Top 10 Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs

Entertainment! When I mention this, word am sure something runs through your mind. Everyone has a different type of entertainment but whatever it might be we all have a common way to receive it.

Remember the earlier days when the big screen TVs took up to half the room. What I remember most is that they had an atrocious viewing angle, meaning if you tried to watch it from far it suddenly looked like there was a gray bed sheet between you and the picture. They had very little programming to enjoy. Today LED [liquid crystal display] TVs have a tremendous viewing angle to its highly specialised technology.

Here are top 10 Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs for 2017-2018

10. Sony KDL40W600B

Sony KDL40W600B Top Most Popular Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2018$448

One note about black level depth on theKDL40W600B is that they look jet black on top and bottom bars in a 16:9 format mode when directly viewed front and center. However, colors can be little washed out on the picture itself due in part to the anti-reflective coating on the screen. You get a 1080p resolution that gives high quality pictures. Other accessory products that you will get with it are a remote control, mini-plug adapter, batteries, table top stand, AC power cord (plug in and two pins straight shape.

9. Samsung UN406950 Review

Samsung UN406950 Review Top Most Famous Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2018$1999

It has very thin profile and bezels; wall mounting might be the best option. When it comes to quality of free and paid apps, they beat out the competition as well. The premium app such as the movie services, sports and music are also notches. It weighs 19.6lb. It gives you a wide angle of viewing high-quality pictures that you can enjoy watching. An additional product is a stand and remote control that is universal.

8. Samsung UN40J5200

Samsung UN40J5200 Top Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2017$264.43

It is a fantastic UHD model that automatically upscales your existing 1080p content so that it appears more detailed, as real 4k would. This squad-core driven television has responsive apps, fast WI-FI. Its features are that it is extremely slim frame and small bezel, can stream to and from devices and its weight 23.4 pounds. You can now enjoy endless entertainment with this TV that gives a high resolution.

7. Samsung UN40H5500

Samsung UN40H5500 Top 10 Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2017$373.99

It has a power edge-lit LED lighting makes bright and colorful images that are best from front and center. The smart hub apps provide a good mix of paid and free content. Super slim0.3 bezels and two-inch depth and quad-core processor handle smart TV navigator. You will get a standard remote that you can utilize. The inputs that it has are one USB and two HDMI, an optical, a component and an RF in.

6. Sony KDL40W650D

Sony KDL40W650D Top Famous Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2019$285.49

It gives the best Full HD picture quality thanks to its Motion flow technology that provides a virtual 240Hz refresh rate. This makes fast motion incredibly smooth, which is important when watching sports and any live events. Features include built-in cable management, supports most USB playback codes and futuristic stand and frame. Its weight is 24.3lbs. It will give you backlight LED that is direct. Some of the accessories that come with it are a remote control and batteries.

5. Vizio D40u-D1

Vizio D40u-D1$379

This is an ultra-fast smart 4k television that uses a six-core processor and AC wireless to ensure everything, from menus to buffering, do not interrupt one’s streaming experience. It has great image quality. Features include automatically updates apps, dual built-in cable tuners and energy efficient. It weighs 26.1pounds. You will get high-quality pictures that you will enjoy when entertaining yourself. The audio sound is also amazing.

4. The Sharp LC-40N5000U

The Sharp LC-40N5000U$279

You can now enjoy high-quality sound and pictures thanks to the inbuilt speakers.The great pictures will not disappoint that is ensured by the FHD feature. The Wi-Fi and Ethernet are inbuilt so that you can enjoy endless entertainment.Added advantages are safe and stable stands; most popular apps are built-in and automatic noise reduction. It Weighs 31.7 pounds. You can now enjoy endless entertainment with this TV as you also keep up to date with the trending music and videos.

3. The Samsung UN40KU7000

The Samsung UN40KU7000 Top 10 Best Selling 40 Inch Led TVs


When it comes to image, it has the best quality out of all existing 40 inch TVs. However, it also costs more than any other and the visual gains may not even be visible if you do not have the right hardware hooked up to it t begin with. It has a beautiful and slim aesthetic appearance, active crystal color.

2. The Sceptre X415BV-FMQR

The Sceptre X415BV-FMQR$138.88

Benefit from this great entry- level 1080p model. You will not get smart capabilities or WI-FI when you buy this model. It is perfect for people who do not want to cut the cord or those who already own streaming devices and do not want to spend extra money for the capability. Enjoy the high-quality pictures that you will get at an affordable price. When you are on a fixed budget but you still want to have a wide view then this is the TV set for you.

1. The Hisense 40H4C1

The Hisense 40H4C1 Top Popular Selling 40 Inch Led TVs 2019$357

The amazing feature about this TV is the built-in Roku Smart features. You can utilize the voice search when operating online. It also features dual-band wireless, making it a very compelling option for someone looking for a decent 1080p TV with amazing smart features. Most popular apps are built-in and have automatic noise reduction. If its predecessor did not catch your attention because of lacking the smart capabilities, then this TV set has got you covered.

Today display resolution seems to be increasing at a faster rate than the screen technology itself, with promises of flexible, paper-thin screens on the distant horizon. That’s why one should consider the LED TVs. The ones discussed in this article should give you an insight in the bestselling so that you can narrow down on the options that you have. Save yourself from the long shopping lists that you have. Start getting entertained with the wide view of 40 inch LED TV sets.

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