Ever since machines were invented, the work to be done by man himself is lessening by the day. One need not do routine work and can focus on innovative solutions while the machines take care of mundane and repetitive tasks.

Though it means loss of jobs to a lot of people, this is an important technological advancement. To able to teach machines to do the work on their own is not easy and automation companies continuously strive towards achieving bigger and better results. Here are the top 10 best automation companies in the world in 2019.

10. Danaher, United States

Best Automation Companies

Headquartered in Washington, the multinational automation company Danaher’s business goals are focused on life sciences, environment, testing and control among many others. They are committed to achieving maximum customer satisfaction for their products. In order to stay in tune with the evolution of technologies and ever-changing businesses, they revise their strategies and improve their methods continuously while staying true to their guiding principles of ensuring customer satisfaction. Presently Danaher has more than thirty operating countries all over the world and is one of the first companies to adopt the kaizen system. Its revenue is estimated to be twenty billion dollars.

9. Omron Automation, Japan

Best Automation Companies

One of the first manufacturers of the ATM, Omron Automation is a Japanese company that manufactures automated devices. Control products and system technologies that it manufactures are at the heart of the automation industry. Omron Automation has companies in North America, Europe, China and Singapore to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding markets. With a revenue of eight billion dollars, it is one of the top automation companies in the world.

8. Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Japan

Best Automation Companies

With a goal to contribute to the society in the fields of measurement, control, and information, Yokogawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese company which was founded in 1988. It is the best company in terms of distributed control systems development that monitor and control a wide range of production activities. They continuously strive towards making this plant ideal through maximising their assets while also looking towards efficiently using renewable energy.

7. Mitsubishi Motors, Japan

Best Automation Companies

Headquartered in Tokyo, Mitsubishi Motors is an automotive company that was established in 1938. This company is the manufacturer of military use passenger cars and buses. They also have shipyards and combustion systems to their credit. In 1887, Mitsubishi Motors purchased the Nagasaki Shipyard which was previously owned by the government. From television sets to fighter jets, Mitsubishi Motors has been and is continuing to be the largest supplier to many other automation companies.

6. Siemens, Germany

Best Automation Companies

Largest automation company in Europe, Siemens is a German automotive company headquartered in Berlin. They focus on automation, digitalization, and electrification of products. They are the largest manufacturers and producers of resource-saving technologies. The company has also entered the medical industry with the best imaging equipment the world has ever seen. With a revenue of 16 billion Euros, it stands at the top of the automotive industry.

5. Schneider Electric, France

Best Automation Companies

Headquartered in France, Schneider Electric was founded in 1836 with a vision to become a specialist in energy management. Their products range from home automation to telemetry and signalling units. They have also been world-class suppliers from screws to complex robotic systems. With a revenue of twenty billion dollars, the company has 16,000 workers who strive to build innovative solutions.

4. Honeywell, United States

Best Automation Companies

One of the best companies in the automation industry, Honeywell Process Solutions is an US based company that manufactures efficient and profitable facilities. Amongst many industries that the company is involved in, few are power generation, life sciences and mining industries. They follow an excellent outcome based approach to drive their production process. Their solutions tackle complex problems in the industry and this makes the company the best in software solutions. This company has also entered the marine industry recently, supplying the necessary equipment for more than 7,000 tankers all over the world.

3. Rockwell Automation, United States

Best Automation Companies

Rockwell Automation is the largest automation company focusing on industrial automation and information. Headquartered in Milwaukee, it has spread its brand across 80 countries all over the world. With a revenue of six billion dollars, it has over 20,000 employees focusing on architecture and software systems. It has recently entered into the medical field and has produced systems that make diagnosing health easier. A chat bot is connected and the data is analysed within minutes!

2. Emerson Process Management, United States

Best Automation Companies

A multinational company transforming Smart Wireless technology, Emerson Process Management is the largest automation supplier Asia Pacific. The company also produce analysers and gas chromatographs. They are one of the best in their fields with unique solutions and excellent customer service strategies. The company has its offices in more than 205 different countries in the world with 111,000 employees. Its revenue is estimated to be around 22 billion dollars, making it the second largest company in the world to earn more than 20 billion in revenue.

1. ABB, Switzerland

Best Automation Companies

Headquartered in Switzerland, ABB focuses on building innovative robotic solutions and is the largest engineering company. It has its offices in more than 90 countries with 100,000 employees. It was initially established as a company for electric lights but later moved into the automation industry. The company’s electric division produces low and medium voltage products that are built to have less environmental impact. They have built over 30,000 robots installed them in more than 30 countries all over the world. In the industrial automation field, they serve oil, gas and power industries.

Many industries and factories have repetitive work to be done which is often unnecessary and time consuming. Enabling machines to do this work on their own reduces manual work to the extent that man is only required to check on it periodically to see if the functioning is going well or not. Automation companies build solutions that are useful to mankind by reducing the mundane tasks and make life easier.


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