Tea without biscuit seems like soulless body, so whenever we have an urge to drink tea be it in India or anywhere in the world the best companion of tea would be a tasty biscuit which enhances the drink to a different level.

So now when talking about the best biscuit brands in the whole nation you should know in detail about each of them and what makes then unique and distinct from each other. Each of these brands are not only famous but are the favorites of all ages be it a child or an old person who loves to have it with tea or with milk, as biscuit is the most flexible companion which can be savored with any drink.

Here are the Top 10 Best Biscuit Brands In India in 2019

10. McVities

McVities Popular Biscuit Brands In India 2019

This brand is the best product which came from a merge of two renowned companies one of England the Unity biscuits and the Indian counterpart giving together the name of the McVities. A highly digestive and crispy biscuit it comes in many flavors and tastes helping the taste buds to have a happy time. The usage of whole wheat in the biscuits makes it healthy and best for keeping and maintaining the weight issue and also other health ailments. It is crunchable at any time and can also play a role of the snacks if you have sudden guests at home, to complement your tea with.

9. Dukes Biscuit

Dukes Biscuit

These delectable cream biscuits are a hot favorite especially with kids. With the rich cream inside the biscuit totally enhances the taste of each of the flavors, starting from the vanilla, orange, chocolate and many more. It has the international quality and can easily compete any of the international branded biscuits making it one of the top rated biscuit brand in the whole nation. Due to its popularity it is now not only favorite among the kids but even the elder people or you can say it is the biscuit for all ages to cherish and enjoy with their families and friends.

8. Patanjali Biscuits

Patanjali Biscuits

The brand Patanjali itself speaks of health and fitness with the touch of style being improvised in it. It one of the best Ayurveda biscuit brands which were manufactured keeping the health issues in the nation. There is a vast range of choices in this biscuit brand as they make biscuits for blood sugar patients, blood pressure patients and even the most concerning issue of the nation, weight control biscuits. The usage of high fiber and whole wheat makes this brand not only edible but also tasty. The biscuit also includes the trans-fat element which makes them most advised brand of biscuit even by the doctors and nutritionists in the country. Maintaining the healthy features the tastes of each of these biscuits are distinct from the other making it slowly the favorite of all ages.

7. Priya Gold Biscuits

PriyaGold Biscuits

The product of the oldest food product company the Surya Food and Agro Limited, the Priya Gold biscuits itself gets the touch of heritage in tits brand. They are now known to be the biggest biscuit manufacturers in the whole country with various different flavors and types of biscuits according to the taste bud of the whole nation. Every other individual in the country prefers enjoying their tea or milk with these renowned biscuit brand. The taste varies from being sweet, salty, cream biscuits with the rich cream intake, and other favorite flavors of all groups. They are also the best companions for long train journey’s or the car journeys to keep a control on your appetite, with the touch of style and taste.

6. Cremica Biscuits

Cremica Biscuits

Winning the CII award for being the healthiest and hygienic biscuit of the nation, the Cremica is now a hot favorite of every individual who understands good health and taste together. In was started being manufactured way back in 1978 when having biscuits was just a fashion among few elite class with tea. But now after more than three decades in the biscuit market, this brand has surely made its own place and honor among the top rated brands of the nation.

It has a wide range of distinct and unique flavors to offer to its customers who prefer it better from other brands. Tea with Cremica would surely enhance your evening or morning with freshness and the crunch on your taste buds. The health aspect is also covered with its new arrange of whole wheat biscuits which is the new addition in the family.

5. Unibic Biscuits

Unibic Biscuits

Being an international Australian brand this biscuit is still making the people of the nation go crazy for its taste and flavor. The Indian counterpart is named under the Unibic India Private limited, who are making good healthy and crispy biscuits for all ages. They come in various delectable flavors like the chocolate, vanilla, dry nuts, Choco-chips, you just name it and they have it. You would go crazy if you see all the various flavors which the brand has to offer you. The scent and taste both are very rare and different making it the most wanted biscuit of the nation, carrying its heritage for a long time. They also make handmade cookies which are now the best compliment for tea and coffee in every household of the nation.

4. Anmol Biscuits

Anmol Biscuits

The taste is distinct and the heritage ways back to the nineties as it started its biscuit manufacturing from the year 1994, making it one of the oldest biscuit brands of the whole nation. It has a spread of total four branches in the major cities which handle a very good selling strategy which has made it reach each house of the country becoming their favorite brand and most trending too. They make hand-made dry nut cookies, chocolate and vanilla flavored biscuits, plain biscuits for tea and also various savory biscuits for that special evening snack when your tummy quenches for something yet you need to keep it empty for the delicious dinner at home.

3. Sunfeast Biscuits

Sunfeast Biscuits

A name which is now heard in every single household of India as they are making healthy and tasty biscuits keeping in mind the health of the people of the nation. The trust factor is an add on for this brand as the company itself has been into the food production products for ages making it most reliable and wanted brand. This brand has a trending flavor of fruit biscuits which makes it unique in fragrance and taste too. Manufacturing for ages this brand is one of the heritage biscuit brands in the whole nation making it now in the top lists of biscuit brands of India. With perseverance and their selling strategies the brand is now at each doorstep of the nation and also the creative flavors makes it so wanted and enjoyed with all types of drinks.

2. Parle Biscuits

Parle Biscuits

Starting the manufacturing of biscuits way back in 1929 the oldest biscuit brand Parle is now a sensation of the new age India too. Famous among all ages whenever a biscuit is named one name does come to mind Parle G which resounds well on the taste buds and the Indian platter. Known to be one of the top trending and desired biscuits of the whole nation this brand would surely be any person favorite with the wide range of flavors and tastes it is now in every tea and coffee sessions whenever one is with their friends on a cold winter night accompanying not masala chai or a cup of strong Nescafe, Parle is found everywhere. The affordable price of this brand is also another reason for it being in the top rated biscuits of the Nation.

1. Britannia Biscuits

Britannia Biscuits Top 10 Biscuit Brands In India 2019

Whenever we think of biscuits only one name comes in mind the Britannia. Be it the Marie, or any other delight of this brand it has surely climbed the top by winning the thousands of hearts of the people in the whole nation. Britannia is the king of all the biscuits as it stands in the number one position. It started its manufacturing during 1892 when the British were in India so the English touch and taste is still strong making it a unique brand compatible to any international brands. It holds the biggest share in the biscuit market of the nation, making it the king of all the brands in India. It’s another franchise is the Good Day biscuits with its various flavors and tastes making it another favorite of every Indian.

With these top ten biscuit brand which are trending in the nation, now biscuit shopping would a way much entertaining task than being the boring one. You would love to choose one packet of each of the brands making it your daily savory be it with your hot tea or your cold coffee shake, you would surely try tasting all the brands. You may have already tasted all of them, but now knowing in details about each of the brand you would be keen to re taste each of them cherishing their richness and taste.


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