A successful business needs successful campaigning of its products. This is because every business wants to make the people buy their products and make them believe they are the best. A business needs to achieve this task for their product to sell.

No matter how good a product is it will fail in the market if the advertising is not enticing enough for people to buy it whereas a successful advertisement may lead an average product to number one position in the market.

Thus, every business or company needs a good advertising agency to fulfil this job. Among many options, some have distinguished themselves to be providing quality service. Here are few of the best advertising companies in the world in 2019.

10. BBDO

Best Advertising Companies 2019

This company was founded more than a century ago in the year 1891 and has its current HQ in the New York City. The company has its span across the globe and is currently active in around 80 countries and owns around 289 offices. The agency is known for its quality product and has won many awards making it the most awarded agency. It has worked with many of the world’s renowned companies like AT&T, Mars, general electric etc. It always comes up with innovative and great quality ads that surely provide a boost to the product or company.

9. Deutsch

Best Advertising Companies

This is an American company founded by David Deutsch in the year 1969. It is quoted renowned in the field of marketing communications. In the recent years, it has been working with Charlie Puth for its department, DeutschMusic. It has brought a revolution in the ad field by showing identifiable gay couples for an ad campaign for IKEA which is a famous and one of the largest home furnishing company. It has also worked with Volkswagen, taco bell, imagine dragons etc.

8. Wieden + Kennedy

Best Advertising Companies

The Wieden + Kennedy is an advertising company founded some thirty-five years ago by founders Dan Wieden and David Kennedy. The company is currently headquartered in Oregon, United States. The company has worked with many famous businesses and companies, most notable being Nike. They are noted for their originality in creating contents and has created documentaries on Lance Armstrong and Brazilian footballers. They have won an Emmy for one of their TV ads for Nike. It has risen to one of the topmost positions when it comes to being largest independent group or company in this field.

7. Ogilvy

Best Advertising Companies

Ogilvy is an American company dealing with PR, advertising and marketing and was founded in the year 1948 by David Ogilvy. It is currently headquartered in New York City. Ogilvy is a subsidiary of the WPP group. It has worked with many notable businesses like American Express, Dove, and IBM. The PR division of the company was opened in 1980. Ogilvy has also worked with Guinness, C.F. Hathaway Company, also created ads for Puerto Rico to increase business their, British Tourist Authority and much more. It has been famous for working with Rolls Royce.

6. Droga5

Best Advertising Companies

This advertising company is a recent one having been founded a decade ago in the year 2016 by David Droga, who is its current chairman and has its HQ in the New York City. Within the short span of time, they have attained a global status with their work spanning across the world. It has remained on the topmost position as the Agency of the year at least thirteen times. It is one of the fastest growing agency and is becoming a popular choice among businesses with some of its major clients being Unilever, Puma etc.

5. Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Best Advertising Companies

First up on the list is Crispin Porter + Bogusky which was founded some thirty years ago in the year 1988 with and its HQ is in Boulder, United States of America. The main founder of the company was Sam Crispin who was later joined by Porter and Bogusky. The company has grown rapidly since its foundation and has worked with many notable companies like Burger King, BMW etc. The company conducts its business through some seven hundred employees and at present has many renowned customers like Domino’s pizza, PayPal, Infiniti, Best Buy etc. It has been honored thrice at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

4. Grey Advertising

Best Advertising Companies

This company is around a century old and like most advertising companies is headquartered in the New York City in the United States. Today the company generates a yearly revenue of about $1.3 billion by conducting its business via 432 offices spanning the globe in at least ninety-six countries. It has worked with some of the top names like Volkswagen, Nokia, P&G, 3M and much more. It specialises in the field of media and has won multiple awards, including an Emmy, for its great and quality ads.

3. Butler, Shine, Stern &Partners

Best Advertising Companies

The company was founded in the year 1993 and has been providing good quality service in the field of advertising, online marketing and much more. The company is currently headquartered in California. The company generally goes by its acronym BSSP is an independent firm. It has gained a lot of popularity and has worked with companies like BMW. They own a marketing blog which has a huge traffic of around two thousand per day. It is slowly becoming one of the top ad agencies in the US and has also worked with Nokia and Columbia Outwear.

2. Martin

Best Advertising Companies

The Martin Agency was founded in the year 1965 by David Martin and has stayed strong in its field. Today it has its headquarters in Virginia, United States of America. The company has its presence worldwide and conducts its business through 500 employees. They are currently owned by Interpublic Group of Companies. Some of its most notable clients include Oreo, Walmart, GEICO, Experian, Manpower etc. It won Agency of the year award in the year 2008.

1. Mullen

Best Advertising Companies

Mullen is an American ad agency founded some four decades ago by Jim Mullen and has risen to the top of its game. It had successfully run a campaign ad for Monster.com Super Bowl. They have been honored with many awards and has been named agency of the year several times and has been ranked as one of the top innovative companies in the field. They have worked with Zappos, Google, Planet Fitness, Match.com and many other companies. They are currently under Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG).

ConcluAdvertising lies at the heart of a successful business. The sales of a product are completely depended on how successful the company was in advertising it. This can make an average product an instant hero in the market with thousands of product being sold or mar a really good product due to poor ad campaigning which wasn’t attractive enough to pull buyers. Most of us unknowingly buy things thinking they are good to buy looking at the ad, thus ad plays a very important role since it creates an image in the mind of potential buyers even before they buy the product. Some companies have been successfully providing such services creating innovative and enticing ads and are the best in their field. Here are some of the best advertising companies.


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