Every childhood has seen the evolution of radio in the past history with huge popularity and demand among the people of India receiving enormous success to create a new benchmark for world communication. The world of radio has tremendously brought a different change in the lives of the new era with latest features and programmes for entertaining widely to cut off that extra stress from the life of people by adding laughter, emotion, relief, and stress-free life among the people of India to a great extent significantly.

The evolution of various radio stations with various RJ’s across the country has effectively brought a new change by sharing their heart with the world through the medium of radio stations. Over the year, multiple radio channels have been created with the motive of entertaining the listeners for the better growth of radio communication among the people widely. Among the many, the listeners have opted for some of their favourite radio stations of all time which they preferably want to listen and get entertained over and over again with continuity. Thus, the radio listeners on a daily basis tuned into their favourite radio channel with much enthusiasm to get updated with music, news, tips and much others.

Most importantly, the college goers and the housewives are the majorly tuned radio listeners of all time to be very specific are the more likely to be glued over their favourite programs on their favourite radio station. The achievement of radio communication in India is highly appreciable and besides considered to the most entertaining platform for various activities to mostly suits the needs of almost everyone widely to a greater extent significantly. Let us look at the top 10 most tuned radio stations in India in 2019.

10. Gyan Vani

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India 2019

Gyan Vani is basically working as an educational hub on various subjects and besides the reach of this radio station majorly functions in most metro cities in India. It is a popular network where it provides information on various educational programmes based on the miscellaneous subject which includes child welfare, women empowerment, sex education, health remedies, and on various other genres which are generally informative and highly knowledgeable. It is profoundly a renowned channel started by a team of IGNOU back in year 2001 with the motive of providing educational information among the youth widely. Its reach has been also stationed in various rural areas for the spread of education more widely and effectively.

9. Radio Nasha

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Radio Nasha is very much popular and also in high demand among the youths of India by drooling over the latest Bollywood hits with high spirits widely. The radio station was officially launched in the year 2016 with a rapid growth on various social media platforms to reach the maximum radio lovers of India extensively. Gradually, over the past 1 year, the overall outcome of this radio station is powerfully high and has held a strong position in the heart of the various radio listeners across the country. In its various shows and programmes, numerous popular Bollywood celebs are called upon to uplift the radio station widely among the youth more specifically.

8. Vividh Bharati

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Vividh Bharati works under the government of India and was established back in the year 1957 by operating as the ‘All India Radio service’ of India to a great extent significantly. It has gradually faced new challenges over the past years and has achieved new opportunity as well widely among the radio listeners for more popularity. The radio station covers most of the popular categories as such movies, music, interviews, news, and various others. Vividh Bharati also operates in live form in various cities like Nagpur, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Ahmadabad, Bhopal, and others. Among the many, to mention a few popular programmes in Vividh Bharati are ‘Jaimala’, ‘Chaya Geet’, ‘Sargam Ke Sitare’, and various other on-demand programmes and shows.

7. MY FM

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

MY FM is a popularly known local radio station which chiefly operates in the city of Chandigarh and is widely tuned by the city people and works under the leadership of Mr. Harsh Bhatia. The radio station functions in the major cities like M.P., Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Haryana. It has recently completed the glorious 10 years of its channel with increased high demand over the years and achieved to gain more in the near future.

6. Radio One

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Radio One is a Mumbai-based radio station which came into establishment back in the year 2006 which operates solely under the leadership of the MD and CEO Mr. Vineet Singh Hukmani. The radio station functions in several metro cities in India which has eventually reached a successful benchmark in the new era of communication. Apart from being a national channel, it hugely covers international segment as well on the latest news, movie reviews, and musical segment widely.

5. Big FM

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Big Fm operates and functions as a private firm of a radio station which works on the enthusiastic slogan ‘Suno Sunao life Banao’ under the sole leadership of the entrepreneur Anil Ambani of the Reliance Industry Pvt. Ltd. It plays the most trending music on both Bollywood and Hollywood music with latest news and information. It ranges cover in more than 45 countries including several cities and towns in India with huge popularity among the youth and elderly generation.

4. Radio City

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Radio City operates under the sole leadership of the CEO Mr. Abraham Thomas who is highly responsible for the tremendous growth of this renowned radio station across the country, especially among the youngsters. Its establishment was dated back to the year 2001 with aim of providing great music on Bollywood over their celebrated radio station and based it’s headquartered in Mumbai.

3. Red FM

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Red FM one of the 3rd popular radio station which largely operates and function in several major cities in India with high acclaimed radio jockey and celebrity guest every week to add more charm and spark over their popular viewed programmes and shows to a large extent significantly. This popular radio station function with the widely known slogan ‘Bajaate Raho’ and works under the sole leadership of Mr. Kalanithi Maran who is basically a tech-savvy man based on a Hyderabad IT company.

2. Fever

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Fever 104 is another popularly known Indian radio stations with its headquartered based in Delhi which runs super successfully over the past years among the Indians especially among the youths of India. It solely works on creative programmes and shows based on movies, music, reviews, interviews, chat shows, and various other popular categories.

1. Radio Mirchi

Most Tuned Radio Stations in India

Radio Mirchi is an Indian based radio station which significantly works with the slogan ‘It’s hot’ which works on several major cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Indore, and various other with high acclaimed radio jockeys and celebs talk every week to bring into notice of the listeners more specifically.

Thus, this sums up the entire list of our top 10 most tuned radio stations in India in 2019 which actively plays a major role for entertaining the people of India widely to receive great response from them by tuning into their favourite programmes and shows on their favourite timings. Radio is the widely used station where age is just a number where every group of people is fond of the best music, movie reviews, celeb chat shows, and other musical based programmes and shows on their selected radio stations.


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