Top 10 Best Selling All in One Desktop Computers

All-in-one PCs are designed to offer high speeds and good rendering quality at a lower price when compared to laptops. Various brands make different PCs that have different specifications.

When you don’t have a good background about what to look for in an office or home computer, you might have problems picking the ideal machine for you. Here is an article that can help you decide the perfect type of PC for you.

Here are the top 10 Best Selling All in One Desktop Computers for 2017-2018

10. Dell Inspiron Core i7 Desktop Computer

Dell Inspiron Core i7 Desktop Computer

The specifications that this computer has are outstanding. It has a 6th generation corei7 processor that has speeds of 3.6 GHz. The display is amazing thanks to Intel HD Graphics 530. When using this computer, hanging will not be experienced as it has 12GB DDR3 memory that makes it super-fast. There is a one terabyte storage area for all your crucial documents. For video calling, the PC has an HD webcam with an integrated microphone. The monitor is touch enabled hence making navigation easier.

9. Dell Inspiron Corei3455 3455

Dell Inspiron Corei3455 3455 Top Popular Selling All in One Desktop Computer 2018

This is a certified refurbished laptop that has AMD A8-7410 graphic processor with a 2.2 GHz speed. It has 8GB DDR3 Ram and a 1TB SATA hard drive. A combination of these specifications makes it arguably the fastest corei3 processor laptop that sells the most. For your compact disks, the PC has a Tray-load DVD drive that will read every DVD that you insert into the drive. The monitor is a 23.8-inch TrueLife LED-backlit screen that is touchscreen enabled. The PC comes with Windows 10 operating system.

8. Lenovo Premium

Lenovo Premium

Lenovo Premium has a quad-core processor that makes it quick and responsive when using. An AMD A8-7410 processor is responsible for its incredible speeds. The PC has 2 USB 3.0 ports, 3 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port, and Ethernet port. It is Bluetooth enabled and has a webcam that has a microphone for making high-quality video calls. You can get this fantastic gadget across most retailers in the world. It can be a great addition to your office or for your home.

7. HP Pavilion 23 inch FHD IPS

HP Pavilion 23 inch FHD IPS

The gadget has been certified by the manufacturer or a third party refurbisher to look and work as a new PC with limited signs of wear. The refurbished process of the PC includes functionality testing, reconditioning and repackaging. It has a 3.2 GHz corei3 duo core processor and a 1TB hard drive to store all your documents. Its video quality is crystal clear thanks to the 1920 *1080 display. An inbuilt webcam enables you to take photos, record videos and also make video calls.

6. HP Dual Core N3050

HP Dual Core N3050 Top 10 Best Selling All in One Desktop Computer

This is a PC that best suits low-income earners. Its specifications and prices are small making it cheap to acquire it. It has a 21.5-inch diagonal FHD LED backlit screen that is not touch enabled. It has an Intel Celeron Processor that has speeds of 2.16 GHz. The finish of the product is fantastic due to its natural silver color. The hard drive is 500GB large enough to hold all your valuable information. DTS audio speakers have been integrated into its design to give you the best sound quality.

5. Acer Aspire AZC PC

Acer Aspire AZC PC Top 10 Best Selling All in One Desktop Computer 2017

The PC has a third generation quad-core processor that makes it rather quick. 4GB of RAM will go a long way in ensuring that it does not hang a lot when in use. The 4GB memory can, however, be expanded to 8GB. This all in one desktop computer has Bluetooth capabilities that will make it easier to play your music to your Bluetooth sound system quickly. There are also ports for SD cards, USB, headphone jacks, Ethernet and HDMI. This is a good quality computer that you can buy for your office.

4. HP Core i3-6800T

HP Core i3-6800T Top Famous Selling All in One Desktop Computer 2019

It is a sixth generation core i3 PC that has a speed of 3.2 GHz. This processor gives it high performance suitable for running of high-end applications and playing of high-resolution PC games. It has a 23.8-inch wide screen that is backlit edge to edge. A display of 1920 *1080 is achieved since the computer has Intel HD graphics 530. It comes with Windows 10 OS, and HP USB wired keyboard that has volume control and a wired optical mouse. The PC has integrated speakers that give good audio quality.

3. Lenovo Premium Intel i5-6200u

Lenovo Premium Intel i5-6200u

The computer has a sixth generation Intel Corei5 processor and 2.3 GHz 8GB DDR4 RAM. A combination of these two specifications makes this PC very quick and responsive to applications that require a super-fast processor. It lacks dedicated graphics card but has an integrated one that has a 1920 * 1080 display resolution. The monitor is touch screen enabled to make it easy during operation. It runs on a Windows 10 operating system, has two 3W stereo speakers and a wireless keyboard. The PC retails at affordable prices regardless of the immense quality it has.

2. Dell Inspiron Corei3455-3240

Dell Inspiron Corei3455-3240 Top Most Popular Selling All in One Desktop Computer 2018

If you want a computer that will be affordable but still delivers when needed, then you should think about the Dell Inspiron Corei3455-3240 PC. It has good specifications that make it super-fast and responsive. It does not hang as its AMD A6-7310 processor has speeds of 2.3 GHz that are reliable when running applications. A 500GB hard drive will be enough to store all your important office and home information. If the storage area gets full, you can always get an external hard drive and back up your work hence freeing up more space so that the computer does not hang.

1. Apple iMac 27-Inch

Apple iMac 27-Inch Top Most Selling All in One Desktop Computer 2017

It features a brilliant 5K Retina display that is backed up by a speedy Intel Corei5 processor and AMD R9 graphics. This is the ideal computer to get if you perform lots of tasks that require insane levels of visual details like photography, scientific analysis, and video editing. Apple has made it more affordable to own one hence making it the bestselling all-in-one desktop computer in 2016. This Product is available across major stores hence if you make an order for one, you can easily get it at affordable prices.

The choice of an all-in-one computer will significantly affect how you carry out your office work. An ideal computer should have good speeds and should not drag. I hope this article gave you a clue on the best desktop computers that you can buy.

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