Top 10 Best Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are essential for making your work easier when you want to clean your pool. The machine is dropped in the pool, and it does the rest of the job of making your pool clean.

You can decide between the robotic and the suction the one that you prefer to do the magic in your pool. The robotic, automatic pool cleaners will use your pool’s filtration mechanism so as to clean all the debris and put it in the pump strainer basket. The suction is built with microchips that help it work efficiently. This article will help you from going through long lists to find the best automatic pool cleaner for you.

Below are the Top 10 Best Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners for 2017-2018

10. Zodiac suction-Side MX8 Cleaner

Zodiac suction-Side MX8 Cleaner$ 419.99

Have an easy time with this wide cleaning path suction machine. It will clean all the garbage in the pool including even the toughest ones. It has the 2-cyclonic suction that makes it a high performing machine. It will vacuum your pool fast with the powerful vacuuming that it has. You will easily install it with the locking hose that it has. It will cover the whole pool leaving it clean with its max-Drive steering system. You can select the ideal speed for you from the two adjustable speed pumps.

9. Hayward’s 2025ADC PoolVac XL Cleaner

Hayward 2025ADC PoolVac XL Cleaner Top Most Famous Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners 2018$399

The combination of both the robotic and suction in this automatic pool cleaner is incredible. While operating on the pool’s filtration system, it cleans all the dirt in the pool even the toughest with the AutoPilot technology. Make your pool water clean with this machine that has an exclusive technology and is high performing. It covers the whole pool as the AutoPilot is has a programmed navigating pattern.

8. Baracuda’s W01698 Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Baracuda’s W01698 Above Ground Pool Cleaner Top 10 Best Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners 2017$274.27

Barcuda’s W01698 is used for above ground pools and can also give an ample time cleaning it thanks to this model. It will remove all the dirt from your pool be it twigs or any other tough dirt. It will not get stuck on the stairs, corners or the steps, as it has a deflector on its top. You will have an easy time installing it as it comes when it is preassembled. It will also regulate the water flow in your pool as it is has a flow-keeping valve that works automatically.

7. Poolcleaner’s 896584000020

Poolcleaner’s 896584000020 Top 10 Best Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners$274

Utilize this cleaner on lap-type pools as it has four tires that ensure it has covered the whole pool. If you also have a diving pool or the extra-large one, this is the ideal model for you. The tires have been designed with a ridged tire tread that is empowered by patented 4X4 technology that cleans all types of dirt. The self-adjust turbines will ensure water flow as it cleans your pool. It can withstand low pressure and even low suction and still work efficiently.

6. Pentair’s 360042 Universal Pool Cleaner

Pentair 360042 Universal Pool Cleaner Top Famous Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners 2019$274.47

The advanced embedded technology on this machine will make sure that it works efficiently in your pool. It will also cover the whole pool with its dive float directional mechanism. It will make your pool have an improved water flow with the auto-valve that it has. The auto-valve also enables it to move at an ideal speed. Its roller straps will ensure that all the dirt is removed from the pool. It will easily maneuver on the stairs, steps or corners.

5. Voyager’s Suction Side Vacuum Cleaner Advanced

Voyager’s Suction Side Vacuum Cleaner Advanced$155

This automatic pool cleaner has been equipped with only one part that is moving. The materials used to make it are resilient, and it is durable. It will clean your pool even when the flow is low up to 0.5HP. It covers the whole pool with the swivel technology that it has. It reaches even the dirt that is located at the bottom of the pool with its drive mechanism. It comes backed by a warranty for three years.

4. Pentair’s GW9500

Pentair’s GW9500 Top Popular Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners 2019$404.85

Power this machine to your pool pump by connecting it to your hose and see it to its magic. It has the bristle-drive technology that cleans all types of garbage in the pool even the tough ones leaving your pool spotlessly clean. It swiftly moves to cover the whole pool with its preprogrammed navigation system which also helps it maneuver on the steps, corners and even stairs. You can set your desired speed with the regulator valve, 15-inch wide path, and the free-flow gauge.

3. XtremepowerUS Auto Pool Cleaner

XtremepowerUS Auto Pool Cleaner$84.94

This side-suction cleaner is pocket-friendly. You can use it on any pool as it has a wide path that will cover any shape or size of the pool. For it to work, you have to connect it to your pool pump and regulate it at 1600gHP ¾ horsepower. Get your pool clean with this pump that is high performing and will remove all types of dirt.

2. Hayward’s The PoolCleaner Automatic 896584000013

Hayward’s The PoolCleaner Automatic 896584000013 Top Most Popular Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners 2018$364.99

With a two wheel suction, this machine will clean your pool fast, and you can use it on small or medium pool sizes. Its turbines are self-adjustable so that they can maximize the flow of water. It can also move freely in low pressure. The steering has a mechanism program that is inbuilt and can also reverse the machine and assist cleaning.

1. Dolphin’s 99996323 robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin’s 99996323 robotic pool cleaner Top Best Selling Automatic Pool Cleaners 2017$625

Get your pool cleaned in just three hours with this deluxe machine. Dolphins will give you an easy time when operating it, by just turning it on and leaving it in the pool so that it does its work. It will maneuver itself around the pool and cover the whole space cleaning any dirt in your pool. Even those at the bottom. It cleans using the inbuilt microchip.

Now you can easily clean your pool with the automatic pool cleaners that will help you. Ensure that you get one that is suited for your pool be it in-ground or above ground pool so that it works effectively. The size and shape of the pool should also be put into consideration.

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