We would all love to take a breather at times, sit down and rehash our tired lives with a few cups of chamomile tea and some popular Pakistani dramas to spice it up, wouldn’t we? And then slowly, the events of the drama would overtake our brittle bones and we would lose ourselves in the upholding of it all…

Sounds relaxing, eh? Well, if you think it’s time for you to get to know some interesting Pakistani dramas, here is the complete list of most famous top 10 best Pakistani dramas of 2018.

10. Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi

Best Pakistani Drama

Based on a novel of the same name that was written by Qaisara Hayat and directed by Shehzad Kashmiri, this drama that was aired on Hum TV can be perceived as some sort of revolution. The kind of revolution where love seems to take many forms, with the protagonist Shehla getting adopted by Syed Shahab and despite this development, Shehla receives his love like a daughter would receive from her father. Once she crosses maturity, she falls in love with her cousin Haider which sparks controversies as a member of a Syed family is supposed to marry a Syed and Shehla isn’t technically a Syed. From there, the story takes unexpected quirks and turns and reaches a dead end. A must-watch for an audience that digs romance and illicit relationships.

9. Tum Kon Piya

Best Pakistani Drama

A romantic drama to the core, this serial was aired on Urdu1 and had received great reviews from its viewers. Tum Kon Piya was based on a novel written by Maha Malik and both the book and the media adaptations ensnared women’s hearts equally. it is the heartbreaking tale of a woman who had the best intentions at heart, who prioritized her father’s dignity above anything else and who valued familial relationships in life but she wasn’t acknowledged for the woman she was until her last sigh. The pair Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan remained the highlight of the show throughout its broadcast.

8. Besharam

Best Pakistani Drama

Besharam or Shameless narrates the story about women in the higher strata of society and how they dealt with concepts such as fashion and industries like the Glamour Industry. With politics and relationships playing cahoots, this is a total show-you-must-watch-with-popcorn-and-sprite. Premiered on ARY Digital, the drama written by Sarwat Nazir was welcomed by both Indians and Pakistanis with analogous warmth. Marital relationships are a true challenge for the characters in the plot.

7. Mein Sitara

Best Pakistani Drama

Set in the mid-sixties, this story reveals the changes that have occurred during the years in the Lollywood and the Bollywood industries. A stunning rendition of a story written by Faiza Iftikhar, this is an imitation of reality that we forgo in the event we watch a movie and treat the characters like our dear family members when they would be worlds apart from what we make them out to be.

6. Bheegi Palkein

Best Pakistani Drama

Faisal Qureshi and Ushna Shah coupled in the serial to create a blast and some of the viewers were driven to watch the drama for that reason alone. Written by Nuzhat Saman & Mansoor Ahmed Khan, it begins like any cliché tale would; with coincident meetings between a beautiful girl and a beautiful guy on a strange pavement that would lead to a blooming love story. But even after the cliché beginning, the viewers held high hopes for the story as it proceeded and they weren’t disappointed at all.

5. Dil Lagi

Best Pakistani Drama

Aired on ARY Digital, this drama can be categorized as a love-hate relationship which is like a match that ignites and dies at the touch of misunderstandings and passion. Written by Faiza Iftikhar, this is the story of two people who are stubborn to a fault but forgiving in nature. Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat make a great pair and this might have attracted a part of the viewership to watch the show. The storyline was nothing short of impactful and impressive.

4. Mann Mayal

Best Pakistani Drama

Mann Mayal is the story of two lovers that couldn’t celebrate their love due to their varying social-class positions and is forced to part ways for a better future. This only perseveres for Manahil [the female protagonist] a marriage that’s abusive in nature although Salahuddin [the male protagonist] succeeds in his ambitions and whatnot. After many years, when Manahil is left to her own devices and expected to fend for her children, she is buried with helplessness and enslaved to ask for Salahuddin’s help which sparks their old love again. It was aired on Hum TV and had also received various awards.

3. Bin Roye

Best Pakistani Drama

Based on the novel Bin Roye Ansoo written by Farhat Ishtiaq, Bin Roye is a romantic drama directed by Haissam Hussain which was aired on Hum TV. This is the story of two best friends who have always loved each other but failed to realize their feelings for each other until a few episodes were to bring the drama to an end. Highly engaging, it had all the aspects- Emotions, love, friendship, sympathy, plot-twists, and romance. It’s a romantic thriller all the way and Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed only add beauty to the whole show.

2. Udaari

Best Pakistani Drama

This Pakistani television drama must be one of the most contentious dramas to date with the array of subjects it dealt with. The plot included subjects such as child sexual abuse, taking up music as a career, and negative political interruptions and presence in the territory of Pakistan. It showcases the events that can make or break a country’s repute in essence.

1. Sammi

Best Pakistani Drama

Telecasted on Hum TV, Sammi dealt with social problems that prevailed amongst various communities which was mostly related to the concept of Vanni. It also explores the taboo of gender discrimination and faces the subject with some zeal to portray the morals that must be omnipresent in every human that walks the planet.

With that having listed out, you are free to choose any best Pakistani drama of the plot that has tackled your interest by finer standards. To present it generally, they all are definitely on the list of must-watch but the order sure helps to catalog it in the mind’s eye.


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