Top 10 Best Selling Bar Code Scanner

Barcode scanners make businesses operations effective, more efficient and customers satisfied. It I advisable that you keep your device up to date to enable you to deal with multiple operating systems.

Barcode scanners are constantly on the move accessible even in the rural areas and are critical to supporting employees’ work activities. There are those that are wireless, and a few have Bluetooth connectivity so that you use them with a tablet or smartphone. With the numerous brands, this article helps you to narrow down on the one that is tailored to your needs.

Here are the top 10 Best Selling Bar Code Scanner for 2017-2018

10. Zebra/Motorola Symbol LS4278 Cordless

Zebra-Motorola Symbol LS4278 Cordless$79.00

Utilize the wide working range, and be able to read good and poor quality bar codes at the same range. It reduces the need for the owner to move the scanner from a different direction to capture quality work. It has a Cordless scanning with a secure wireless transmission of data. Powered through host cable, it eliminates the need for a power supply and simplifies installation.

9. Zebra Symbol DS4208-SR Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner

Zebra Symbol DS4208-SR Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner$91.01

It is designed for intensive scanning of paper and electronic (mobile phone) and very durable, providing reliable operation and it reduces management time and cost, from an initial configuration to day-to-day management. It displays various bar codes on paper, mobile phones and computer on any medium, and supports the technology that customers are embracing. It eliminates the need to align bar code and scanner.

8. inFlow 7 Color USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

inFlow 7 Color USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Top Best Selling Bar Code Scanner 2017$79.99

inFlow USB barcode scanner is designed for businesses in retail, wholesale, or manufacturing to help with inventory and make operations more efficient. Utilize it as a cash register scanner, price scanner, or in any application. There is no need of proprietary software since there is nothing to be installed. Includes a high-quality weighted base for automatic hands-free scanning. This means the scanner will detect an item under it and automatically scan with no need to press the trigger button.

7. WoneNice USB Laser Scan Barcode Scanner Bar

WoneNice USB Laser Scan Barcode Scanner Bar$17.99

The barcode scanner is simple to install and can be used in a wide range of situations and workplaces. It is unbeatable and easy to use, design is admirable in black color weighing 115g. Its dimensions is 150mm x 90mm x 65mm. Cable are straight, 2M or 6ft. Shock: 1.5m drop on concrete surface. It comes with USB port cable, LED and buzzer indicator. It is capable of scanning 200 scans per second.

6. Kercan Wireless 2D QR/Data Matrix/PDF417

Kercan Wireless 2D QR-Data Matrix-PDF417 Top Most Famous Selling Bar Code Scanner 2018$59.99

It works for almost all national 1D scanner, if your code is 2D, It uses various codes namely, QR. Data Matrix, PDF417. It is also advisable that one should use a black code on a white background to give an awesome outcome. Its inbuilt flash memory and scanner can store up to 5000 bar codes in a memory model. It can identify screen code, incomplete code, and fuzzy code and it can effectively compensate the problem for the problem that laser scanner cannot identify.

5. Taotronics cordless barcode

Taotronics cordless barcode Top Popular Selling Bar Code Scanner 2019$49.99

You will love the craftsmanship used in this model. It is built with ABS that is resilient. It is high performing and has a sensor that is advanced. It is compatible with all computers, and it comes with a USB port that you can utilize. It works on all the barcode types. The internal battery that it has enables you to use it continuously for days. You start using it immediately as it does not require any software.

4. Tera Wireless Automatic Barcode Scanner

Tera Wireless Automatic Barcode Scanner Top 10 Best Selling Bar Code Scanner$18.99

Get this barcode scanner that has great features at a price that is pocket-friendly. The wireless technology that it uses is 2.4GHz. Its battery life is long lasting and will take you through a couple of days. It is compatible with any computer, and you can use its USB dongle to connect it. Once you plug it, you are ready to use it straight away.

3. Honeywell MK9540-32A38 Voyager CG Barcode reader

Honeywell MK9540-32A38 Voyager CG Barcode reader Top 10 Best Selling Bar Code Scanner 2017$116.99

When you need professionalism, this barcode reader will give you just that. You use it for commercial use and bring effectiveness to your business. It is made from ABS and has a cord. It is durable, and you can carry around easily. It is costly, but it does get the job done. You can use it with any computer, and it will work just fine. It does not need any software, and you can start working with it straight away.

2. Lotfancy Wireless Automatic Barcode Reader

Lotfancy Wireless Automatic Barcode Reader Top Most Popular Selling Bar Code Scanner 2018$39.90

This barcode reader is ideal for working in a warehouse. You can use it effectively so that it gives the desired results. It is equipped with 2.4GHz wireless technology. This gives you the ability to move around with it. It will connect well with any computer however with desktops it will not give a wide range of movement. The battery life is long and will last you up to 50hours. No software needed when you just get it’s go you can start using it.

1. RUBAN USB Automatic Barcode Scanner

RUBAN USB Automatic Barcode Scanner Top Famous Selling Bar Code Scanner 2019$21.90

If you have a retail business, then this is the ideal barcode scanner for you. Start having accountability in your business. It is a high-speed device that works so fast. You will have an ample time installing it and get started with keeping track of your stock. You do not need a software, so you will have an ample time using it. It will not work with all types of computers but only the popular ones. The material used in making it is ABS that is very resilient.

A barcode scanner helps you to be accountable for your business. Get the right one depending on the type and size of your business. You can choose between the wireless and the corded ones. It should be easy to use the barcode reader so that you do not hassle a lot when using it. Utilize the distinguishing features of each one discussed above so that you can get the best one for you.

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