Data analytics is a method used to study and process raw information in order to obtain patterns and insights which might help in drawing useful conclusions. Data analytic tools are now being extensively put to use by all of the ambitious companies. These tools have increased the competency of the companies and have given a new tactic to approach competitive markets.

The ability to deploy and use analytic tools and conclude with a solution in fact increases the operational efficiency and management of a company and has turned many tables. Here is the list of the top 10 best analytics companies in the world in 2019 whose rapid conquer of the market has made them the leaders of the business.

10. Datameer

Best Analytics Companies 2019

Their end to end analytics solution for Hadoop allows its clients to find insights and conclusion for any data using suitable techniques regardless of the size and type. This is the latest Business Intelligence platform that efficiently integrates self-service data integration, analytics, and visualisation functionality with premium security.

9. SnapLogic

Best Analytics Companies

SnapLogic provides an advanced application and big data integration within a single platform and accelerates the process of analysis to provide quicker insights. It stores data with minimal coding and adopts cloud in applications like Workday. The new pre-built intelligent connectors, Snaps have made it possible to provide fast, self-service data ingestion and connect applications and big data across hybrid cloud platforms.

8. Periscope Data

Best Analytics Companies

Periscope is a software platform that specialises in running fast analysis of customer databases by directly plugging in and shares them over a million data rows. They operate mainly on SQL databases. They provide services like data warehousing, data analysis, and estimations at a faster rate than other companies. This company was started by a few engineers from top companies who became independent. Periscope’s offerings are backed up by Amazon web services data warehousing technology. The engineers of this company create graphics for the numbers obtained through analysing MySQL, Amazon Redshift, and Microsoft SQL servers. They have over 200 clients who are attended by these services.

7. Alteryx

Best Analytics Companies

This is a self-service data analytics company and also a self-proclaimed leader of the market. They have proven worthy of the boasting with their extended services in data cleansing, spreadsheet management, cloud applications, and estimation. With over 1000 clients including McDonald’s and Ford, they have extended their reach into finance and marketing. It has its root in a company that is directly connected to the US census. Alteryx analytics has proven their ability to provide deeper insights by a thorough analysis of data for repeatable behavior and patterns.

6. Teradata

Best Analytics Companies

Teradata is the biggest provider of data analytic tools in the world. They provide services like data warehousing, data-driven marketing, and cloud-related applications. They have even built several big data apps with different purposes including Teradata QueryGrid, Teradata Listener, Teradata Unity and Teradata Viewpoint and these apps integrate to provide the platform for analyzing and managing data flow in the Teradata environment. Cybersecurity, IoT services, and storage are provided by this company.

5. Alpine data labs

Best Analytics Companies

They incorporate the correct feature of the data science according to their client’s needs and requirements. They construct predictive models from analyzing the raw data of the client and include data visualisation for easy data flow. These models can be put to use by anyone in order to improve the operational efficiency. Such is the easy-to-use interface of Alpine data. It has shown great progress in its client population base by expanding the number by 10 times. Their combined visual and easy analysis of workflow has made them a leader in the market.

4. Cloudera data

Best Analytics Companies

Cloudera is a United States-based software firm that offers Apache-Hadoop based service of data logistics. Cloudera data has accomplished astonishing feats on speedy analysis of cyber security hub using data analytic tools developed by their engineers. It provides a platform fully centralised data yet secure and immediately available to any department of the client company. Their services include data visualisation, data warehousing, and cybersecurity through insights obtained.

3. Mu Sigma data

Best Analytics Companies

Mu Sigma data serves as a tool to analyze data and provide insights for improved operation sales and marketing. Through thorough analysis of data, Mu Sigma is able to draw conclusions and provide their clients with recommendations to improve efficiency. They process the raw data and analyze it to understand the data pattern. It provides data visualisation with data-driven decision making. Mu Sigma analytics is spread across various countries such as US, UK, and Australia in the areas of health, finance, and technology.

2. Cogito

Best Analytics Companies

Cogito data uses business analytic tools in a different way from the other companies. It performs behavioral analytics through artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to enhance the performance of phone professionals. They are capable of analyzing everything including customer emails to the voice of the customer in order to build a better voice interaction system for better communication between the parties. Their guidance in communication has helped many companies to improve their sales rate and customer support.

1. BigPanda

Best Analytics Companies

BigPanda provides the best business data analytic tools in the world. Their clients are given access to a data science algorithm dedicated especially for IT and DevOps staffs. They provide a special service which allows the user to distinguish between real logs and false flags. One of the main sources of big data is logs and BigPanda allows the user to avoid wasting time on redundant and false alerts. They help their clients’ IT sector function smoothly.

The recent developments have proved the importance of the data analytics market for the world companies. Their able algorithms and techniques to calculate the data patterns and recommend insights to their clients have ensured a successful trajectory for many companies. These data analytic tools have given many companies an edge over the competition in the leaderboard. By incorporating these tools into the business strategies, it is possible to find a different approach towards success. These companies are the giants in this field and have proved their competence time and again.


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