Top 10 Best BPA Free Sippy Cups to Buy

Sippy cups are a great way of training your children on using the regular cups. They are like a platform which helps children move smoothly from using the bottle to adult cups.

They come in different sizes and qualities so you should be keen as you buy them. Pick a brand which is free of BPA to ensure that your child is using a safe item. Sippy cups give your kid a chance to have a drink while maintaining a clean look. It is better than adult cups which spill drinks as they drink up. You have this list to help you know which brands are safe and suitable to introduce to your kid. Give your baby the top products available and avoid any types that may harm them.

Here are the 10 Best BPA Free Sippy Cups to Buy in 2017-2018

10. Thermos Foogo phase 3

Thermos Foogo phase 3It has three qualities which you will find pleasant. You will get something that is manufactured from food grade steel and is also insulated. It comes with a straw to make drinking out of it a simple task. Using it is simple, and it is also eco-friendly which gives it an upper hand compared to other brands. You will like how sophisticated it looks and will enjoy using it.

9. Munchkin clicks lock bite Proof Sippy cups

Munchkin clicks lock bite Proof Sippy cups Top Most Famous Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups 2018If your child is teething, then this would be an appropriate option. It is gentle enough on teething gums to give your baby comfortable time. You will not have to worry about the contents of the cup spilling. It clicks when it shuts to minimize chances of any spillage. It is perfect to carry along as it will ensure your child has the best experience. You can take it in your bag as you leave the house.

8. The first years take and toss Sippy cups

The first years take and toss Sippy cupsYou can dispose of this brand of Sippy cups in an easy way. They are disposable and great to carry along if you are going for a trip. Most people love how convenient it is. It will make you have a fine time without any complications of having to wash them constantly. You can just toss them in the bin after using them. You can consider them as one of the best options.

7. Life factory 9oz glass bottle with Sippy cup set

Life factory 9oz glass bottle with Sippy cup set Top Most Popular Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups 2018Get to give your child something that is elegant. This item is made of glass. That may make it sound delicate, but you have nothing to worry. It is prevented from any cracks and breaks by a silicone sleeve. The silicon is patent which gives it a very attractive look. It is classy, and your child will have a good feel holding it.

6. Dr. Brown’s soft-spout Sippy cup

Dr. Brown's soft-spout Sippy cup Top Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups 2017Your kid can remain clean while taking a drink from this cup. It ensures that there are no spills and your child is comfortable while using it. The silicone sip activated valve makes sure that your child is comfortable while using it. There is no need to worry about any mess with this item. It will be worth the time and money which you will spend on it. It is something that you can give a try as you train your kid.

5. Pura Kiki Toddler

Pura Kiki Toddler Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy CupsGive your child an item which is safe to use. It is made with the healthiest materials which pose no harm. It does not leak at all and is gentle enough to use. With its design, your kid will be able to carry it without having any difficulties. Cleaning it is also simple, and you will enjoy having it around. It is a brand that is loved for its beautiful look which is desirable.

4. Nuk learner cups

Nuk learner cups Top Famouas Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups 2019With small hands, your kid does not need to regularly drop this cup because it comes with large hands that are very comfortable to hold. It has a nipple like a spout which will entice your child. It is ideal for children who are recently off the bottle. You will realize that your baby is adapting fast to it because of the design it has. It comes with colors that children love.

3. Sassy grow up cups

Sassy grow up cupsMake it faster for your child to learn how to drink from open cups with this product. It has no sprout but still makes it simple for them to drink from it; this is a product which is highly efficient. To prevent any spillage it has a spill-proof lid that ensures they stay clean while drinking from this item. You will like how well it works. Get it for your baby to help in a faster adaptation to adult cups.

2. Philips Avent my comfortable Sippy cups

Philips Avent my comfortable Sippy cups Top Popular Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups 2019Holding this item is fun. It has the design which gives it a rippled look that ensures a tight grasp. That is why most people love it. It will not fall off and once your kid holds it is sure that it will be stable. The spout is made out of silicone to ensure your son has a great time sipping from it. It is kind to the mouth and soothing.

1. Born free breeze transition trainer cup

Born free breeze transition trainer cup Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups 2017

A cup like this is suitable to help with that smooth transition from the bottle which your child needs. It looks like a bottle, so you will realize that your child will end up adapting to it. It can be held correctly with the side handles that ensure stability. It has a style which makes it look clean. You can trust it to help train your child in a smooth way which will be enjoyable.

It is easy to know what to get with some of the examples here. You can educate your child on how to drink fluids without the bottle with some of the Sippy cups mentioned here. They are durable and have good quality which you will find necessary for your baby. These products have been tried and tested. They have been widely recommended by other people.

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