Ayurveda has a past filled with a few thousand years which was established in Ancient India. From that point onwards, the perception of the study has been cultured by the Indian specialists. Ayurveda is a field of science which deals with the cure of illnesses and diseases utilising home grown plants, roots, leaves, organic products, bark, and seeds. In the present times, Ayurveda has secured a permanent position in the mainstream field of prescription not only in India but also throughout the whole world. Here are the top 10 best ayurvedic companies in India in 2019.

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10. SKM Siddha and Ayurveda

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India 2019

It was initially started as a charitable trust for providing doctor’s facility and it was hence it came to be recognised as – SKM Health and Mind Charity Trust. Swami Vethathiri Maharishi is the founder of the charity. SKM Siddha, the Ayurveda Company started the administrations by serving great meetings about Siddha medications to the penniless ones. Every one of the meds is fabricated in an exceptionally sterile and clean condition following most noteworthy level of individual and plant cleanliness and guarantees the well-being and adequacy of all. The organisation guarantees the nature of the things as they use following all GMP rules and incorporating into process controls, bunch producing records along with the in-house principles.

9. Zandu Pharmaceutical

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

Presently, Zandu is known as the Zandu Realty Ltd. Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. , an universal and driving pharmaceutical organisation situated in Bombay, India. Established in 1910, the brand became well known to everybody and also became a listed company in the year 1919. The main business activity of Zandu Ltd is assembling and dispersion of Ayurvedic & therapeutic arrangements. The employees of the organisation are around 2000. The brand offers expertise and produces an enormous scope of ayurvedic prescriptions in field of rheumatology and gyne.

8. The Himalaya Drug Co.

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

It is located in Bengaluru, India. It is an all round famous firm presented in 1930. Himalaya fabricates human services and ayurvedic items under the tag line of Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. It has been found that only a few among all the exclusive ones contain ayurvedic elements. The medicinal items are sold in more than 90 nations worldwide, however, the brand has been able to showcase the real concern in significant decency. According to the researches carried out, it was found that the brand was exploiting minerals along with ayurvedic herbs at the utmost level.

7. Surya Herbal

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

Surya Herbal Limited was established in 1999. It is one of the greatest organisations in the nation and the brand produces and promotes the items that are grew in home. The organisation delivers a wide grouping of above 400 items providing food requirements of Indian and also global buyers. The brand perfectly blends up the quality measures taken in the modern times along with advanced technology of production that helps to manufacture herbal products in the fields of medicines and products of personal care.

6. Charak Pharmaceuticals

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

Charak Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1947. It is a noticeable ayurvedic organisation that produces and circulates tablets, fluids, and medicinal supplies. As of late, the organisation increased huge distinction and notoriety with the new item ‘Evanova’, which is the product of blending of 33 different herbs along with other minerals. It even consists of segments that are non-hormonal and dynamic and they are utilized generally for curing menopause in ladies. The significant thought process of the organisation is to enhance and lift personal satisfaction by making natural medicinal services accessible at a worldwide scale.

5. BaidyanathAyurvedBhawan

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

Baidyanath is a standout amongst the most trust capable ayurvedic organisation of India. The organisation was begun in 1917 and has 100 years of involvement in assembling best quality ayurvedic items. The organisation has tremendous research and assembling units that attempt to makes quality items utilising imaginative innovation. The organisation has 10 fabricating units in PAN India that deliver 700 ayurvedic items. The most important quality of the organisation is their amazing and dispersed arrangement with 10,000 distributors who are related with the organisation, empowering its growth of the business.

4. Dabur

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

Dabur is another notable ayurvedic organisation of India and we have set Dabur at second place in the rundown. The organisation has been widely known for its quality of assembling items and this transcendent history can be traced back to the past 130 years. By and by the organisation is recorded in securities exchange and has Market Capitalisation of Rs.44000 Crores. The organisation has item arrangement of 250 ayurvedic items. Throughout the year’s organisation has made stunning infiltration in urban and rustic markets and its items have a great request in worldwide markets of Middle East, SAARC nations, Africa, US, Europe, and Russia.

3. ArogyaBhawan

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

ArogyaBhawan was built at Allahabad in 1958. They are one of the most trusted makers of customary ayurvedic items. They fabricate, supply and circulate their items. Their collection incorporates vatari oil, Ayurvedic oil, sciatica torment and cervical spondylitis. They are popular for their bona fide items which have definitely no reactions. Their prominent items include various types of oils such as Menthacitrata, Aromatherapy, Scented, Muscle torment oil, Refresher oils, ShishuKalp, and Janamghunti. The Janamghunti is manufactured by customary ayurvedic strategy and has authentic solid fixings to be specific Anjeer, Ajwain, Gulab Jal and Kishmish. It helps to keep infant’s stomach solid and accommodating in illnesses emerging out of getting teeth, for example, Constipation, Diarrhea and Vomiting.

2. VICCO Laboratories

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

Vicco is one of the most established brands manufacturing FMCG items and the basis of the exploration is Ayurveda. Vicco indeed is an outstanding brand of ViccoLabrotaries. Mr. K.V.Pendharkar established Vicco Labrotaries in 1952. Ayurveda, an antiquated Indian solution science, which possess the ability to heal any issue that concerns health. They were the first to get Ayurvedic herbs everyday and utilize those items and made it accessible to regular man. Vicco has utilized this science and has made items which are logically demonstrated and are exceptionally viable. Their item portfolio comprises of Vicco Vajradanti Powder and Tooth Paste, Vajradanti Tooth Paste (sugar free) particularly made for diabetic individuals, Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream, Turmeric Cream (Foam Base), Shaving cream and ViccoNarayani Cream.

1. Patanjali Ayurveda Limited

Best Ayurvedic Companies in India

Patanjali Ayurveda is outstanding andpopular FMCG Company. It was set up by Baba Ramdev who is a yoga guru along with Acharya Balkrishna at Haridwar in 2006. The main vision for establishing this organization was to utilize the Ayurvedic products for everyday use by the Indians. What’s more, they have focused on their goal of 10 years and Patanjali items have commonly recognised the name in the nation and adored by Indian customers. With maximum growth in the past 3 years, the brand has opened various outlets in various urban areas in the nation. They guarantee that their items are unadulterated and do not involve the use of unsafe chemicals or any sort of corruption, which has become their basic ideal.

Since India is the centre point of practically every Ayurvedic item, it is not amazing that the aggregate estimation of the Indian Ayurvedic Industry is more than Rs 4,200 Crore, which is required to achieve the sign of Rs 7,000 Crore by 2020. Likewise, the estimation of Ayurvedic and home grown items sent out to different nations is about Rs 440 Crore.


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