Sometimes the only thing that keeps us sane when hustling and bustling in the workplace or in school is the thought of retiring to our homes, nestling our exhausted bodies in the sheets and slipping away to dream land. Often, the quality of the bed sheets we use are responsible for the quality of our sleep, science suggests. When gauging the equality of a sheet, here are a few things to look out for: the material, thread count and weave. Different materials give different feels to bed sheets and that must be put into consideration when buying bed sheets. Cotton is by far the most used in bed linens and for a good reason too.

It is durable, versatile, cheap and comfortable. It can also be used in all seasons as it traps heat and allows cool air to be let out. The most commonly used types of cotton are Egyptian cotton, Pima and Sea Island; Egyptian cotton being widely considered the best. Linen on the other hand, is only suitable for hot climates as it wicks body heat away. Bamboo is soft, sustainable and antimicrobial making it ideal for gramophones. While satin is considered glamorous and reserved for the wealthy, it actually isn’t that comfy.

It can be too warm for comfort and way too slippery. The aforementioned materials can be fused with other materials such as nylon or with each other to get better sheets. As for thread count, everybody knows that the higher the thread count, the softer the feel of the bed sheet – to a certain point. Thread counts above 450 aren’t necessarily softer than those within the range of 400-450. They’re just more expensive. Weave is just a matter of preference; some prefer crisp sheets, others soft. Here are the top 12 best bed sheet brands in the world for 2019.

1. Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets

Best Bed Sheet Brand 2019

At number one is Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets. Sold as a four piece set, these bed sheets are made from natural Viscose from bamboo fabric. They are velvety soft; designed to cradle your aching muscles in their downy warmth after a long day. As bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, these sheets are suitable for those with allergies and the occasional clean freak since it repels allergies and odors. People with sensitive skin will especially love these sheets as they are not responsible for the flaring up of skin irritations.

Cariloha’s Classic Sheets are suitable for those in hot areas, as they wick away moisture, are breathable and are three degrees cooler than other fabrics. Bamboo is also eco-friendly as it is sustainable, regenerates naturally, saves trees and cleans air. Cariloha is the only brand that lets one enjoy a good night’s sleep while saving the environment at the same time. Going for $179, the price is reasonable for a brand that is of such quality.

2. Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set – 1000 Thread Count | Single Ply – Sateen Weave Egyptian Cotton

Best Bed Sheet Brand

In second place is 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set – 1000 Thread Count | Single Ply – Sateen Weave Egyptian Cotton. Most bed sheet companies that have the words “Egyptian cotton” on the cover of their product either have a fusion of Egyptian cotton with other fabrics or are just flat-out lying. Not so with Exceptional Sheets. Their sheets are exactly what the name suggests; 100% Egyptian cotton and are of the highest quality. There are two sheets which are suited for queen size beds and two pillow cases which are 21”x32” each.

Egyptian cotton is one of the softest fabrics to be used in linen making. Added to that, it has the extra high thread count of 1000, giving more softness. The sheets are heavy when in their packaging but comfortable, light and airy when spread out on the bed. Durable, perfect for all seasons, these sheets embodies all the wonderful qualities of basic cotton while introducing luxury through its 4” Hem with Piping. They are to be washed in cold water in a machine and tumble dried on a low setting.

3. Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Pleated Hem Sheet Set – Queen, Cloud

Best Bed Sheet Brand

Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Pleated Hem Sheet Set – Queen, Cloud comes in third. Made in a reputable factory that is certified, the sheets are 100% cotton and are queen size. The fitted sheet is 60”x80” and is suitable for a mattress that is 17” in depth. The set also has a flat sheet and two pillowcases that are 20”x30”. Adorned with a pleated hem, Pinzon’s sheets scream elegance and sophistication while being comfortable at the same time.

With a thread count of 400, these sheets are just soft enough to send you into slumber. The single-ply yarns are sewn with the intent of creating lightweight and breathable sheets that are just perfect for those sticky, warm summer nights. There is no need to kick back the sheets when it gets uncomfortably hot, as with the other brands. The sheets are best washed in a washing machine and dried on low.

4. Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit Bed Sheets Set

Best Bed Sheet Brand

Brielle sheets are made purely from cotton, making them the perfect material to be purchased as they can be used all year long due to their durability. As they are Jersey-knitted, these sheets are lightweight, comfortable and easy to maintain. The sheets are king size and consist of the fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases. The fitted sheet can be used on mattresses that are 15” deep. The incorporation of a 4” hem on the flat sheet and pillowcases gives the set a uniform look.

Jersey knit sheets are extremely soft but are prone to slipping and sliding off the bed. However, this brand has pockets which ensure that your sheets stay exactly where they are meant to stay. Unlike the brands above, this brand has very specific instructions with regard to washing. The sheets should be machine washed in cold water, tumble dried on low but not removed before they are completely dry to avoid the formation of wrinkles.

