Biscuits are flour-based baked products that are sold all over the world and are loved by all age groups. Since they come in different flavors- sweet, salty and even sugar-free they are one of the most famous go-to packaged foods that are both tasty and convenient at any time of the day.

Whether you like it with your tea in the morning or as a snack in the evening or the food you sneak into your room past midnight, hiding from your parents, there’s no denying that biscuits are undoubtedly one of the best options we’ve got that are also handy.

Here are the Top 10 Best Biscuit Brands in The World in 2019

10. Burton Biscuits

Burton Biscuits Top Most Famous Biscuit Brands in World 2019

Burton Biscuit Company is a British biscuit producing company and was formed as a part a merger of Burton’s Gold Medal and Biscuit Company. Initially manufacturing Potato puffs and FishnChips, it now focuses on biscuits. Its most famous products are Lyons, Maryland., Dodgers and Wagon Wheels. Sold all over the world, it is also the second-best biscuit brand of the United Kingdom. The company looks after CSR by making sure there is no child labor. Also, they keep very clean and hygienic conditions, while making sure there is no discrimination on any basis whatsoever.

9. Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Based in New South Wales, this biscuits company sells a very diversified variety. It is a very frequently sold product in the cafes of Australia. Byron Bay is known for its unique and delectable products as well as the use of the finest ingredients possible which are sold under 3 names – Byron Bay Cookies, Falwasser and Luken and May. Sold in over 30 countries, it is an international bestseller and has been awarded many awards for the same.

8. Ralcorp Holdings

Ralcorp Holdings

Selling a large number of products such as pasta, crackers, breakfast cereals, cookies, etc., Ralcorp Holdings is a large brand name that sells its biscuits all over the world. It is a very old company and was founded in the year 1994 in Missouri. Since it sells mainly whole wheat products and cereals, it is the choice of many health-conscious people. This company was, however, acquired by ConAgra in the year 2013. Then, it was acquired by TreeHouse in the year 2016.

7. Parle


Founded in the year 1929 in the city of Mumbai, India, Parle Products has dominated both Indian as well as international markets with their low costs, nutritional values, and high quality. Its most famous products include the classic Parle-G, Hide&Seek, Milano, Monaco and 20-20 biscuits. Since the products are varied so much in the context of taste and nutrition, they are loved by every single person which gives them their high sales and revenue. Owing to its global presence and excellent numbers, it has also won many awards in the World Quality section.

6. Danesita


Established in 1978, Danesita is a famous bakery known for its delicious biscuits and cookies that are sold in about 71 countries all over the world. They are based in Portugal, which is the place from where they export their goods to all the other countries. Their range of flavors for biscuits, unique recipes, easily digestive products and nutritional values have made it the large brand name that it is today. One of the reasons why it is the best is that it also takes suggestions from its customers to introduce new flavors and simultaneously keep them satisfied.

5. Tunnock’s


Thomas Tunnocks Limited is a family-based bakery based in Scotland. The face of the Tunnock boy that is present on all its products gives it a trademark look. Founded in 1890, it is one of the oldest biscuit company as well as family firms that are still working and producing in Scotland. Its most famous product is the Caramel wafer biscuit, which is also the highest selling product and was shown interest in by the Coldplay singer, Chris Martin. Active in giving charity, its owner was awarded at Buckingham Palace for his valuable contributions in the year 2004.

4. Dukes


Dukes is a very common name when it comes to biscuits and confectionery. Based in Hyderabad, this is sold not only India but also in the countries abroad. Their innovative recipes and use of genuine ingredients the combination of which gives excellent tastes make it a favourite among a large range of people. The most loved products by Dukes are Nice and Marie, bringing them the highest sales, alongside the Waffy wafers, sold in Japan, USA, Africa and many other countries.

3. Britannia


Known in India as ‘The Biscuit King’ Britannia is a large brand for biscuits in the world with a 37% market share in India. It exports mainly to the countries Australia and United States. Little Hearts, Tiger, 50-50 and Bourbon are its highest selling products. It won the award of ‘Business World Most Respected Company’ and has been tagged as the most trusted, popular and valuable brand as well on many surveys conducted all over the world. What makes this possible the fact that Britannia ensures nutrition, freshness and low cost with no compromise in quality, giving it a presence in over 60 countries.

2. McVities


McVities was established in 1892 in the Scotland, then spreading to Edinburgh and is the best-selling biscuit in the United Kingdom. Made with ingredients like brown wheat flour, vegetable oil, and salt, McVities digestive is one product that is loved by its consumers since its very healthy as well as it satisfies the taste buds, thus making it the first biscuit company to reduce the level of fat by 50%. It makes and sells over 85 million of their biscuits packets each year.

1. Nabisco

Nabisco Top Most Popular Biscuit Brands in World 2019

Most commonly known for its product vanilla-flavored Oreos, National Biscuit Company(Nabisco) is an American biscuit producing company that is known and loved by its consumers all over the world. It is the best-selling biscuit company in the United States, based in Illinois, and has a well distributed network of sales with many countries. In the year 2000, it was acquired by Philip Morris Companies and then merged with Kraft Foods. Its logo is a web and series of lines which is a symbol of quality is found in all of its products and also imprinted on Oreos.

Taking into consideration the affordability, nutrition, convenience and the handy nature of biscuits, they are the favourite product for most people in all countries. All of these are this famous because of the customer satisfaction they provide with their quality, which is something all industries in the world should try their best to achieve. It would certainly be worth a try to eat biscuits from all the above-listed companies, because after all, who doesn’t love to give a good experience to their taste buds?


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