Top 10 Best Selling Arc Welders

When building you need an arc welder on site. The capabilities you have and the intended use of the arc welder will greatly determine the type that you need.

The arc welder should be reliable so that you can easily convert electricity to welding. The flow of electric current between the welding rod and the material being welded should be enough to melt the metal so as to make welding easy. An arc welder can be used in many activities so choose the best one for the work you are going to utilize it for. The many brands make it hard when shopping for one but this article gives you the distinguishable feature of the bestselling so that you can narrow down on your choices.

Below are the Top 10 Best Selling Arc Welders for 2017-2018

10. LONGEVITY 140 Portable Arc Welder

LONGEVITY 140 Portable Arc Welder$244.88

Utilize the dual voltage capacity that this arc welder gives you, 110/220volts. It can be used in many places. The amp setting can be viewed from its digital display. You can use the 6013 and 7018 welding rods on it this is because of its 140amp that is powerful. It is portable thanks to its 11pounds. Its dimensions are 20’’X20’’X10’’.

9. CMT Pitbull Ultra-Portable

CMT Pitbull Ultra-Portable Top Most Famous Selling Arc Welders 2018$81.48

This arc welder is compact, and you will have an ample time using it. It is highly portable and weighs 28pounds. Its dimensions are 18’’X13’’X1’’. It is ideal for using at home because of its single phase power of 110volt which is the household current. When you buy this arc welder, you will also get a welder’s shield and a stinger. It is powerful as it can melt stainless steel that is ¼ inch thick.

8. Lincoln Electric Welder

Lincoln Electric Welder$323.75

Have an easy time working on light gauge steel with this arc welder. It is compact, and you will love that it is also lightweight. Utilize the four voltage settings that it has and get the best one for you to use. You can now weld mild steel that is 24gauge and even up to 1/8inches thick, easily with the continuous wire feed speed. The voltage is single at 115volts. It is 49pounds with dimensions of 18’’X16.8’’X10.3’’. There are other products that you will also get when you buy it.

7. EVERLAST PowerARC 140

EVERLAST PowerARC 140 Top Famous Selling Arc Welders 2019$250

Save power as you are doing welding with this arc welder that has low power consumption. You will not have your welding rod sticking when you use it because of the automatic hot start mechanism that it has. Enjoy using the digital display that it has to adjust your settings so that it can work efficiently. With the weight of 24.8pounds, it is portable. Its amperage capacity is 140amps. Its dimensions are 20’’X12.5’’X13.6’’.

6. Forney 298 Arc Welder

Forney 298 Arc Welder Top Popular Selling Arc Welders 2019$144.99

This arc welder suits beginners in welding and experienced welders alike. You can utilize the 110voltage that it has. It is light with the weight of 7.9pounds. It uses a single volt system of 110 volts. You can use it at home or for other activities that are an automobile. The welding rod that you can use on it is 1/8 inch. Utilize it on metals that are 16 gauge up to 5/16inches thick. Its dimensions are 15’’X7’’X11.5.

5. Hot Max Arc 100

Hot Max Arc 100 Top 10 Best Selling Arc Welders$249.99

Use this arc welder for all your light welding needs. Its voltage is a single phase with 120 volts. It uses the standard household power. Use a car inverter with this welder instead of a generator. The high-quality materials used in it makes it durable, and you can even use for long hours. Its 6.5 pounds makes it very portable. It is high performing, and its dimensions are 15.5’’X12X8.9’’.

4. ARKSEN ARC Welder

ARKSEN ARC Welder Top 10 Best Selling Arc Welders 2017$79.47

When you want to carry out shielded metal arc welding, then this machine is the perfect one for you. Get cable ground, torch, and facemask, chipping hammer, wire brush and even electrodes when you buy it. You can easily carry it from one place to another with the two handles that it has. It weighs 50pounds. The voltage is a single phase at 110/220 that you can utilize. ARKSEN arc welder can be used anywhere.

3. Campbell Hausfeld 115 Welder

Campbell Hausfeld 115 Welder Top Best Selling Arc Welders 2017$94.99

You will have an easy time using this arc welder to melt mild stainless steel of 18gauges up to 1/8inches thick. When the duty cycle is overtaken the thermal overload guard that it has will shut down automatically. Whether you are a learner or an experienced welder you can use this welder in anywhere. You will get either a hammer or brush and a pack of welding rods that you can start with. It weighs 23pounds, and the dimensions are 15.2’’X10.2’’X7.8’’.

2. EVERLAST Power ARC 200

EVERLAST Power ARC 200 Top Most Popular Selling Arc Welders 2018$350

This arc welder gives you simple controls when using it. You will get a more stable structure thanks to its 6010port that you can utilize. It is a high performing machine, and you can adjust the settings using the digital display that it has so that it becomes more effective. The weight of Everlast power arc is 30pounds. The dimensions are 15’’X11’’X7’’. You will get clamps, stick wires and different types if adapter power receptacle.

1. Stanley Arc 100

Stanley Arc 100$263

Working on a single power phase this arc welder is a top performer. Use it for various activities around the house or automobile activities. Use it on stainless steel that is up to 1/8 inches thick. You can choose the two power settings to get the ideal metal thickness. You can also power it using a generator. Its weight is 25pounds. Its dimensions are 15.2’’X7’’X10.6’’. You can either choose between a hammer or chipper, face shield, clamp, cables and welding rod.

The activity you are going to use the arc welder for is very important. Choose the one that matches the work you are going to use it for. Be it light welding or heavy welding. The voltage system that an arc welder uses should also be considered. The ones discussed above can help you know the different distinguishable so that you can choose the best one for you.

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