After the invention of the wheel, man became very curious about what is going to happen next. So the first thing to happen after the invention of the wheel was the invention of the cycle. This is a very simple machine where the vehicle moves when you exert pressure on its paddle.

Initially bicycles were the only option for transportation because it requires no fuel and was cheap but later on, bikes came into the market and gave a tough competition to the bicycle makers. But now bicycles makers are again flourishing in their business. Continue reading to know about the top ten best bicycle brands in India in 2019.

10. La Sovereign

Best Bicycle Brands in India 2019

This is a Thailand based company which work in collaboration with an Indian company. This company mainly focuses on the production of bicycles, but they also make toys for kids. This company is known for their global standards and quality. They are famous and leading the market for making bikes like city bikes, BMX and mountain bikes.

9. Cannondale bicycle

Best Bicycle Brand in India

This company is well known for manufacturing bikes out of aluminium metals which make the bicycles very light and faster than the normal bicycles which are made up of iron rods. The models which are specially made for touring the mountains are appreciated by many around the world. This company also manufactures gear, apparel, rider, and trailer. They have a wide range of products and they have their products well categorised under ‘roads’, ‘off roads’, and ‘women’s’.

8. Schwinn

Best Bicycle Brand in India

This company delivers product across the globe as they have their factories in many countries and they maintain an international quality standard for all their products. They have a very high percentage of satisfied customers as compared to the other brands. They manufacture a wide range of models from the hybrid, kids, urban, road, cruiser, bike, mountain. They are involved in constant innovation with their products, and they try to put it the latest technology in their products.

7. Montra

Best Bicycle Brand in India

This brand manufactures the lightest, fastest and strongest bicycles in India. The company was established in the year 1949. And they are quite successful in manufacturing bikes of international standards. They have a wide range of bikes, and there are some which are of really premium quality like the techno, jazz, blues and country titanium.

6. Mongoose

Best Bicycle Brand in India

This brand which makes some really durable and aggressive products was established in the year 1974. It seems like, the main motto of this company is to provide a thrill to its customers. This brand has a wide range of products and this brand has three different models under MTB, BMX, and urban category. The models which got really popular of this brand are asphalt triple, fraction and rock file comp 24 boys.

5. Trek

Best Bicycle Brand in India

This is an international cycle brand established in India in the year 1976 which got really popular because it manufactures global quality standard products. They make sure that they use the latest technology in their products and do not hesitate to make any kind of innovation in their products. Some of the popular models of this brand are the sports bike, racing bike, geared bike, roadsters and mountain bikes.

4. Firefox

Best Bicycle Brand in India

This company is a very new company and it was established in India in the year 2005. Then onwards the company has made up its mind to manufacture cycles which are ideal for the landscape of this country. They have a wide range of models; they have more than 30 models l, all of them meet the global quality standard. Some of them which got really popular in the market are the hard tail, kids, full suspension, trek, and BMX.

3. Atlas Cycles

Best Bicycle Brand in India

Atlas cycles was established in India in the year 1951, and it is one most popular and leading maker of bicycles. It has earned a lot trust from the people of India. This brand has brought a revolution in the bicycle industry. The cycles manufactured by this company are not only used by the people of India, they are even exported to other parts of the world. The company is always making sure that they are using the latest technology to manufacture their products. They also never hesitate to bring innovation to their products. This company manufactures about four million pieces of cycles every year.

2. BSA/ Hercules

Best Bicycle Brand in India

BSA/ Hercules is basically a UK based company. In India, TI cycles and Murugappa group took the responsibility of distributing these cycles to every corner of the country. They have their factories set-up in every odd state of the country so that the cost of circulation of these products does not exceed a limit. They make their bicycles with the help of latest technology and they not only make these durable and stylish, they also make their cycles go through an evolution with the change of time. They have a wide variety of products but some of the models of this brand became really popular like the Roadsters, Toddlers, and the Lady Bird.

1. Hero cycles

Best Bicycle Brand in India

Hero cycles are the best bicycle making company in India. They are firmly holding 48% share in the market. The manufacturing plant of Hero cycles is in Ludhiana. Earlier they used to manufacture only the spare parts of the cycles but now they make complete cycles. This plant of Hero cycles also holds a Guinness world record for manufacturing highest number of bicycles in a year. When our Government started a scheme of providing cycles to the students, Hero is the brand who got the contract for it.

So here comes the end of the list of top ten bicycle brands in India. Bicycles are gaining their importance back because they are eco-friendly in nature, they are cheaper than motorcycles and cycling is a good exercise and a good way to burn calories. So the people who are thinking of buying a bicycle, go to your nearest cycle store, pick the one which suits you in style and which gives you the right comfort. Bicycles are also very important for each and every one.


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