Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders

Music and GPS apps are what make your Smartphone the most useful tool in your car. Majority of us like using our devices while driving and to ensure that you have safe journey, it is meaningful to have the best selling car phone holder that can make seeing as well as controlling your phone simple and safe.

There are tons of car phone holders which are mushrooming each day in the market but the availability of these car phone holders can make users confused when they want to purchase the best one for their personal use. We’re right here to enable you select the best one from this selection. Get yours from this list and you will drive safely.

Here are the 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders for 2017-2018

10. WiZGear Universal car mount

WiZGear Universal car mountThis car mount is bestseller and it is well made and it can install conveniently in air vents of your car. The mount is durable and it can generate powerful magnetic field which can secure several types as well as sizes of phone. It highlights a large swivel platform which can orient your cell phone and effortless to use. It is also affordable and lack marring components which can damage your cell phone or vehicle.

9. TechMatte MagGrip air vent

TechMatte MagGrip air vent Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone HoldersThis phone holder is among those best selling product which you can find in the market. It will secure your device without scratching your cell phone or car. It has powerful magnetic field and effortless to install. It can easily fit in air vent and the price is unbeatable. You can now drive with style and let your phone entertain you while on go. This item will make seeing as well as controlling your phone simple and safe.

8. BESTEK Gooseneck

BESTEK Gooseneck Top Best Selling Car Phone Holders 2017This is what it will satisfy your needs. It is two-in-one cell phone holder and features 28” long flexible gooseneck as well as clamp which is easy to install and you can clip it on your desk, chair, bed headboard or wall cabinet. This item is perfect for watching a movie when you’re lying on your bed and it will always do you a favor. The long gooseneck is great to reduce straining your eyes. It is also compatible with almost all types of devices which are between 1.18” to 3.54”.

7. Do Good Have Fun Cell Phone Holder

Do Good Have Fun Cell Phone Holder Top Most Famous Selling Car Phone Holders 2018This is the item which will always do you a favor when riding. Thanks that it can be adjusted up to 360-degree to give users wide range of view options. If you have Smartphone, then this item will fit your device perfectly and it is compact as well as lightweight enough to ensure portability. It will let you travel safe and also in style. The unit is compatible with PSP, PDA, GPS, MP3 and iPod devices. You can mount it on your dashboard or windshield.

6. Koomus CD-Air CD Slot

Koomus CD-Air CD Slot Top Popular Selling Car Phone Holders 2019The holder is perfect for all kinds of vehicles and you can effortlessly install it into your vehicle’s CD slot and you don’t have to assemble any parts at all. You will enable the ball head which can rotate up to 360-degree. The holder can work with almost all Smartphone which includes iPod touch, iPhones, Note 3, Samsung Galaxy and much more. It has three attachable clips that will give users a perfect fit for their CD slot. You can now drive with style and let your phone entertain you while on go.

5. The Original Patented InfiniApps’

The Original Patented InfiniApps’This item features innovative and stylish approach that you can effortlessly use to mount your phone. It requires one-handed operation to make mounting and also dismounting action simple and even quicker than the way you can imagine. The material has high-friction coupled with precision magnetic force which will keep your phone in place even when you’re having a rough ride. Mounting this holder is like a blinking eye and no pressing or gripping or wedging.

4. AboveTEK Premium Quality Universal

AboveTEK Premium Quality Universal Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders 2017It highlights super sticky gel pad which will securely stick securely in place even to that smooth flat surface. Removing it is also effortless and the long arm design which looks beautiful couple with extra dashboard support base will ensure that the holder secure your phone easily and it won’t disturb you when driving. This holder will work well with your Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8, Galaxy Tab and more from 3.5” to 8” in width.

3. Koomus Air Vent Universal

Koomus Air Vent Universal Top Famous Selling Car Phone Holders 2019This air vent universal phone holder will secure your phone in place and let you drive without worrying that you phone might fall even when you have rough drive. It has easy push-in technology which makes it convenient for you to install. It has a clamp which is stretchable and it can hold devices which have size between 1.5” to 3.5”. The innovative ball head has been designed to be adjusted up to 360-degrees. You can also tilt to right, left, down and up and design your own perfect position as well as comfortable distance.

2. Kenu Airframe

Kenu Airframe Top Most Popular Selling Car Phone Holders 2018This item is portable and it will give you excellent driving experience and your phone will never distract you while driving. You only attach your airframe onto air vent and then put your device in it and you’re ready to enjoy yourself while driving. This mount is lightweight and weighs less than once and so it will turn to be our best companion for your everyday use, business trips as well as vacations. If you are like those people who have regular business trips, then this car phone holder will be your choice.

1. The Original iMagnet Cradle-less Universal

The Original iMagnet Cradle-less UniversalMounting your phone will be effortless operation. This universal car phone holder can work well with phone of any sizes and this includes iPhone 6 as well as 6 Plus (6+). It can stand on textured surfaces like dashboard and it will give you maximum visibility. It is effortless and easy, you just hover your device neat it and it mount itself. It will let you position your Smartphone at a perfect angle with 360-degree rotation as well as 90-degree adjustable swivel. You can also change it from upright position and it can also accept landscape view.

Using GPS will be something enjoyable with these bestselling car phone holders. We know that there are tons of car phone holders but getting the correct one is hard. With this selection right above, you will be using music and GPS app effortlessly and drive safely without worrying about your Smartphone.

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