Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Stands

Apple watch stands are essential for charging your watch so that it can serve you conveniently. Some stands are stylish, and if you value fashion, then those are the ones that you should go for.

You should also ensure that the stand will secure your watch when it is charging it by holding it in place. Another feature worth looking at is if the charging system is in-built or you have to use your own charger which you bought with your watch. This article will help you narrow down in the numerous brands that are in the market and choose one that is perfect for you.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Stands for 2017-2018

10. Sena Leather Case

Sena Leather Case Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Stands$80

This case doubles as a charging stand for your smartwatch. It is stylish and made from genuine grain leather that will last you a long time. To add on to its amazing features is that it is handmade to have the attractive design that it has. You can carry the charging cord for your watch on the compartment that it has and save on space. Enjoy moving easily with your case and stand in one gadget that is convenient for you.

9. Dodocase Charging Stand

Dodocase Charging Stand Top Best Selling Apple Watch Stands 2017$100

Don’t let the price scare you away. This stand is worth all the money that you will spend on it. Beautifully designed so that it can conveniently charge your watch. With the slot for your watch’s charger, it helps ensure that the wires are not in sight as you use it. The steel base makes it durable so that you can use it longer. This stand is made from the Californian walnut and combines simple with elegant.

8. Nomad Charging Stand

Nomad Charging Stand Top Popular Selling Apple Watch Stands 2019$50

Give your watch a stylish stand that has a sleek design so that it can charge your watch conveniently. Its design is eye-catching an elegant. You can decide from the two colors that are available the one that suits you best. It is affordable and will get the job done. Its base is sturdy, and it charges your watch with its own bundled cable.

7. Native Union DOCK Marble Edition

Native Union DOCK Marble Edition Top Famous Selling Apple Watch Stands 2019$120

This stand has been designed with a combination of high-quality aluminum and marbles. It is attractive to look at and will charge your smartwatch perfectly. It will give you an ample time setting up. You can adjust the arm which is metal to your desired length. It gives you a slot that you can use to carry your charger. This stand is versatile, and you will love it. You can utilize this dock whether your watch is unbuckled or buckled and it won’t fall off this is because of the magnetic charger.

6. Spigen S350

Spigen S350$10

When you are in a fixed spot and can’t expand your budget, the Spigen S350 is the stand for you. It is made from high-quality materials including a TPU that will prevent your watch from scratching. This stand is high performing. The only features that you will not get with it are the charging dock, and it also does have a USB cable.

5. Belkin Watch Valet

Belkin Watch Valet Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Stands 2017$90

Benefit from the USB that this stand comes with so that you do not have to carry your watch charger everywhere you go. The charging plate that it has is integrated, and you will also love its chrome arm and the sturdy base that it has. It is beautifully designed with amazing colors that are eye catching. The top notch materials used to make it ensures that it serves you for a long period of time. Your watch will be held in place with the little magnets built in the charger.

4. Mophie Dock

Mophie Dock Top Most Popular Selling Apple Watch Stands 2018$60

This attractive stand is made from aluminum, and it also has leather accents that make it cool. Your charging cord will be out of sight when you are charging your watch thanks to its design that conceals the charging cord. It is affordable the only thing that it does not have is the charger, so you will have to use yours. It is stylishly designed with a sturdy base.

3. Twelve South HiRise

Twelve South HiRise$50

Decide on the back or silver scheme that is available for this stand. It also has a cutout that you can use to charge your watch. It has a sleek and sturdy base. Its body is made from high quality metallic that gives it a beautiful appearance. The price is pocket-friendly so you can now get one for your watch and charge it conveniently. This stand can be used by all Apple watches regardless of the design or straps.

2. Magnetic Charging Dock

Magnetic Charging Dock Top Most Famous Selling Apple Watch Stands 2018$79

This has been produced by the Apple Company for its smartwatch. Get this stand and use it in two amazing ways. One you can utilize it as a charging mat, and the other way is using it as a stand. When you buy it, you will also get a USB cable and a bundled adapter. The charging system is in-built. You can conveniently charge your watch even if you have not carried your charger with you. The magnetic connector of this stand will hold your watch in place while you are charging it.

1. Spigen S330

Spigen S330$16

The aluminum body of this stand make it look premium. Thermoplastic polyurethane is the material used to make its head so that it protects your watch from getting scratched. You will have to use your own charger that you bought with your phone as it does not come with a charger. It is affordable, so now you do not have a reason for not owning a stand for your watch.

You can now get a stand for your Apple watch with ease and charge it conveniently. Each stand has different distinguishable attributes that may attract you. Get a stand for your watch according to the money that you have since the prices vary and with the many brands in the market you won’t miss one that suits your needs perfectly.

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