5. Sheex Original Performance Sheet + Pillowcases Set

Best Bed Sheet Brand

Made from 87% polyester and 13% spandex, Sheex Original Performance Sheet + Pillowcases Set is another frontrunner in the bed linens industry. The sheets are everything one could dream of (literally) with their durability, comfort and elegance. Designed for queen size beds, this set consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillow cases. The blend of the two fabrics makes creates an ultra-smooth sheet that feels sinfully soft against one’s skin.

The sheets are perfect for hot months as they release body heat which keeps one cooler. As a matter of fact, these sheets are 50% cooler and breathable than cotton sheets. Retailing at $179, this is a great bargain given the overall quality of the product.

6. Malouf 600 Thread Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton Single Ply Bed Sheet Set

Best Bed Sheet Brand

The Malouf 600 Thread Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton Single Ply Bed Sheet Set is the sixth brand. It has a high thread count of 600 which is a sure guarantee of softness and softness. Consisting of fitted and flat sheets and two pillow cases, the set has a 22” inch pocket that ensures that the sheets do not slide off the mattress. The fabric used is pure, authentic cotton that is durable, long lasting and ideal for both summer and winter.

The material is breathable, lightweight and extremely comfortable. The double satin stitch hems add an elegant touch to the overall look of the set. With its incredible reviews on online shopping sites like Amazon, this set is highly recommended for those who value comfort as much as they do appearance.

7. Shavel Home Products Micro Flannel Sheet Set, King, White

Best Bed Sheet Brand

With 100% polyester being its main material, Shavel Home Products Micro Flannel Sheet Set, King, White, is a strong rival to the reign of cotton in the making of bed linens. The sheets are irresistibly smooth and envelope one’s body in their velvety softness. The fabric is light yet provides just the right amount of warmth to shelter one from the biting cold of winter months. The sheets do not shrink even after washing. Its design ensures that the sheets dry quickly. The sheets do not wrinkle.

8. Solid Ivory 300 Thread Count California King Size Sheet

Best Bed Sheet Brand

The next brand on the list is Solid Ivory 300 Thread Count California King Size Sheet . In a delicate ivory color, the sheets are an affordable blend of luxury and comfort. The satin woven cotton sheets combine the silky warmth of pure satin with the thickness and durability of cotton. It is truly the best of both worlds. With a thread count of 300, it is easy to brush this brand off as being of inferior quality and stiff, but the incorporation of satin actually creates a balance. The sheets are king size and have pockets that can fit an 18” mattress.

9. Elle’s Collections Bed Sheets 100% Cotton Sheet Set

Best Bed Sheet Brand

Elle’s Collections Bed Sheets 100% Cotton Sheet Set is yet another brand that provides elegance and comfort to the bedroom. As its name suggests, the sheets are 100% cotton with satin woven in which means they are durable, thick and ideal for all seasons. The satin weave just adds that extra kick of glamour to the product. In an oceanic blue, the twin set consists of a flat sheet, a fixed sheet and one standard pillow case. The fitted sheet can fit a 13” mattress. The small $47.99 price tag is just but the icing on the cake.

10. Royal Tradition’s King White 650-Thread-Count Sheet Set

Best Bed Sheet Brand

Royal Tradition’s King White 650-Thread-Count Sheet Set is the very definition of comfort. The 100% cotton does exactly as it promises – giving comfort, durability and temperature control. One of the most promising brands in the market, Royal Tradition comes in ten beautiful unconventional colors and are amazingly wrinkle-free. The sheets should be machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent and with no bleach. They should then be tumble dries on a low setting and removed immediately. Ironing is acceptable.

11. American Pillowcase – Luxury King Size Bed Striped Sheet Set

Best Bed Sheet Brand

The sleeper should beware of American Pillowcase sheets as they may be tempted to hit that snooze button over and over again. With a thread count of 540, these sheets will encase you in their softness and take you straight to dreamland. The cotton fabric is long lasting, thick and amazingly comfortable. The sheets have pockets that prevent them from sliding off the mattress and also have a Wrinkle Guard. There are also stitches to the hems, ensuring that the hems will never be destroyed. In addition to all these, the sheets are pre-shrunk, meaning that they won’t shrink if washed properly.

12. Nouvelle Legende

Best Bed Sheet Brand

Last but definitely not least is Nouvelle Legende’s Microfiber Luxury Coral Fleece Bed Sheet Set. This is the ultimate cocoon of comfort and luxury. The microfiber content ensures breath ability as it wicks way moisture from the body. The sheets are silky soft, with a thread count of 610. They are meant to be machine washed in cold water, tumble dries and removed immediately after the cycle. Under no circumstances should these sheets be ironed as they may get damaged.

One of the most important areas is where you lay your body every day and rest somewhere we all call bed. The bed sheet brands above are the best brands in the world today in terms of quality. If you’re looking for quality bed sheet that will not only make your bed look elegant but they will warm you up during those cold nights get these bed sheet brands above.


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