With the trend of using online portals now as people are finding it hard to take our time to purchase or enquire for any product or even go to bank. With the new age technology enhancement now you can check or send anything anywhere just at a click, in no time.  Although this technology may seem quite hassle free but too much of its use may also bring harm to the Laptop, PC or even your android mobile phones.

In the earlier times when these anti-virus software’s were introduced they only used to clean the spam nut with the high rising online services and the internet flow of fast pacing and heavy traffic now the features have been expanded to protect your system from the vicious malwares, the viruses, the various spams and worms, the cookies and spywares and also the highly dangerous phishing attacks. Let us explore the top ten mostly used best antivirus software’s in the nation.

Checkout the Top 10 Best Antivirus Software in India for 2019

10. Mcafee

Mcafee Top Popular Antivirus Software in India 2019

This antivirus company was started and founded way back in 1987 by John Mcafee in California. It is known to be one of the best antivirus software for PCs keeping your system safe and clean from type of threat. There are various deals and it is quite accessible to people to download it from online portals.



This antivirus software helps in cleaning and scanning of internet viruses from the local drives of the PC and Laptop. NPAV stands for net protector antivirus system. This is an unique antivirus which speculatively works to clean and scan the emails, corporate and official web mail server systems, attachment files and the web pages, and also the private files without opening and harming them, keeping it virus free and spyware and worm attacks on regular basis.

8. eScan Antivirus

eScan Antivirus

This antivirus software helps in cleaning the cloud system for home and even work place smaller PC systems. It has a very different form of protecting system software which deals with various security and online networks, the virus system of the advanced control panel, and the algorithms named Heuristics.

7. Quick Heal

Quick Heal

This Indian software company was founded way back in 1993 by Kailash Khatkar, and it the best known product of the Quick Heal technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a global security providing company with its special features like the browser sandbox software, DNA scan advanced system, scanner for vulnerability check, the safe protection system, the RDA or the remote device management software system and finally the tracking for the personal laptops and PCs.

6. Norton


Launched way back in 1991 by the California based software company Symantec Corporation. It started only for the usage of windows programs, but today with the enhanced technology it also protects the linex, android and the mac devices too. It is known to be counted under the 500 fortune companies and now making it strong in India too. It also manufactures the Norton 360 software and the new Norton internet security system too.

5. Avira


It is a free antivirus with its award winning feature which makes it distinct from the other anti-viruses. It is a Germany based company which deals with various types of anti-virus and malware software’s, security and protection software’s, anti-spyware and adware protection system software, also deals with the scanning of the time cloud real version. It is known be a family run antivirus software system which is now slowly gripping its hold on the Indian market too. This software can be used both for IPhones and laptops and PCs, also it can be easily downloaded and installed in your preferred device accordingly.

4. K7


Having its headquarters in Chennai, India, this software company started its function way back in 1991 by its founder Jayaraman Kesaverdhanan. It can be downloaded in three different formats the box copy format, the general download format and the OEM software format. It helps in protecting the systems form various viruses and malwares, this company also distributes across the borders of the nation making its hold on the international market too.

3. AVG


AVG an international software company with its headquarters in Netherlands, and was founded in the year 1991 by Tomas Hofer and Jan Gritzbach. It is another award winning free malware and antivirus protecting software which was earlier known as the Grisoft. It removes and scans the virus and malware in different devices which are in tuned with android, mac and windows systems, and can easily protect both offline and online folders and files.

2. KaSperSky


A well-known Russian software company which was launched in 1991 and it has a unique feature of protecting and cleaning the device from virus, Trojans and malwares, worms and spywares. It has now total thirty regional offices and branches all over the globe. In the Indian market also it is has really gained its position is the recent few years as the users are really satisfied with the product and its usage features.

1. Avast

Avast Top 10 Best Antivirus Software in India 2019

This is free antivirus software which can be downloaded hassle free and also an international brand, housing its headquarters in Czech Republic. It is the most used antivirus software in the whole nation. It also has a very distinct feature of a browser add on warning system, which helps in warning the user from default and virus prone sites. It even locks and blocks the online hackers who try to check on your internet and online activities. it can be used for all the mac, Linux and android systems with a wide language selection of around forty five to count on.

With this above list of the best antivirus present and trending in the nation, now you know which one to choose to protect your device from the various online virus and malware threats. Each of them has their own unique feature which would be activating according to the need of the threat or spyware. You can now easily avail any of them for your future secured use of any device, accordingly. All the Mac, Linux and Android versions of devices can have these antivirus software’s installed.