Riding a bicycle is one of the best things a person can do. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, the very act of riding a bicycle burns thousands of calories and helps a person stay healthy. They hardly cost more than a few thousand rupees, which is quite less taking into account the numerous benefits that are associated with it.

Governments are urging its citizens to take up cycling instead of motorbikes to keep the environment clean. Though such a revolution is yet to occur on a large scale, universities and a few cities have already adopted bicycling as their second main mode of transportation.

Here are the Top 10 Best Bicycle Brands in The World for 2019

10. Specialized, United States

Specialized, United States Top Most Famous Bicycle Brands in World 2019

Headquartered in California, Specialised Bicycle Components manufactures its products and sells them under the brand name Specialised. They focus on extremely high-performance cycles and bicycle gear. It was founded in 1974 when its founder, Mike Sinyard, sold his vehicle to fund a bicycle for himself to visit Europe. The company also sponsors riders and their teams from all over the world to take part in cycling marathons.

9. Scott, United States

Scott, United States

Scott began in 1958 when its founder, Ed Scott invented the first ever ski pole made out of aluminium. Previously, the sport used bamboo sticks to ski. Ed Scott set up Scott company and has revolutionised the skiing world. The company manufactures innovative products and it was in 1997 that Scott invented Genius, a full suspension bike which is also shock adjustable. The cycle was released in three models and soon became the number one choice for racers across the world.

8. Cannondale Bicycle Corporation, United States

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation, United States

Headquartered in Connecticut, Cannondale Bicycle Corporation was founded in 1971 to manufacture bicycle and camping gear. They have symmetric and system integration to enable high performance and their products are considered one of the best in the world. Their excellent shock absorption frames are engineered in the seat post to help rider focus. Their revenue is estimated to be 200 million dollars.

7. Trek Bicycle Corporation, United States

Trek Bicycle Corporation, United States

Serious bicycling also requires gear to protect the rider from fatal accidents. Trek Bicycle Corporation manufactures both bicycles and the required gear. Headquartered in Waterloo, the company’s products are delivered to over 90 countries all over the world. Since steel is quick to recycle and easy to get hold of, the company began manufacturing eco-friendly bicycles. They have also begun allotting funds to bicycle shops to recycle tubes and send them to their headquarters to be made into bags.

6. Giant Bicycles, Taiwan

Giant Bicycles, Taiwan

Headquartered in Taiwan, Giant Bicycles is the largest bicycle manufacturing company in the world. Established in 1972, the company also has manufacturing units in Netherlands and China. The company’s sales skyrocketed when the company signed an agreement to sell their products privately under Schwinn’s name. Giant Bicycles are lightweight and are used by racers all over the world. The company’s revenue is estimated to be 800 million dollars and its products are sold in over fifty countries.

5. Bianchi, United States

Bianchi, United States

Established in 1855, Bianchi is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturing companies in the world. it was founded by Edoardo Bianchi when he was merely 21 years old. His innovative ideas gave rise to safety bicycles. He was the first person to lower the pedals and decrease the diameter of the front wheel of the bicycle. He has also invented the front brake system, which is a mandatory requirement in every bicycle today. Since then, his products have undergone vigorous changes as his innovative ideas kept coming. Bianchi is considered one of the best brands in the bicycle industry. It manufactures quality products with unparalleled customer satisfaction. Producing over 70,000 products per year, it is the leading brand in the Italian market.

4. GT Bicycles, United States

GT Bicycles, United States

Headquartered in California, GT Bicycles manufactures mountain bicycles. They have a special design that absorbs shocks. This is an important feature that separates it from other bicycle manufacturing companies. These bicycles are available in more than forty models and are used by riders from all over the world to participate in global competitions.

3. Merida Industry, Taiwan

Merida Industry, Taiwan

Merida Industry manufactures more than two million bicycles per year and is headquartered in Taiwan. Merida Industry was founded by Tseng in 1970’s when he noticed a note at the door of one of the cycle repair shops. The note said that the shop wouldn’t accept Taiwanese bicycles due to their lack of quality. Annoyed, he made it his mission to manufacture the best bicycles in the world. The company now has its offices in five different countries and earns a revenue of 300 million dollars. This company’s bicycles too are used by riders to participate in competitive marathons. The company is also the co-sponsors of different teams in global racing competitions and many of them have bagged gold medals.

2. Fuji Bikes, Japan

Fuji Bikes, Japan

Fuji Bikes is one of a kind company that manufactures all-terrain bicycles and bicycle gear. Its motto is “Conquer Your Mountain” and hopes to inspire riders from all over the world to face their obstacles and overcome them. It was founded in Japan in the year 1899 and began importing bicycles from the United States and soon began to manufacture its own bicycles in Japan. It designs its products according to the needs of professional riders and thus is a true asset to the people who participate in competitions.

1. BMC, Switzerland

BMC, Switzerland Top Most Popular Bicycle Brands in World 2019

Headquartered in Grenchen, Switzerland, BMC is one of the leading bicycle companies in the world. It was founded in 1986 and specialises in road and mountain bikes. It sponsors the BMC racing team and its members have time and again won various marathons and global competitions. It also sponsors several teams that take part in mountain biking events and remains the favourite choice amongst experienced bikers.

Bicycles come in various brands depending on the quality and durability. The price differs based on the purpose of the bicycle and the brand manufacturing it. Every company puts in an effort to produce the best bicycles in the market and it is up to the customer to choose the one depending on his needs. The best choice of bicycle entirely depends upon the needs of the customer and what type of cycling is done.