With the gradual advancements in technology field, every little innovation has led to make our life much simpler & comfortable. A car for a long ride without any music enhancements is like a human body with dead soul. Car stereo plays a definitely important role for every music lover and is an integrated part of a car. This stress-busting device is companion to every ride.

The good soulful music will keep you literally alive throughout the journey giving you a happy experience overall. But imagine a great music gets dreaded just because of a faulty music system and ruins your mood! Not only this, a bad stereo will increase your expenditure on it. Most stereos will fit into most cars, but don’t let this fidelity ruin your hard earned money with wrong choice. There are brands in India which provides quality products with great value for money. So, we bring you the list of the top 10 car audio system brands in India in 2019 which on choosing will guarantee you a soothing, happy ride.

10. Blaupunkt Car Stereo

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brands in India 2019

A German electronics equipment manufacturing company, Blaupunkt has a good number of customer bases in India. It has gradually set up its hold in the Indian market with its high-end Car stereo. The quality and innovative multimedia enhancements manufactured by this company is the reason behind the liking by Indian users. According to market analysis, Blaupunkt’s products are often high-priced, but the features and quality provided by its product make this statement a negotiable one. This company has greatly evolved in-car navigation system too.

9. JVC Car Stereo

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

It is one of the most popular brands in India. JVC is originally a Japanese brand which has specialisation in car stereo manufacturing. This company provides its customers with a vast range of products including car audio system, speakers, subwoofers etc. It has its roots deep in the Indian market with high customer satisfaction records. Also, the brand has been recognised greatly because of the durable & quality products that it has been providing over the years at reasonable prices.

8. Infinity Audio Car Stereo Brand

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

Owned by Human Internationals Industries Groups, Infinity audio has made itself a reputed brand over the past couple of decades. This American based company is specialised in manufacturing audio systems and is recognised worldwide. It is well known for its build quality, durability, features and technology. Their recent products often come in a sleek-slim design that attracts customers and gives them something to show off with. Their product often comes pre-installed with some famous brands of car in India.

7. Clarion

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

Company of Japanese origin, Clarion has managed to grab the attention of clients worldwide over a period of six decades. Also, something to be noted about this brand is that the parent company of Clarion is Hitachi, a renowned brand itself. In the Indian market, the company has managed to receive good and positive responses from the Indian customers. Best-in-class audio system, good build quality and sound clarity are few big reasons to own this brand and get it installed in your car.

6. Alpine Car Stereo

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

This Tokyo-based Company has specialisation in car stereos and accessories. With a strong appearance over the Indian market, the company continues to be a reliable brand. Stereo system, speakers, amplifiers, sub-woofers, navigation system etc. are few product categories that a customer can go on with. They come on pre-installed with some leading car manufacturers in world market. They go on to be one of the best companies in the domain of car audio. Bringing its products will surely provide you a smooth ride.

5. Pioneer Car Stereo

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

Pioneer is a Japanese Multinational Company and one of the most admired brands in the car stereo market. It is famous for manufacturing some digital entertainment products for cars. It provides best in class feature in their products or stereo system. With their products sailing through the market, they have gradually become the largest seller in this brand category. Their advanced technology and innovations like navigation system connected with Smartphone, rear view cameras for better viewing and few other features have made them lead the market.

4. JBL Car Stereo

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

Part of the famous James Harman International Industries Group, JBL or James B Lansing is recognised as a high quality manufacturer for audio solutions in India. They also own the aforementioned Infinity Car Stereos. JBL has a widespread reach over the Indian market and continues to be a brand of high quality as recognised by the customers. The stereo components manufacturer has products of every type starting from audio systems to enclosers. The sound clarity that their products possess is immensely great.

3. Bose Car Stereo

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

Bose is a renowned American based automobile audio system manufacturing company. The company has experience of over three decades in designing sound systems of cars. They have products suitable for all-most all types of cars ranging from compact to high-end luxury cars. The company has a strong hold over Indian market and is mostly preferred by everyone because of the natural sound it gives.

2. Kenwood Car Stereo

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brand in India

This Japan-based Company is one of the leaders in Indian market when it comes to car audio system manufacturing. They are greatly recognised for the budget solutions they provide for car audio systems and other components. They have experience more than seven decades and are well-expertise in Indian market. They provide one of the best car audio systems in reasonable and affordable prices.

1. Sony

Best Car Audio System-Stereo Brands in India 2019

As the position speaks itself, they are the leaders providing cutting edge technology and product quality. Sony and great audio systems right now a synonymous couple of words for Indian customers. Their wide range of products has something or the other for every budget. New technological innovations has let them ignite a craze in customers to make this brand their most reliable and trusted one.

Travelling and love for music go hand in hand. A car coupled up with good audio systems will leave you in the refreshed mood even after a long drive. The love for music is another reason for which the customers should look out for these brands. And for Indian customers, these companies bring in their best products to get acquainted with.


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