The best means of transport to anywhere far is considered to be using airplanes. Ever since man learned how to fly, travelling to destinations has become easier, cheaper, and more comfortable. Also, any country’s military might remains greatly dependent on their fighter jets and combat helicopters.

Therefore, it is not really much of a surprise that every country has tens of aerospace companies, but it is only a handful which has managed to keep up with changing technology and provide the exceptional quality standards which set them apart. Following are the best companies in aerospace business in 2019:

10. United Technologies Corporation

Best Aerospace Companies 2019

United Technologies is a multinational conglomerate which explores, develops and creates products in the aerospace industry. It has various other business units which contribute in other areas such as Elevators, Security systems, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Alarm Systems. The aerospace business unit focuses on aircraft engines, HVAC, aerospace systems for regional, corporate, commercial and military aircrafts. It also a primary seller of products related to international space programs. It is a big military contractor and the conglomerates 10% of the total revenue amounts to contracts from the U.S. Government. The company was founded more than 80 years ago in 1934 by Frederick Rentschler.

9. Safran Company

Best Aerospace Companies

Safran Group is a French company which has 3 main branches each focusing on various areas related to aviation. The first branch is related to aerospace propulsion where products related to the power of airplanes, missiles, helicopters, and launchers are manufactured, researched, maintained, repaired, tested and designed. Its clientele includes military aviation, civil aviation, and space markets. The second branch works on designing, manufacturing and supporting equipment used in aircrafts such as landing gear, wheels, brakes and hydraulic system. The third branch deals with defense and security; its primary dealings are done with civil, space markets and military. Its products include navigation and inertial guidance equipment such as UAV, avionics systems, biometric identification systems etc. The multinational company was founded in 2005 upon the merger of SNECMA and SAGEM’s aircraft and rocket engine subsidiaries.

8. BAE System PLC Company

Best Aerospace Companies

BAE Systems plc is a public company which focuses on defense, aerospace, and security. The multinational company is ranked 3rd on the world list of biggest defense companies and also in terms of applicable 2015 revenues. It stands amidst the biggest defense companies in the world and has operations in UK, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the US. The British company has headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It is among the largest suppliers to United States’ Department of Defense and it is the largest supplier in Britain. The aerospace giant was formed from the merger of Marconi Electronics Systems, General Electric Company, and British Aerospace.

7. Raytheon

Best Aerospace Companies

Raytheon was founded in 1922 at Cambridge, Massachusetts. The American company specialises in Aerospace and defense with its primary focus on manufacturing of weapons for military and electronics for commercial electronics. It is the biggest manufacturer of guided missiles and the 5th largest military contractor in the world. Almost 90% of its revenue comes from military contracts and that has made it the 3rd biggest defense contractor in the US in terms of revenue. It employees more than 60,000 people and has revenue of $25 billion. The company was founded by Vannevar Bush, Laurence K. Marshall, and Charles G. Smith and its headquarters are in Lexington, Massachusetts.

6. Rolls Royce Holdings

Best Aerospace Companies

Rolls Royce Holdings is a public limited company which was established in February of 2011. It is one of the major aerospace manufacturing company and ranks 2nd in making of aircraft engines among other companies in the world. In terms of defense revenue, it ranks at 16th position. It does design, distributing, and manufacturing for a wide array of products in aerospace industry include turbojets, turbofans, turboprops, rocket engines and turboshafts. The British multinational company was founded by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce and its headquarters is at Buckingham Gate, London, SW1.

5. Northrop Grumman Corporation

Best Aerospace Companies

Northrop Grumman Corporation is an American company. It ranks 5th in terms of a defense contractor in the world. It has 124th rank in Fortune 500 list of America’s largest companies and is among the top 10 employers in the military. With more than 65,000 employees it was formed by acquiring of Grumman by Northrop in 1994. The multinational company specialises in Military aircraft, Missile defense systems, Satellites, Information Technology, Advanced electronics sensors & systems, and Military Vessels. Its headquarters at 2980 Fairview Park Drive, West Falls Church, Virginia, United States and Wes Bush is the CEO, Chairman, and President.

4. General Dynamics Corporation

Best Aerospace Companies

General Dynamics Corporation is a multinational company focusing on Aerospace and Defense. In 2012, it was ranked as 5th biggest among the defense contractors in the world by revenue. It has 4 main segmentation which are Combat Systems, Marine Systems, Information Systems Technology, and Aerospace. It is responsible for creating the most-produced jet fighter plane called the F-16 Fighting Falcon till 1993; after which its production rights were sold to Lockheed. The company took a hiatus and re-entered the business upon the purchase of Gulfstream Aerospace. The American company is renowned for being formed by mergers and divestitures. It was founded by John Philip Holland on 7th February 1899. Its headquarters is located at West Falls Church, Virginia, United States.

3. Lockheed Martin Corporation

Best Aerospace Companies

Lockheed Martin Corporation came into existence after the merger of Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta in the month of March in 1995. The public company specialises in defense, security, advanced technologies, and aerospace. The multinational company is among the biggest companies in aerospace, security, defense and technology industry. The American company has been the biggest defense contractor in the world based on revenues. Military contracts account for almost 78% of its revenue. It has 5 different business branches, Aeronautics, Missiles and Fire Control, Information Systems and Global Solutions, Space Systems and Rotary and Mission Systems. The 6 time winner of Collier Trophy has developed X-35/F-35B LiftFan Propulsion System, F-22 Raptor and is currently in development of F-35 Lighting II. It was founded on 15th March 1995 and has headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, United States.

2. Airbus

Best Aerospace Companies

Airbus is a multinational corporation with 3 primary divisions which is aerospace, defense & space and helicopters. It designs, manufactures and distributes various products to civil and military aeronautical corporations. Airbus’ helicopter manufacturing division is the biggest one in the industry according to revenues and turbine helicopter deliveries. It has many different bases of operations all around the world in places such as France, Germany, China, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States even though its main business is in Blagnac, France. It also manufactures the biggest passenger airliner named the A380 and the foremost digital fly-by-wire airliner, the Airbus A320. It was founded by Roger Beteille, Felix Kracht, Franz Josef, Henri Ziegler, Strauss and was founded on December 18th in 1970.

1. Boeing

Best Aerospace Companies

Boeing has enjoyed supremacy in the aerospace business for many years. They design, produce and distribute rotorcraft, satellites, rockets, airplanes and satellites all over the world. The multinational company is the biggest aircraft manufacturer in the world and ranks 2nd in defense contractor’s list based on revenue; moreover it is also the biggest exporter in the US by dollar value. It has 5 primary branches: Boeing Defense, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Space & Security, Boeing Capital and Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology. It has 24 rank on Fortune 500 list, 61 on Fortune Global 500 list and it also ranks 30th in the Most Admired Companies in the World list. It was founded by William Boeing on 15th July 1916.

These aviation companies have battled for dominance for decades. Their places have been interchanged many times but the amount of impact they have had on the economy of various countries and level of comfort they have provided through their cutting-edge technologies cannot be doubted.


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