Top 10 Best Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies

When we buy cars, they are always new and cleans. With time the surfaces get swirl marks while the interior accumulates dust. If care and attention are not given to the cars, you will end having a vehicle that looks terrible.

Car detailing products were developed to assist you in cleaning your vehicle hence helping it to maintain that new and vibrant look. There are different types of products that are used for car detailing and below is an article that has some of the best-selling.

Here are the 10 Best Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies for 2017-2018

10. Foam Sprayers

Foam SprayersFoam Sprayers are used to clean cars, trucks, motorcycles, and it is suitable for a variety of household jobs. The bottle is made of a metallic exterior. The top part is fitted with a gun that is responsible for spraying at high pressure. The prayer is filled with a detergent, and it will produce a thick coat of dirt eating foam. This product might be simple in design, but it can be of great value to you.

9. 2Niner Car Trunk Organizer

2Niner Car Trunk Organizer Top 10 Best Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies 2017It is a convenient cargo storage bag that is best suited for all your vehicle essential needs. The product has a high-quality glove box organizer for documents, auto registration, and car insurance and there is also a place for holding your maps. The bag has a sturdy and durable design with rigid base plates and center divider to provide bottom support. Multiple side pockets provide additional storage space. This car trunk has a universal design meaning it can fit all vehicles.

8. TriNova Plastic and Trim Restorer

TriNova Plastic and Trim RestorerUsage of TriNova plastic and trim restorer is the ideal way to bring your car back to life. It gives a showroom look that you want. The restorer works by darkening and sharpening surfaces. After you apply the gel on your car surface, it will provide a protective coating that will repel rain, salt, and dirt. Hence, don’t need to worry about maintaining your vehicle’s shine when it is raining or when on a tough terrain. Natural elements are known to dull and damage surfaces over time. With TriNova you can be assured that your vehicle will not show its age.

7. Car Wash Mitt

Car Wash Mitt Top Most Famous Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies 2018This car wash mitt product is essentially used to clean your car surface. After you have applied detergents, you can gently scrub off dirt from your vehicle. It is double sided with an elastic cuff to ensure a secure fit that will give you a 360 degree for cleaning. The gloves are best known for delivering a lint-free and scratch-free shine. The product gives more effective cleaning power than your ordinary car wash sponge, and it is machine washable making it reusable. The material used to make the gloves is plush microfiber that is safe on paint and other delicate surfaces.

6. Ultra-Premium Dash Duster

Ultra-Premium Dash DusterI can guarantee you that this product will give you 100% satisfaction. It is used to clean the inside of your car, exteriors of motorcycle and for your house use. With this duster, you don’t have to purchase disposable wipes that are less durable and cost a lot. The duster is tender enough, so it doesn’t leave any swirl marks on surfaces yet sturdy enough to pick up dirt, dust and pollen grains.

5. Carrand 93112 Lint and Hair Removal Brush

Carrand 93112 Lint and Hair Removal Brush Top Famous Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies 2019Have you ever traveled with your pet in your car? If so you will realize that the pets usually leaves fur on the chair seat. Removing this hair at times can be a problem when you don’t have the right tool to use. That is why the Carrand 93112 Lint and Hair Removal brush is the ideal product you should buy to use for removing the fur. It has clectrostatic bristles that attract lint and hair like a magnet. This 100 % natural rubber bristles will not scratch or scuff your car seats.

4. Fitch and Harper Detail Brushes

Fitch and Harper Detail Brushes Top 10 Best Selling Car Detailing Products and SuppliesThese are detail brushes for interior and exterior applications. They are ideal for cleaning wheels and lug nuts, trim, leather, vents, and dashboard. The brushes are known to maintain a gentle firmness even when they are wet. The densely packed head of long fibers is soft enough to remove dust yet sufficiently stiff to dislodge grime. A high-quality bond holds the bristles in place limiting fallout. These brushes might seem small, but they are sturdy enough to handle all tough to reach spots on your car.

3. 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System Top Best Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies 2017It has been designed with the 3M Abrasive technology that provides for a polishing compound. This system is used on headlights, taillights, directional, and fog lights. The Kit has sanding discs and a polishing pad with a compound. When your headlight doesn’t light well this kit will save you cash that will have been spent on buying new lights. Having bright lights improves the appearance of the car. The product is straightforward and easy to apply, and it can remove scratches helping to restore cloudy and dull lenses.

2. Car Waxes

Car Waxes Top Most Popular Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies 2018Car waxes protect your vehicle surfaces from getting defects. Meguiar is a leading manufacturer of car waxes. It makes products that have formulas that deliver maximum synthetic protection and depth of color. Waxes can be applied by hand or using a machine. They normally increase the surface tension so that water can bead and roll off. If you care for your car, then this is a product you cannot miss in your trunk. Other brands that make car waxes include chemical guys and Mother’s California.

1. Car-Show 1 Polymer Paint Sealant

Car-Show 1 Polymer Paint Sealant Top Popular Selling Car Detailing Products and Supplies 2019This is a superior high gloss shine that will bond to your vehicle surface. When you use this product, you don’t need to buy waxes and polishes. It gives excellent protection against UV rays, water spotting and contaminants. This sealant is easy and straightforward to apply and guarantees up to one year of protection with excellent water beading. The manufacture of these sealant uses the latest technology that will leave your paint with a superior shine.

A clean car is comfortable to drive. Most of the products and accessories in this article will help you keep your vehicle clean and also protect the exterior surface. Most of us might be taking our cars to washrooms to be cleaned. I can assure you that if you buy the products in the article you can take good care of your vehicle as compared to spending your cash on simple tasks that you can do on your own.

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