he textile industry is one of the most flourishing industries in India. Categories such as furnishing, clothing, or even bed decor make it more a popular industry as there is a large amount of demand for these items in our country.

Among these, bed sheet is one of the primary items which is used in every household. Whether you want to use it as a cover for your furniture or to give a designer look to your bed it is an important household product. Bed sheet also provides you with comfort which you get when you relax on your bed after a hectic day.

Nowadays, people are experimenting with the overall look they should have in their room. One becomes a great interior designer while choosing the color, texture and the design of the look that his or her room will have. This is the main reason behind the flourishing nature of the textile industry. This has given a boost to the costing and producing new types of bed sheets in the market.

People invest a large amounting time in choosing their bed sheets depending on the climate of the place and most importantly depending on their individual taste. Here is a list of top 10 best bed sheet brands of India in 2019 which you can refer the next time before you go for shopping to purchase various bed sheets for different occasions.

10. Bianca

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India 2019

In the year the 1980s, a company named Mangal Export House had started their textile business in India. Soon it became one of the best reliable exporters in the textile industry. Bianca is a sub company under this big company which deals with bed sheets and other household products. Walmart, Crate, Marshalls are some of the greatest name s associated with this company as they have regular dealings with the same. Their bed sheet designs are unique in themselves as they blend both eastern traditional look with the western outlook in their final product designing. Their products are eventually exported in a number of American and European countries.

9. Spread

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

This is a Spanish company which was started in the year 1999. Eventually, this company has seen success in the industry of home decor. This company is best known for its retailing marketing in our country. The company’s bed sheets guaranty their customers to deliver the softest and highly cozy bed sheets with an option of a large number of designs. In next few years, this company will create history by reaching the top position in the textile industry. This company distributes their products in more than three hundred stores which are located in around forty cities.

8. Salona Bichona

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

This company has its own ISO number. As it is a registered company so it doesn’t need any other guaranty of being one of the best in delivering high-quality bed sheets. It has been around twenty-one years that they are delivering their best bed sheet products all over the country. With time they have improved the quality of the fabric and maintained the trust of its customers. They also maintain the thirty-day return policy if the customer doesn’t like the product in case of their offline shops and also in their online purchase too.

7. Welspun

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

This company in the year 1985 had initiated its business as a tiny synthetic yarn unit. Eventually, it has developed into one of the biggest textile companies which export their products to thirty-two countries across the world. They also had a large amount of retailing done from big companies such as Wal-Mart, Target and much more. They do business in a number of household products such as rugs, towels and majorly in bed sheets. Their bed sheets are medically recommended by doctors as they use technologies such as Hydro Comfort and Flexi Fit. Such technologies help the bed sheets to control the blood circulation of people using it which helps them in having a more sound sleep at night.

6. Spaces

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

This company was initiated in the year 2004 and has come a long way in the textile industry. The company has been breaking all records in terms of creating new designs every now and then. They deliver high-quality fabric with irresistible designs from which the customers have to choose. As the name suggests it’s an international brand and exports goods across the globe. They produce varied kinds of products with softest fabrics starting from bed sheets to other home decor items.

5. D’Decor

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

We have already seen an ideal couple of Bollywood the great SRK and his lovely wife Gouri Khan promoting this brand of bed sheets. Of course, they are the eminent brand ambassadors of this popular company which was started in the year 1999. We can perhaps presume too that they personally use such exotic and class apart bed sheets made by this company for their own house too! This brand is a bit expensive due to its exotic contemporary designs and the fabric material which has made this company a brand symbol in India. They have their plant set up in Tarapur which delivers fabric in all parts of our country. Water and flame repellent fabrics have been also created by this company.

4. Raymond

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

The bed sheet company was started in the year 1982 and has been delivering best quality fabrics in case of bed sheets just like the garments sold by them. Raymond is a class apart brand which has a huge goodwill in its name. This fact itself has helped the company to retain and increase its customer over a time period of tire decades. They are known to produce over five hundred designs having both a classic and modern outlook. Raymond produces the softest bed sheets among all which gives their customers a comfortable sleep.

3. Swayam

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

This brand stands out among all the brands as they deliver bed sheets with exclusive linens and amazing designs. This company is offering a number of offers on every product they are selling in the market. Due to their discounted offers and reasonable costing this brand has become very famous as it is purchased by almost all the household. They generally deal in the Gurgaon area and have expanded their business in places such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujrat, UP and Tamil Nadu.

2. Portico

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

This company too is a registered one with an ISO number 9002 and is known for its high ending reputation in the textile market. This company actually has its base in New York but have been spreading in India like a wildfire. This company has been an importer of bed sheets for over a period of three decades. Their designs are new, upgraded and highly innovative in nature. They too have a partnership with big companies such as Warner Brothers, Mattel, Nickelodeon and much more. They produce and deliver a number of household products in the market.

1. Bombay Dyeing

Best Bed Sheet Brands in India 2019

This company is the most well-known name under the category of bed sheets sold in the textile industry. The company is a sub company of the Wadia group which has been ruling the textile industry since the year 1879. Bombay Dyeing company is so big that it has over two thousand stores which are spread over three fifty cities in India. They have also established themselves in the e-commerce market which makes them a more popular household name. They keep all kinds of bed sheets ranging from low to high prices which enables people from all sections of the society to purchase them.

So these were the top 10-bedsheet brands of India which delivers high-quality texture and fabric products to the market. These company has established their name and fame by importing and exporting bed sheets which cater the requirements of the Indian customers. They provide their customers with unique style, design, comfort, coziness while they got to the market in purchasing their home decor.


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