Top 10 Best Selling Baby Wraps

Baby wraps guarantee a secure way for you to carry your baby indoors and also when you are going out. Baby wraps are different from slings and carries though they all have similar functions.

A wrap is a piece of cloth that is long enough to go around you and your baby. They have to be strong and comfortable for the parent and the child. We have gone through the variety of baby wraps being offered currently in the market and below is a list of 10 baby wraps that are top best-selling in 2017-2018. We hope it will guide to purchase the best.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Wraps for 2017-2018

10. ErgoBaby Original Baby Carrier, Camel

ErgoBaby Original Baby Carrier, Camel Top Famous Selling Baby Wraps 2019This wrap is made of a material that is very easy to stretch making very easy to tie. It is very comfortable and does not sag due to the baby weight. This makes it perfect or moms who want a baby wrap that offers long lasting support. It is also very comfortable due to the ability to stretch to any direction making it the perfect choice for mom and baby. The material itself is 95% cotton, and it can be washed using a machine. It sells for $114.99.

9. Sleepy Wrap Classic Infant Carrier, Royal Blue

Sleepy Wrap Classic Infant Carrier, Royal BlueSleepy Wrap offers service to newborns and toddlers. It is made of affirm material that is also very robust and soft on the baby and the mom. The mom can comfortably do other things while still carrying the baby since her hands are free for movement. You can go shopping, walking and even hike without worrying how to do it with your child. One size fits most people, and this product has received excellent reviews. It sells for $48.00.

8. Moby Baby Wrap – Florine –One Size

Moby Baby Wrap – Florine –One Size Top 10 Best Selling Baby WrapsThis wrap is very comfortable and has received high ratings from its users. It uses the back and shoulders to help in weight distribution. It has a very broad fabric that is used in wrapping both shoulders of the parent. This cover helps the baby and the parent to develop a very robust and secure attachment due to the position of the baby. The wrap can accommodate children that are up to 35 pounds. This baby wrap is very easy to use, and you do not need any help while putting it on. It sells for $59.95.

7. Baby K’tan wrap carrier Original, Black

Baby K’tan wrap carrier Original, Black Top 10 Best Selling Baby Wraps 2017This product is made of 100% natural soft cotton that gives it a tender and gentle feeling on the mother and the child. The double sling in the wrap helps to provide security for the baby as well as privacy especially when nursing. The cloth rests comfortably on both shoulders of the parent making easy to carry the baby around. You can easily adjust the wrap to achieve maximum support when carrying the baby. This baby product is recommended by doctors and comes in gender neutral colors. It sells for $44.53.

6. Boba Classic Baby Wrap, Grey

Boba Classic Baby Wrap, Grey Top Most Popular Selling Baby Wraps 2018This wrap is very easy to put on and off. It offers the parent and the child privacy especially when nursing. The fabric can stretch giving a perfect fit every time. It helps support the baby’s hips and spine ensuring that the child’s health is not compromised. You can easily wash it using a machine. The wrap distributes the baby’s weight equally on the parent’s shoulders. Mothers who have small kids are very lucky since it fits them perfectly. It sells for $39.95.

5. Nimnik Baby Wrap

Nimnik Baby WrapThis is the perfect baby wrap for infants to baby’s who are about 18 month. You do not have to keep your arms wrapped around the baby while using this baby wrap. It is very secure and comfortable for both the mother and the baby. The material used is very durable and will, therefore, serve you for an extended period.t also has that soft feel that is safe for the baby since it created a comfortable environment. The wrap can easily be washed by using a machine. It sells for $49.99.

4. Maya Wrap Baby Sling, Graphite

Maya Wrap Baby Sling, Graphite Top Popular Selling Baby Wraps 2019This sling is very durable and can serve the user for an extended period. The wrap has a dual purpose which includes a sling as well as a nursing cover for the baby especially when breastfeeding. The baby sling is machine washable. Some parents have reported the insecurity it brings about due to the design, but if worn correctly there should be no fear. It can accommodate children up to 35 pounds. It sells for $79.95.

3. Sakura Bloom Pure Baby Sling

Sakura Bloom Pure Baby SlingSakura Bloom comes with differ fabrics which include, bamboo, classic, chambray and cashmere. They are all adjustable and come with either double layer or a single layer according to the fabric you choose. The slings come in various colors to cater for taste and preferences of the users. You can tie your baby in different positions which include hip, tummy to tummy, cradle and also kangaroo. The sling has a capacity to hold a 25-pound baby. It sells for $98.00.

2. Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling

Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling Top Most Famous Selling Baby Wraps 2018Balboa baby wrap has changed the types of baby wraps available in the market. It does not only concentrate on the function of the baby wrap, but it also offers wraps that are very fashionable. The colors are made for both moms and dads to allow the user to purchase on that matches their taste and preference. It comes with a ruffle at the top that helps prevent the baby from falling. The pocket that is on the front helps in keeping small items that are necessary. The tail length is adjustable to fit both the parent and the child. It sells for $59.99.

1. Baby Wrap Sling Carrier, Mother Approved

Baby Wrap Sling Carrier, Mother Approved Top Best Selling Baby Wraps 2017It is very comfortable and one of the best wraps available in the market. It can stretch giving space for your baby. The cloth helps the parent and the child to develop a healthy connection. The parent can use this cloth when he/ she wants to do another thing since it does not restrict your hands to holding the baby all the time. The material used is premium cotton which is very breathable making it comfortable for your child. Once you purchase this, you do not have to worry about putting a second wrap since it is very durable. It sells for $15.74.

Choosing the best baby wrap is a big decision since it will be with you when the baby is growing. The best wraps should give a sense of security and also ensure that it’s comfortable for you and the baby. The baby wraps discussed above guarantee just that and should be considered when purchasing a wrap for your baby.

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