is among the top grossing animated feature films currently bringing in hundreds of millions in dollars. The movie also won an Oscar award for best animated feature film.

1. Lion King

Best Animated Movie

Lion King has got to be the best animated film of all time. The wonderful movie is produced by Walt Disney. The story is set in Africa and it highlights the beauty of Africa’s wildlife more specifically the Lion Kingdom and other animals. The story is told about a young lion who is supposed to succeed his father as the King of the Kingdom but then faces rivalry from his uncle who wants to take over the Kingdom but good prevails over evil in the end. The movie has won many awards including an academy award, the golden globes among many others. The film is the second highest grossing animated film.

The above mentioned are some of the best ever made animated movies. If you are planning to have a movie marathon relaxation weekend then including some of these movies would be a great idea. We still look forward to eve better animated movies that are yet to be made while some are in the works. Animated movies are great because they pull you out of reality for a moment and you get to drift away into an ideal world.


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