Top 10 Best Selling Axes

Axes are important in our lives as they help us to carry put tasks such as chopping wood very easy. Axes are essential as they can also help you get rid of that tree that has been irritating you in your compound.

For that camping fire that you want to keep burning then an axe is your best friend as it will help you to chop firewood easily conveniently. For people living in freezing states and countries that keep on snowing then the axe is an essential tool that you should have in possession for chopping that wood and keep your fireplace burning ensuring that your home is warm. The list below gives you all the information that you require to help you choose an axe that is suitable to your needs.

Below are the Top 10 Best Selling Axes for 2017-2018

10. Estwing E44A $39.98

Estwing E44A Top 10 Best Selling Axes 2017This axe is pocket-friendly as it is easily affordable and portable. This axe is a life saver for that camping and outdoor experience that you can’t wait to go out to. The axe is of high quality ensuring that you do not experience any mishaps and difficulties when using it. This axe is beautifully and uniquely designed as it possess a sixteen-inch axe that is made from durable steel and has a rigid and sharp four-inch cutting head for splitting wood making it suitable.

9. TEKTON 3240 $ 28.03

TEKTON 3240This axe is suitable for all people out there who are traditional as it boasts of a traditional deeply forged felling axe with a durable heat forged stainless steel head. This axe is versatile as it is great for carrying out house chores, self-protection and enabling you to fully enjoy all the outdoor activities that you wish to engage in. The axe is comfortable to use and won’t hurt your hand since its handle is light and durable making it convenient.

8. Husqvarna 576926201 $70.59

Husqvarna 576926201For many of you that love outdoor activities and camping then this is the axe for you. The axe makes splitting wood very easy ensuring that you have that large bonfire that you’ve always dreamed of. The axe has a unique feature in that its handle is ergonomic while at the same time it is durable making it way easier to use. The leather sheath that has been expertly fitted on the handle helps to protect your hand from injuries.

7. Gerber Gator Axe II $34.60

Gerber Gator Axe II Top 10 Best Selling AxesThis axe is among the best as it is highly durable and of high quality with a superior striking force that is fantastic for carrying out your activities. The axe is light making it easy to lift and swing when you are splitting wood or getting rid of that tree that you don’t like seeing in your compound. The axe boasts of an over the top heat forges stainless head making it superior amongst its counterparts. It also has an amazing lass filled ballistic nylon handle.

6. Estwing E45A $39.96

Estwing E45A Top Best Selling Axes 2017The axe is amazing as it has a stainless steel head making chores an easy thing to do. The Axe has an ergonomic handle that makes carrying the axe very comfortable while at the same time protecting your hand as you cut wood. The axe has a unique feature that is it possess an excellent vinyl shock reduction grip thus helping to prevent accidents that you may encounter when carrying out your chores. The axe has an incredible cutting edge and has a leather grip that shields your hand effectively.

5. Gerber 31-002070 Bear Grylls $36.05

Gerber 31-002070 Bear Grylls Top Famous Selling Axes 2019This axe is uniquely designed for outdoor activities and survival. This axe is durable making it among the most available choices you can think of. The axe boasts of a 9.45-inches overall length other than that the axe is light making it easily portable for that outdoor activity that you have planned. The axe boasts of a 3.5-inch blade, and it has a rubber handle that prevents your hand from getting injured as you carry out your chores.

4. Gerber Gator Axe II $34.60

Gerber Gator Axe II. Top Popular Selling Axes 2019This axe is among the most sought after by many people as it is highly durable and is also of high quality making it the most favorable to buy. The Axe is light and easily portable. It also boasts of a rugged heat-forged stainless steel making splitting wood very easy and not hard since the head easily retains its cutting edge. It has a lass filled ballistic nylon handle that shields your hand from injuries as you use it.

3. Fiskars X27 $ 54.98

Fiskars X27 Top Most Popular Selling Axes 2018This thirty-six inch is a super splitting axe that is ideal and recommendable for tall users. The axe boasts of a greatly balanced weight making it easy to use and highly portable making life very easy for you. The axe is essential for splitting wood in a single strike for your home ensuring that your house is warm. The axe boasts of an ergonomic Shock-absorbing DuraFrame handle that offers maximum protection to your hand.

2. Fiskars X7 $29.99

Fiskars X7 Top Most Famous Selling Axes 2018This is a fourteen- inch axe that is cheap and easily affordable by many without having to put a dent in your budget. This axe is the best choice for people who love outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. The axe is versatile as you can also use it for chopping logs for that campfire and for protection against wild animals that you may encounter. The axe is ultra-sharp with a blade that cuts three times deeper than most traditional axes.

1. SOG Specialty Knives $ Tools F01TN-CP Tactical Tomahawk $76.58

SOG Specialty Knives $ Tools F01TN-CP Tactical TomahawkThis axe is the best as it comes with additional knives and tools and is among the best sellers. The axe is lightweight and highly portable making it convenient for its users since they can partake in their outdoor activities among other things. The blade is among the best as it is made of steel and that is 2.75 inches. The axe is versatile and can be used for a variety of activities such as splitting wood among many others.

The list above has the best axes that you could ever ask for. The axes are of high quality, and each axe has its different features and you can choose on that meets your needs effectively and efficiently while at the same time putting into consideration your budget. The axes above can never go wrong and will help you accomplish your task easily.

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