It is hard for everyone to have a child’s eye and have a beautiful outlook on everything. Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside. As years move on, people crave to retain their youthful elegance irrespective of their age. The one thing that gives a guess at the age of a person, at first sight, is their hair.

People seldom wish to accept the salt and pepper look that comes up naturally as a part of the ageing process. Cosmetic laboratories are actively engaged in finding a better formula to stop the whitening of hair without using Ammonia since it was found to be seriously affecting the structural stability of the scalp causing hair fall. The best ammonia-free market products are listed below.

Checkout the Top 10 Best Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brands in The World for 2019

10. Schwarzkopf essensity

Schwarzkopf essensity Top Most Famous Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brands in World 2019

While other hair dyes have had complaints about quick drying of hair, Schwarzkopf essensity with its brand new phytolipid technology does not let your hair dry. The grapeseed oil ensures the health of the hair shaft and comes in a 58 widely different shades at an affordable price. It cannot be self-applied and requires professional guidance for the 30 minutes casting process.

9. Naturtint


Naturtintis tailored with plant-based natural ingredients and it does not contain hard chemicals that can damage the scalp without any compromise in the outlook. It is not only free of ammonia, it is also free from hair shafts illness agents like parabens and resorcinol. It comes in 29 shades and lasts for more than half a year.

8. Bblunt salon secret

Bblunt salon secret

This product facilitates the customers to use it on their own according to their needs. It proclaims to add a shine tonic to the colorant which can give you better results. However, care should be taken to not applying a new color on previously applied color, as this may result for a hard complexion. This comes in a down to earth price to create wonders to your scalp within 30 minutes of the casting process.

7. Clairol natural instincts crema keratina

Clairol natural instincts crema keratina

Clairol will be the first insight for the people who wish to have a seamless blend of color tone to their hair. Clairol natural instincts crema keratina not only gives you different shades but also helps in protecting hair strands from the surface. The conditioner is empowered by coconut oil that smooth away the roughness and gives you a glossy look.

6. L’Oréal Paris casting crème gloss

L’Oréal Paris casting crème gloss

With the originality inbuilt in its name, L’Oréal Paris casting crème gloss stands tall since the time of launch. It was one of the first ammonia-free hair color dyes in the market. Once applied, the color holds on for a period of 3 months approximately for more than 25 washes. It uses aloe Vera extracts with natural green tea as its ingredients that make scalp friendly. It takes less than 30 minutes for casting all over the scalp. After this process gets over you can enjoy a shiny and a glossy look. The other reason for its popularity is its price that is affordable for every stratum of the people.

5. Dabur vatika henna hair color

Dabur vatika henna hair color

Dabur vatika henna hair color uses a completely different set of ingredients such as henna, extracts of walnut and olive which are completely plant oriented. This is considered to be a better option for the customers who are much concerned about their health, as it is believed to leave zero side effects. This product delivers 4 color shades namely rich black, natural brown, burgundy, and dark brown. Since it uses a wide variety of natural ingredients that are scarcely available, the prices are slightly higher.

4. Revlon colorsilk

Revlon colorsilk

As the name signifies, Revlon colorsilk soothes the hair as soft as silk with its silk proteins conditioning the hair from its origin. The pH balanced formula retains the glossy look and adds extra shine. The natural ingredients include shear, mango extracts, and coconut serves as an anti-oxidant content that guards the scalp from environmental effects. It also incorporates UVA/UVB filter that protects your hair from sunlight. The casting process slightly takes about 30 minutes.

3. Godrej expert rich crème

Godrej expert rich crème

While other hair dye products make you to sign a use and throw policy, Godrej expert rich crème opens door for the repeated usage of the dye after it is unsealed. The product is made of mild ingredients that include milk and aloe proteins leaving no harm to the scalp and hair shaft. This ensures a 100% gray coverage with a sparkling shine. The color lasts for a maximum of four weeks and is the cheapest of the best products available in the market.

2. Matrix wonder black

Matrix wonder black

While other products are busy promoting different shades, matrix wonder black remains as a specialist in providing 100% gray coverage with natural-looking results. The golden gel texture protects the hair shaft from damage and is odorless. The color lasts for four straight weeks and comes in 4 gray shades. This is again a budget-friendly product with a 30-minute casting process.

1. Garnier olia

Garnier olia Top Most Popular Ammonia Free Hair Colour Brands in World 2019

Garnier already being established with an undisputed fame in the cosmetic world, introduces Garnier olia that has a 60% oil extracted from natural flowers. This ensures a glossy look. The unique velvet formula embedded in this product without ammonia has a pleasant fragrance. The use of such natural products ensures the health of the scalp. The star shine glow and the long-lasting effect makes this product to stand out of the crowd in the cosmetic market.

To conclude, when it comes to beauty products first priority must be given to health as we all know if health is lost everything is lost and only after considering this point must one must prioritize the need depending upon the rate and rating of the product. The customers must be more precise in choosing the products depending on their personal needs, rather choose the best of all because every product has its own pros and cons. If a product well fits in with their purpose, then that will be the right choice to make.


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